Worst Tourist Photos That Will Make You Cringe

Ever set off on a dream vacation to anywhere in the world only to discover that some of your vacations photos flopped? Don’t worry almost everybody has been there and some are worse than yours. However, if you still think yours were really bad, Just take a look at these ones! They’re surely going to make you fee better!

“Anyone for a hug.” That’s what the animal is clearly thinking.  He only wanted a group hug! The ladies here can feel that something huge is behind them

Isn’t it a good thing for all of us that these elephants saw the need to multiply the elephant world? It’s only unfortunate that these tourists are riding on an elephant when it needed to ride another elephant.

Let’s just say the ride was ‘rough’ and he felt it necessary to grip the she-elephant for some fun. It’s obvious, he couldn’t just ignore the other elephant ass moving in front without having a piece of the cake. I am certain nobody saw that dramatic leap for the cake coming!

You were about to wonder why this photo made it on the list huh? Until your eyes snapped down to this woman’s nipple right? And you were like “what’s going on here? Nipple grabbing?” Yeah, it’s what it is.

Let’s just be glad they both seem excited. The hand must be thanked for that wide grin. However, she is bound to get happily shocked at the breath-taking move when she sees this photo. The memory is going to linger forever.

The big fish seems to be saying a harmless “hello” to the sweet lass, but she isn’t taking any of it at all. Obviously, it would have been nicer the dolphin stayed away.

Chilling on the ground or plain madness? Do they always do stupid things anywhere they go? Please be a human, seriously!

Okay, that was rant about nothing, the picture is everything.

Is this a man or a woman? I am sure nobody would whistle at the sight of this photo because this butt doesn’t look risque to me! Maybe it would be when he shaves those hairs off.

Does he have a massive ball inside there? Looks like he just swallowed one!

So these fellas wanted some good time with the bull and the sneaky friend sneaked away to satisfy his curiosity about a bull’s asshole. That’s shady, what is he looking for?

Going to have fun and just see people doing a crazy move. Just join the crowd so you don’t look like a joy murderer.

I love the pose by the old man in the corner who clearly was forced to join the craze! His moves may seem at odds with the rest of the people, but nobody will notice that.

As you can tell, we are starting to think elephants love mating. Anyway, she looks like she would love to try it with an elephant…must be nice

When in the world did they take this photo? Notice the glasses and hair. That’s not all, the high waist shorts tell me that this family needs some aid. Plus they didn’t find a good place for the vacation to flaunt the shorts is South Dakota…interesting!

It is the duty of  a man to protect his family and get them out of trouble, but what happens when you are also overtaken by the trouble? This man looks scarier than even his son!

When you are on a vacation, you get excited and all that. The feeling can make you get a tattoo. However, be sure you are not going to regret it when you get home!  No one said anything bad about the tattoo though we’re keeping it real too!

Don’t forget to wear your bucket heads, this is fourth of July parade and I don’t want to start looking for anyone. Exactly what they’re thinking. Nice shorts people and no one is going to get missing!

Nothing seems right in this photo, the selfie stick, the outfit and the background. Who takes pictures wearing that vest and those glasses? Plus what is she trying to capture in the first place because the scene doesn’t look like it illustrates anything fascinating!

Getting too far to take a photo! Well, we understand the need to capture every moment when you are on an exciting vacation. At least ones to keep your Facebook or Instagram account busy. But you should learn not to cross some lines! That  looks very painful. Ouch!

Lounging on baggage compartment will help me stay away from distractions…really? Imagine searching for your luggage only to see this bulged out stomach snoring! Where did all the bags go, and did he forget his clothes somewhere? That stomach is bound to give out more air than usual!

Is that a shark’s faeces or something? Looks classy and it’s likely that he got into it just to take a snap. Some people just loose sense of right and wrong when they’re excited….. Well, you’re on a vacation, so have all the fun!

It doesn’t get much more touristy than this, does it? This classic croc sunburn is a take home. The owner of the feet is probably regretting why he had to wear a Croc out!

Meet the youngest son of Jackie Chan. He knows the importance of using karate in everything. Look how wide he went just to take a shot. I think an elephant can comfortably pass through that gap!

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