What Is James Franco’s Net Worth and Is He Richer than His Brothers?

With a net worth of $30 million, there is no denying the fact that James Franco’s versatility, as well as hard work, has paid off in Hollywood. The actor is not resting on his oars though as he is determined to leave a lasting legacy in his profession. Such a vision has driven him to pursue college degrees, art, and the likes. He has also taught drama classes to several hopefuls.

Franco has certainly achieved a lot but it wouldn’t have been possible without his support network. Asides from his famed partnership with Seth Rogan, he has also collaborated with his brothers, Tom and Dave, to bring his vision to the screens. Tom and Dave are also bona fide actors in their own right and given their exploits, there is no doubt that all three brothers are well on their way to building an acting dynasty in Hollywood.

Breaking Down How James Franco Accumulated His $30 Million Net Worth

He Has Earned between $3 and $7 Million per Movie Role

The primary source of James Franco’s net worth is unsurprisingly movies. The Palo Alto native has been featured in about 100 movies to date and has been paid well for his troubles. For instance, Franco portrayed the villainous Harry Osborn in the 2002 superhero film, Spiderman. He would later go on to reprise the role in two more Spiderman films, all of which were box office successes. It is estimated that he earned about $12 million for his work in all three movies.

Another movie that has paid James Franco quite well is the 2013 fantasy film, Oz The Great and Powerful. In it, he played the titular role of Oz, a deceptive magician who is tasked with restoring peace to the land. The movie performed well at the cinemas, grossing $493.3 million on a budget of $200 – $215 million, and he was rewarded with a hefty paycheck of about $7 million.

James Franco’s net worth has also benefitted from the controversial political satire, The Interview. The 2014 film featured him and a long-time collaborator, Seth Rogen, as two journalists who secure the opportunity to interview the North Korean supreme leader. They are then recruited by the CIA to assassinate him. The movie was denounced by North Korea and an anonymous group sympathetic to the country hacked the data of the film’s distributor, Sony Pictures. One of the leaked documents revealed that Franco earned $6.5 million for his role.

James Franco Made Good Money from The Deuce

James Franco may be a big movie star now but he got his start in an obscure TV series titled Freaks and Geeks. The 1999 sitcom followed a gifted high-schooler who befriends a bunch of slacker freaks. Franco played the role of one of the freaks and even though the series was terminated prematurely, it helped launch his career. It also paid him an estimated $2,000 per episode. It has been about two decades since Freaks and Geeks and in the intervening years, Franco has appeared in other hit TV series.

His most popular yet is the HBO drama, The Deuce, which covers the porn industry in the 70s New York. In the series, he played the role of twins, Vincent and Frankie, who work as a bartender and gambler respectively whilst also fronting for the mob. The Deuce ran from 2017 to 2019 and Franco appeared in the first two seasons. His salary is not known but it could have been about $100k per episode or more given his status as well as the fact that he portrayed two roles simultaneously.

He Has Directed Several Movies Over the Years

Franco has also proven that he is quite skilled behind the cameras as he has directed several movies over the years. His best directorial effort remains 2017’s The Disaster Artist. The Disaster Artist chronicles the circumstances surrounding the production of The Room, a 2003 film which is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made. In addition to directing and producing the film, he played the lead role of the ill-fated The Room director named Tommy Wiseau.

It was indeed a labor of love for the Palo Alto native but it paid off in the end. His movie received good reviews as well as a slew of award nominations including best-adapted screenplay at the Academy Awards. It also tallied a decent $29.8 million on a budget of $10 million at the box office. Franco’s share of the profit is not known but a typical Hollywood producer makes from $750k to $1 million while a director makes anything from $500k to $1 million. It, therefore, means that he could have earned anything from $1.25 million to $2 million for his directorial and production efforts.

He Produced the Controversial 2014 Flick, The Interview

Franco’s work behind the scenes also extends to production. The Golden Globe winner has produced several projects including some full-length films. They are Don’t Come Back from the Moon, The Mad Whale, The Labyrinth, King Cobra, Goat, Yosemite, I Am Michael, Kink, and The Interview. Several controversies plagued the latter but Franco and his crew made sure it saw the light of day.

When it was released, major theatre chains (who feared repercussions from North Koreans) declined to show it, and it was distributed via online rentals and purchases. The film would later gross about $40 million in digital rentals alone, making it Sony’s most successful digital release to date. As earlier indicated, the average producer fee in Hollywood ranges from $750K to $1 million, meaning that Franco would have earned something similar as the executive producer of the film.

The Actor Fronted the Gucci Fragrance, Made to Measure, in 2013

Part of the perks of being a movie star is that you can also score endorsement deals from several brands. Franco’s case is no different as he has repped a few companies over the years including Italian designer, Gucci.

The Spiderman star was tapped to serve as the face of their newly-launched Made to Measure Fragrance in 2013. Franco appeared in a classic TV ad for the brand. He also featured in a short behind-the-scenes film, all of which was directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.

The exact amount involved in the Gucci deal was not revealed but it could have been worth as much as a million dollars.

Sources of the Actor’s Net Worth

  • Movies – $25.5 million+
  • TV Shows – $1 million+
  • Directing – $3 million+
  • Producing – $3 million+
  • Endorsement deals – 1 million+

James Franco’s Net Worth Compared to His Brothers

James is not the only Franco that is making waves in Hollywood. His two younger brothers, Tom and Dave, are also involved in the industry with varying levels of success. The immediate younger brother, Tom, is primarily an artist. He has also scored bit parts in movies such as Basket Case 2, The Devil Wears a Toupee, and a Piece of History. He now has an estimated net worth of $10 million

Another Franco brother that has done marvelously well is the youngest, Dave. Dave has scored major roles in popular movies such as Now You See Me, Neighbours, and 21 Jump Street. He also played an unforgettable part in the 9th season of ABC sitcom, Scrubs; portraying a medical student named Cole. He now has a net worth estimated at $10 million as well.

Given the above, it is obvious that James Franco’s net worth surpasses that of his brothers. The trio has not let this fact come between them though as they believe in collaborating and assisting each other. All three brothers worked together in the hit 2017 film, The Disaster Artist. James wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film while Dave was his co-star. Tom had a small supporting role as well.

The Actor’s Highest-Grossing Movies vis-a-vis His Salary

  • Oz The Great and Powerful
    Year of release – 2013
    Budget – $200-$215 million
    Box office – $493.3 million
    Salary – $7 million
  • Spider-man
    Year of release – 2002
    Budget – $139 million
    Box office – $825 million
    Salary – $4 million est.
  • Spider-man 2
    Year of release – 2004
    Budget – $200 million
    Box office – $789 million
    Salary – $4 million est.
  • Spider-man 3
    Year of release – 2007
    Budget – $258 – $350 million
    Box office – $895 million
    Salary – $4 million est.
  • The Interview
    Year of release – 2014
    Budget – $12.3 million
    Box office – $44 million
    Salary – $6.25 million
  • Rise of the Planet of Apes
    Year of release – 2011
    Budget – $93 million
    Box office – $481.8 million
    Salary – N/A
  • Pineapple Express
    Year of release – 2008
    Budget -$26 million
    Box Office – $102.4 million
    Salary – N/A
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