Floyd Mayweather Sr. Net Worth And The Relationship With His Son

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is an American boxing trainer and a former welterweight contender. For close to two decades, Mayweather Sr. remained a shinning star on the boxing scene. With his enigmatic boxing skills including his famous “shoulder roll” defensive tactics, he emerged the champion of several bouts. Alongside his exceptional boxing skills, Floyd Sr. was popular for his habit of reciting poems for his opponents which earned him the nickname, “poet laureate of boxing”. Later switching from boxing to training, the pugilism legend kept his career alive and kept the cash rolling in.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s Boxing Career

Born in 1952, Floyd Mayweather launched his professional boxing career in 1974 as a welterweight contender. He comes from a family of boxers as his younger brothers, Roger and Jeff Mayweather were both super boxing champions.

Mayweather Sr had his first professional fight on November 21, 1974, in which he defeated Ron Pettigrew. After engaging in several other victorious bouts, Floyd came to widespread prominence in 1977 after winning the US Championship Tournament against Miguel Barreto. Following this, he engaged in several other matches, winning most of them.

Unfortunately in the late 1980s, Floyd Mayweather Sr. developed a respiratory illness called Sarcoidosis. This adversely affected his career and eventually led to his retirement from boxing in 1990. With a total of 35 fights, Mayweather Sr. retired with a boxing record of 28 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw (28-6-1). Out of his 28 victories, he recorded 17 by knock-outs and 11 by decision. On the other hand, his 6 losses comprised 2 by knockout and 4 by decision.

Mayweather Sr.’s Training Career and How Much He Is Worth Now

Following his retirement from pro boxing, Floyd Mayweather Sr. did not leave the boxing scene; he rather began to work as a trainer. Considering his exceptional defensive skills and extensive knowledge in boxing strategies, Floyd Sr. made a perfect and confident trainer. He, in fact, often regards himself as the ‘Greatest Boxing Trainer of All-Time’.

As a trainer, Mayweather Sr. has worked with many high profile pro boxers. Among the notable professionals he has trained are Chad Dawson, Joan Guzman, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya and women’s champion, Laila Ali. He also trained MMA and Jiu-Jitsu fighter, BJ Penn briefly at some point in his career. These were all champions. Among his recent intakes are Mickey Bey and Andrew Tabiti.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. also worked intermittently as his son, Mayweather Jr.’s trainer, and manager. Sometime in 2007, while working as La Hoya’s trainer, he demanded a paycheck of $2 million to train the boxer for a fight against his son. Hoya, however, declined and instead, employed trainer Freddie Roach. Floyd Sr.’s authoritative nature also contributed to making him a good trainer. His trainees usually had no option than do what he says; and when they do, they always left the ring champions.

Mayweather Sr. makes his money as a trainer by taking 10% of his trainee’s salary/earnings for each fight. His net worth which grew from both boxing and training is currently estimated at $25 million.

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A Detailed Look Floyd Sr.’s Tumultuous Relationship with His Son, Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.
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It would be no misstatement should one say that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is simply his father’s reincarnation, especially as regards boxing talents and skills. But why should two persons who share many similarities and close bond often be at loggerheads? A closer look at their relationship through the years gives us some clues.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. who retired as a five-division boxer started receiving punching training from his dad while still a toddler. Having built their relationship on nothing besides boxing, it appears fighting became an integral part of the father and his son’s relationship. He raised him basically in the gym with no other affection other than the passion for boxing.

Floyd Jr. said that growing up, his father beat him on multiple occasions to have him hone his boxing skills. The junior Floyd often prayed to become an adult so as to be free from the beatings. In fact, the Mayweather Sr. and Jr.’s relationship never got beyond boxing. But at least, there was a relationship.

However, from the time the senior Mayweather went behind bars for drug trafficking in 1993, it has been a not-so-healthy on and off relationship between him and his son. Floyd Jr. seems to continue grudging against his father for leaving him all to himself at the most important period of his career. Sadly, the junior Mayweather started aiming his punches at the very first person who taught him how to punch.

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Following his release from prison in 1998, Floyd Mayweather Sr. managed to work as his son’s manager and trainer for just two years. In 2000, the junior Mayweather dropped him off and went back to his uncle, Roger Mayweather who worked as his trainer all through the time his dad served his jail term. His choice caused a bitter rift between him and his father. Since then, it has all been fights between the father and son.

In 2003, following a heated argument between the senior and junior Mayweather at a Las Vegas restaurant, the latter sent the former packing from the apartment he had given him and also retrieved the car he bought him. For the many years that followed, the duo remained in no speaking terms.

Although Floyd Sr. worked briefly as his son’s trainer between 2006 and 2007 while Roger served a six-month jail term for physical assault, the relationship went sour once more after Floyd Jr. ran back to Roger on his release from prison. The duo only reconciled in 2007 after the senior Mayweather opted out of his intention to train De La Hoya against his own son. He eventually ended in his son’s corner on the famous May 5, 2007, mega bout that saw Mayweather Jr. emerge the champion.

In 2011, however, the Mayweather father and son engaged in yet another heated altercation that almost resulted in a fight. It happened at Mayweather Jr.’s training facility. He flared up after his dad mentioned that he made him what he is. Accusing his father of jealousy and insisting that it was his uncle, Roger that made him, he ordered him out of his gym. Mayweather Sr. retorted by asking him to come and put him out, adding that there are only two Mayweathers in existence – Roger, who made the name and himself who took it to the next level. See video of the unpalatable father and son face-off.

All these notwithstanding, Floyd Jr. raised hopes of a better relationship with his dad in May 2013 after he announced that he would return as his trainer, pointing to Roger’s poor health as the reason for the change. Floyd Mayweather Sr. has since remained his son’s trainer. He later saw him to victory in his famous 2017 fight against Manny Pacquiao.

How Family Conflict Impacted Mayweather Sr. and Jr.’s Relationship

Mayweather Sr. and Jr.’s constant altercations could be partly traced to the Mayweather family’s history of conflict and violence. Back in 1979 when Floyd Jr. was just a month less than two years old, his father had used him as a shield against what would have been a fatal shot from the former’s maternal uncle, Tony Sinclair a.k.a Baboon. On that fateful day (January 21, 1979), Baboon had arrived at Floyd Sr.’s residence with a 20-gauge gun to settle a business score – the jungle way.

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Reports have it that a (drug) business had gone bad between the two and Mayweather was using his fighting prowess to intimidate Sinclair. The former had left the latter running for his dear life after squeezing his throat at a local roller rink over the same issue. Facing the gun with nothing to defend himself with, Mayweather Snr. had used his son instead since he believed Sinclair wouldn’t shoot little Floyd. He eventually got the shot in the leg.

The longstanding rift between Floyd Sr. and his brother Roger also contributed a great deal to the unhealthy relationship between him and his son. Roger had taken over Mayweather Jr.’s training for the period his father served his drug trafficking sentence. Roger also continued as Floyd Jr.’s trainer two years after his release until 2013 when ill health stopped him. Owing to this, Floyd Jr.’s uncle often took the credit for his boxing success, an attitude that never went down well with Floyd Mayweather Sr.


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