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“We Tell Stories about people that matter”

Justrichest.com is your essential guide on celebrity profiles and lifestyle with articles and stories covering everything from richest and most expensive lists to net worths, quotes, guides and reviews which are updated regularly. As a lifestyle website, our goal is to provide our audience with the information they want in a comprehensive and entertaining way. Simply put, Justrichest.com is the one stop guide for the modern connoisseur.

We have identified a lack of quality in some entertainment websites, quite a number of the established order rely on click-bait and low quality contents designed to funnel traffic to advertisers and affiliate partners. Here at Just Richest, Our aim is to change that with unwavering dedication to content that is factual and of the high quality.

Editorial Policy

Just Richest adheres to the strictest journalistic policies. We are able to achieve this by recruiting only the most respected web-native journalists, writers, researchers and editors with deep roots in online media and internet technology

We believe in working with talented people and our commitment is to provide fair and unbiased reporting in all of our coverage. Our journalists are required to fact-check each article before it is published and provide sources and references for quotes and statistics

All our articles are checked by an editor with expertise in that field before they are published, our reviews and guides are checked and updated from time to time to ensure that our information is always accurate.

Our goal is to become the number one, trusted and respected authority in the space we operate in and be able to provide our audience with satisfying, accurate and actionable information that is always deserving of our audiences’ trust.

Corrections, Updates and Deletions

We make every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication. However, if a correction is required, we are transparent and will update the article if the new information adds to or corrects an aspect of the original story. We will make corrections to a factual error and will also make corrections where necessary if a typo in the publication could cause our users to misunderstand the story.

Inasmuch as we always leave all editorial content live, with corrections and notes where and when needed. We may, in very rare circumstances, remove content from our websites and social media pages, or other related platforms for legal reasons or extenuating circumstances. We will note that we do so with an editorial note in those very rare circumstances. Such removal will always be approved by editorial leadership.


We obtain content from a variety of sources and make best efforts to confirm the veracity of the information provided by these sources. We will not include any information we have not thoroughly vetted and confirmed. It is also our policy not to pay sources for information.

Awards, Praises and Accolades

Our work has been shared by, quoted in, and used by organizations including:

Fox News | Washington Post | BBC | Forbes | The Guardian | The London School of Economics | CNN Business 

This document was last updated on October 28, 2019