The Reality Of Jonathan Gilbert’s Life, Marriage And Net Worth

Jonathan Gilbert is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most interesting actors Hollywood has ever produced. Having started off his career at the early age of 7, he had always put up impeccable performances. He thrilled both filmmakers and his fans in his debut movie Little House on the Prairie, where he became popular with the role, Willie Oleson. This incredible performance continued and has landed him a spot in the mainstream. In this post, we are going to pay attention to the life, career and interesting facts about Jonathan Gilbert. Read on…

Jonathan Gilbert Bio 

The actor was born Jonathan Gilbert on the 28th of April, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. He was adopted to surrogate parents named Paul Gilbert and Barbara Crane who were both Hollywood actors. Little wonder, Gilbert took interest in acting that early in his life. There is, however, no information about his biological parents. But we know he also has sisters named Sara Gilbert and Melissa Gilbert.

At a very young age, his surrogate parents divorced. And just two years after he made his first appearance in his Hollywood career, his father, Paul Gilbert died. That was after his 9th birthday. But in her autobiography entitled Prairie Tale, one of Jonathan’s adopted sisters Mellissa Gilbert reported that their father, Paul took his own life as a result of depression.

Jonathan Gilbert’s mother couldn’t remain single. So, she got married to Harold Abeles. Her marriage to Harold produced a daughter who was named Sarah. Surprisingly, Sara took up Gilbert as a family name regardless of the fact that she was never a legal relative of the Gilberts and also that Paul died a couple of months after she was born. Jonathan was also reported to have moved to New York City in his early 20s and was away from his family for a very long time according to Melissa’s autobiography.

Jonathan gilbert family
Jonathan Gilbert and the rest of the Gilberts family in 1982: Image source.

Talking about his education history, Jonathan bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College, New York City. He then proceeded to the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, a research institute arm of the University of New York, where he also bagged an MBA in Finance.

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Is Jonathan Gilbert Married?
The former Hollywood actor, now stockbroker Jonathan Gilbert is enjoying one of the most successful marriages among American celebrities. He walked his girlfriend Keren Gilbert who is also an actress, down the aisle on August 31, 1996.

The couple had their first child in the year 2000. But no further information about his children is available as a result of Jonathan’s tendency to keep his family matters really private. So we cannot tell the name and age of the child in question. We cannot also tell if he had more kids and how many they may be. However, because he maintained modesty, he had never had scandals in his relationships as it is reported that he has dated only Kerren in his life so far.

What Is His Net Worth?

As already hinted, Jonathan Gilbert likes to keep his personal life as private as possible. So, details about his earnings are difficult to come by. This was especially the case when he made a career switch from acting to stockbroking. Simply put, his earning figures are a closely guarded secret.

However, from his prosperous career history, we can deduce that Jonathan has earned much in his lifetime. As already said, Jonathan Gilbert made his debut at the early age of 7, in the highly rated NBC drama TV series Little House on the Prairie in 1974. Playing the role of Willie Oleson as already mentioned, Jonathan performed so well that he was retained for the role till 1983. During the period he starred in Little House on the Prairie, he rose to stardom because he did not only thrill his producers but his fans increased drastically, given his scintillating performance.

Jonathan also featured in the following series: Little House and Miracle Worker in 1979; Little House: Looking Back to Yesterday in 1983. Little House: Looking Back to Yesterday was an American TV show based on Little House On The Prairie book series, where he also played the role of Willie Oleson. In 1984, he returned to play the same role in Little House: The Last Farewell, which was also a part of the book series.

Considering his numerous appearances in Hollywood, as well as his diligence in his stock brokerage job, Jonathan’s net worth has been estimated at about $2.4 million; nevertheless, it has not been verified.

Where Is Jonathan Gilbert Now?

Like we mentioned before, Jonathan Gilbert ventured into stoke brokerage in 2003, probably to apply the knowledge and skill he acquired from the business school. Now away from the screen, he is reported to be working in the high-brow offices connected to the New York Stock Exchange. According to his sister Melissa’s memoir, Jonathan resides in New York City as well.

Beyond this, there is no way to tell about his current lifestyle, since he does not show up in the public anymore. He does not also have a social media presence.


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