Top 10 Gemini Personality Traits

Astrology has grouped people into various zodiac or star signs depending on their personalities. People have varying opinions about the grouping. Any wise person would notice that there is a common link in characteristics of people. There are people who handle situations the same way, run their lives and make decisions similarly no matter the environment in which they operate. Astrology has therefore grouped such people into twelve stars, one of the most unique being Gemini.

The zodiac sign Gemini is composed of people born in between June 20th and 21st May. Just like any other group of people, they have positive personalities as well as negative personalities. However, the positive side outdoes the negative ones, thanks to their sharp brains and a cool character. The following are the 10 major Gemini personality traits.

Top 10 Gemini Personality Traits

1) Tenderness and easy going; the main personality they have is the ability to remain calm and push on. They handle all situations with calmness no matter how tough it is, they rarely give up on tough issues nor do they approach them with fury. To keep moving therefore, they exhibit a positive attitude. They also easily forgive people who cross their paths but rarely forget hence they wisely evade them.

2) Highly interactive; they are people who can fit in any group of people and end up making friends. People who you walk with and they seem to know everyone on the way but as a close friend you are the only person who knows at least a 5% of their life secrets and ambitions. They can make million friends but keep just one as a close friend. All they aim at is making life connections.

3) Excellent in communication; these people know  how to pass over their ideas and views to other people. They know how to adapt to the mood of others even though they are not affected by the matter at hand. In fact this is what enables them to make friends easily. This communication perfection help them easily manipulate others especially if they want them to do things their way.

4) Witty and sharp; The Gemini group of people are great thinkers in almost all field. They always try to find solutions to some of the issues that people are struggling with and in most cases their ideas always work. They are also fast in thinking, a fact that makes them good in class as well as games that involve critical thinking. Despite that, they still will accommodate other people’s ideas as long as they are not negative or pessimistic.

5) Good leadership traits. They are the persons you give power to run a failing project or company and they definitely will navigate it to success for you. With their optimistic nature as well as ability to cope with the pessimist colleagues, they believe everything can work if critically thought of and gently handled. They are good leaders as well and know how to organise others to bring forward combined success.

6) Great idealists and theorists; they heavily work on making theoretical ideas in matters that they tend to think about. They also like analyzing other people’s ideas just to see what could have been made better or how those ideas can be improved. This personality makes them great writers, teachers and directors whether in companies, acting as well as educational institutions.

7) Cooperativeness; despite the fact that they are sharp individuals, they will still heed to instructions from their seniors as well as work perfectly with colleagues who are even the opposite of them. They are good instruction takers even if they think their way can yield better results.

8) Callousness and selfishness when faced by intimidating situations; some circumstances that risk their success and general welfare can make them mishandle other people around them as well as be individualistic. When threatened they take their way of doing things without concern on people next to them.

9) Rudeness and sarcasm in communication; due to their wits, they tend to feel that other people’s ideas are inferior and that feeling may end up making them prudent and therefore sarcastic during communication.

10) Indecisiveness; they have a million ideas for even petty issues. They see the end before the beginning and that is why they find it hard to decide which way to go.


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