Yainee Alonso – Bio, Personal Life & Facts About Manny Machado’s Wife

It is common for sports stars to date or marry women with already established high reputation, such as movie stars or models. After all, they are women who fit the high profile nature of these stars and further increase their popularity, but some stars tend to go another way, marrying the unknown woman who has been with them before anyone ever knew them, such as Manny Machado, who is married to Yainee Alonso, a woman he met while he was just a prospect.

The meeting of Yainee Alonso and Manny Machado was born out of their individual connection to the sport but also out of a growing Miami sports community, through which they established their bond and have grown to become one of the most adored couples in baseball. Here is everything you should know about Yainee Alonso and her relationship with her husband.

Early Life

Yainee Alonso was born on the 24th of November, 1990 in Havana Cuba to parents, Luis and Damarys Alonso. Her father is a former baseball player who played for the Industriales in the Cuban National Series. She was the second child of two children born to her parents. When she was six years old, her family relocated to Miami, where she began her development by attending high school, all the way to the university at the University of Miami where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, graduating in 2012.

During her time in Miami, Yainee Alonso was a cheerleader for the University’s Baseball team, Miami Marlins, in further solidification of her connection to baseball. Perhaps, her biggest connection to baseball yet, is her husband, Manny Machado who has been in the league since 2012 when he joined the Baltimore Orioles. He was a highly rated prospect and he has proven that to be true since he was drafted by the team, winning a number of accolades, including making the All-Star team, four times as at 2018 and winning two Gold Glove Awards.

Yainee Alonso’s husband has also played at the international level for the Dominican Republic, although he played at the U18 level for the United States.

Personal Life

Yainee Alonso
Yainee Alonso with her husband on their wedding day

Due to her husband’s status and his deep love for her which sees him talk about her at every opportunity, Yainee Alonso has become one of the most popular wives in Baseball but one would not know that simply by looking at her or going online, where she has no social media account of her own.

Her relationship with Manny Machado began well before Manny became an MLB star, when she met him through her brother, Yonder Alonso, who at the time, and till date, was close friends with Manny.

After navigating the complexities of his friendship with Yonder, Manny finally got a chance to ask Yainee Alonso to be his girlfriend and so they began to date in 2011. The relationship has since grown, and they got engaged on the 13th of February, 2013 when Manny Machado was just 20 years of age. In the following year, they got married in November 2014.

Since 2014, the couple has grown both maritally and professionally, with Manny going on to become a superstar in the MLB, playing for the San Diego Padres. The couple is yet to have children of their own, but they have two dogs, one of whom is named Kobe, who are a part of the lovely family.


Ever before she met Manny Machado, Yainee Alonso had developed a strong connection to baseball through her brother, Yonder Alonso. Her brother played college baseball for the University of Miami and has gone on to play for several teams in the Major League Baseball like Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres and a couple more others.

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Yainee’s brother was introduced to the sport through their father, Luis Alonso who played the sport professionally in their home country, Cuba.

Other Facts About Yainee Alonso – Manny Machado’s Wife

Her husband, Manny, has her portrait tattooed on his arm.

She doesn’t have a social media account but through her husband, via his account, @machados13 does not hesitate to post several pictures of her.

Manny’s proposal to her did not go smoothly and it was affected with incidents like a broken sink, a postponed dinner and an inability to get the ring out of his pocket.

Although her husband’s origins can be traced to the Dominican Republic, he was born in Hialeah, Florida.

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