What Happened to Tom Franco’s First Wife and Which Are His Most Notable Works

Tom Franco is an actor and talented artist known for his appearances in a couple of movies, as well as his position as the founder of the Californian-based Firehouse Art Collective. It is almost difficult not to link him with his brothers, Dave and James Franco who are notable for their acting exploits in Hollywood.

Being artistic in nature, it was predictable that the trait will also rub off on his love life. Tom who has been married twice has one thing in common with his wives which is their artistic nature. His first partner was into the music business and did pretty well as a vocalist and his second wife is a film producer who has worked on the set of notable Hollywood productions.

From Acting To Artistic Works, The Best Moments Of Tom Franco’s Career Life

It was gathered that the art entrepreneur initially opted against pursuing a career in acting. Instead, Franco chose to explore another talent that came more natural to him which was being an artist. However, he later found a way to combine his passions and he has been involved in a lot of ventures ranging from acting to artistic works.

Prior to focusing fully on his art career, he appeared in a number of films and is known for his earliest film role in the comedy horror film, Basket Case 2 in 1990 which received a good review from many film critics. He was later seen in A Peace of History (2005) and The Devil Wears a Toupee (2007).

Subsequently, Franco opted to direct his energy towards harnessing his artistic tendencies for a couple of years. The talented artist, in collaboration with his first wife, Julia Lazar, founded the Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective. Tom currently sits on the board of his brother’s philanthropic film studio and streaming platform, Elysium Bandini Studios, through which he is able to bring to life whatever idea he has about a film. This was a move expected from him as Franco has always had a soft spot for acting.

Later on, he began making a few appearances in films sometime in 2017. These latest film roles played by Tom include Metamorphosis: Junior Year (2017) and The Disaster Artist (2017). The latter was James Franco’s biographical comedy flick produced for television.

How Much Is He Worth?

Tom Franco has maintained a low profile compared to his superstar older brother James. Regardless, the actor and artist appear to be doing very well for himself as a handful of celebrity wealth calculating sources have estimated his net worth to be around $10 million.

He has been able to make that much through his endeavours in the art world among other business ventures. Tom also earns a considerable sum from his film and television engagements. The films he has appeared in have done relatively well critically and commercially. Although the actor cum artist may not be as wealthy as his brother James who has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is no doubt that he is doing very for himself.

Tom Franco’s First Wife Was His Business Partner

Tom Franco
Tom Franco and Julia Lazar Image Source

The love story of Tom and his first wife, Julia Lazar, is known to be one of the most intriguing romances Hollywood. Lazar was born on November 7, 1957, in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria and she was a talented singer, publicist and camera technician. She served as the lead singer of Exit, a popular rock band at the time.

It wouldn’t be wrong to classify her as ‘a jack of all trade, master of all’ as the Exit star singer also managed the entire business of the Franco brothers. Managing the business meant maintaining a close relationship with the brothers and that was how she and Tom got close.

The pair maintained a working relationship for over 5 years before starting their romantic adventure. It may interest you to know that Lazar was very much older than Franco but that didn’t matter much to him. She partnered with him in establishing the Firehouse Art Collective and served as a director in the establishment.

Lazar’s Futile Battle Against Cancer

Julia Lazar began to suffer from a chronic liver disease sometime in 2014. The ailment forced her doctors to put her under intensive care at the hospital. Despite her failing health and being confined to the hospital in San Francisco, the lovebirds remained undeterred in their resolve to get married.

They eventually tied the nuptial knot at an elaborate ceremony held on hospital grounds on July 28, 2014. Tom gave Julia a befitting wedding ceremony by inviting all their friends, family members and colleagues.

Unfortunately, Julia’s ailment transitioned from a mere liver disease into liver cancer, kidney failure and hepatitis C which ultimately caused her death. The sad incident occurred on August 25, 2014, barely a month after her marriage to Tom.

The news of her demise threw the entire Franco and Lazar family into mourning. Tom’s grief knew no bounds as he had lost his priceless gem and life partner. It was indeed a devastating period for him as he became a widower in barely a month after exchanging wedding vows with his heartthrob. A memorial service was held for Julia on August 31, 2014.

Prior to dating Tom, Lazar was previously dating Richard Schoenherz, a famous Austrian composer and musician. Although they never got married, the pair had a daughter named Dawn Schoenherz.

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Tom Franco Is Currently Married To A Film Producer

Tom Franco
Tom Franco and Iris Torres Image Source

It took the popular artist almost a year to move on from the demise of his first wife as he exchanged marital vows for the second time in 2015. His current wife is Iris Torres, a film producer and director. No details are available about how they started their relationship apart from the fact that they got married in 2015.

More so, personal details about the film producer remain unavailable to the public. All we know is that she was a part of the production crew in films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), The Big Year (2011), and Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha (2015).

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