Understanding Marisha Ray And Her Love Story With Husband Matthew Mercer

Best known for her voice roles in numerous films and video games such as Lego Star Wars and Star Wars: Battlefront, Marisha Ray is one of the fastest-growing personalities in the entertainment world. The beautiful American lady has contributed so much to the production of quality films not just as an actress or voice actress but as a writer as well.

As an actress, Ray has appeared in such films and TV series as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Night Out: Vampires and Whoreders. But she is mostly remembered for her role in the web series, Critical Role with great actors like Matthew Mercer. Read on to know more about the brilliant actress.

Marisha Ray’s Early Life

Marisha Ray was born on May 10, 1989, in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky which is where she was raised by her family. Although not much has been revealed about Ray’s early years, her closeness to every member of her family is a clear indication that they have been a good part of her life since she was young.

Looking at her educational background, there is no doubt that the American actress received sound education from an early stage. After high school, Ray attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she gained all the skills she needed for an effective acting career. She was also a student of Park University in Pittsburgh where she graduated from in 2007. It was after her educational pursuits that she relocated to Los Angeles in search of a job and it was a dream come through for her as LA became the soil upon which she began her journey to stardom.

Marisha Ray’s acting career began from way back at the young age of twelve when she took on roles in theatre as well as dance. Professionally she made her big hit when she starred as Keyleth in the web series, Critical Role, along with some notable voice actors. It was after her role in the series that she began to receive more roles in TV series and movies including Night Out: Vampires, Walk of Shame, How to Survive a Horror Film; Written by a Kids, Whoreders, and lots more.

As a writer, Marisha Ray has made her contribution to the production of several episodes for TV shows like Chaotic Awesome and Batgirl: Spoiled. Added to these are her appearance in numerous reality TV shows as well as her involvement in a number of commercials like The Buried Life, Little Caesars Pizza, Mega and The Hallmark Channel.

What To Know About Her Husband Matthew Mercer

Fame and wealth are not all Mericha got from her involvement in Critical Role, meeting Mathew Mercer would be her highest benefit. Merisha has not been involved with anyone as her boyfriend prior to Mercer. The two met during the production of the web series and he apparently was her first love. After dating for some time, the two decided to step up their relationship. They got engaged in 2016 and on October 21, 2017, they exchanged marital vows.

Marisha Ray with husband Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer is a popular voice actor born in Palm Beach Garden Florida, on the 29th of June 1982. He is of white ethnicity and his career in the entertainment industry began back in his high school days when he would do English walla. As he grew, he became more interested in the production of video games, radio commercials, and even cartoons. Mercer has lent his voice to a good number of highly-rated movies and video games, including Fate/Zero, Fallout 4, Jojo’s Bizar Adventure, Resident Evil Series, and TitanFall 2.  

Marisha and her husband still live together as husband and wife even though they are yet to have children.

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Other Facts to Know About Marisha Ray

How Much Money Does She Have?

Following the long list of works to her name, there is no doubt that the American actress Marisha is among the many personalities who have gained a lot from the industry. While her actual net worth is still under review, there are speculations that it falls between $100 thousand to $700 thousand.


To complement her beauty, Marisha Ray is blessed with amazing height and body. The actress is 6 inches taller than 5 feet and her weight falls around 54kg (120 lbs.) Measurement details about her slim figure is not yet available. She has brown beautiful eyes and a tattoo on her right arm and wrist.

Social Media Presence

Despite being a very private person, Marisha is quite active on social media. She notably has the highest followers on her twitter handle @Marisha_Ray, with over 200k followers. Her Instagram platform on the other hand, has over 100k followers.

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