Chronicles of Veronika Obeng’s Time With Michael Obeng, Her Net Worth and What She Does Now

E! network fans would recognize Veronika Obeng as one of the stars who chronicled the true story of women behind the mask of money and status on Second Wives Club. Though her marriage and stint on the hit reality show did not end as expected, the single mother of 5 has remained undeterred in her resolve to make a name for herself.

Veronika Obeng started from a humble background and her ultimate goal which is to live a life she’ll be proud has now been achieved through her works as a blogger, podcast host, entrepreneur, and a doting mom.

Growing Up In The Small Town Of Spiro

An Oklahoma native, Veronika Obeng’s birth date is February 23, 1984. There is little or nothing known about her parents, family, and early life. However, it is no secret that the reality star grew up in her hometown and has six siblings (a sister and five brothers). Although her parents’ identities have not been disclosed, it is common knowledge that Veronika Obeng had a decent upbringing as her mother was very religious and instilled good morals in her children.

The smalltown girl from Spiro was a very active child with big dreams. She is sports inclined and was once a track athlete in her hometown. Following her graduation from the University of Oklahoma, she ventured into modelling but not much is known about her early career endeavours as she first came to the limelight after her marriage to Michael Obeng.

Married Life With The Famous Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Veronika Obeng is one of the women who married Dr. Michael Obeng. There is a scarcity of information about her relationship with the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon from the outset but it is no secret that Veronika was Michael’s third wife. The two reportedly got married in the year 2011 and were happily married for several years before the relationship turned bitter.

Veronika Obeng and Dr Michael Obeng
Veronika Obeng and Dr. Michael Obeng – image source

While the going was good, the reality star was a doting wife and mother. Together, the erstwhile couple raised eight children – three sons; Mick, Maddie and Moses from their union, two from Veronika’s previous relationship and three from Michael’s previous relationship. The famed TV personality welcomed her only daughter Milhon in her teen years and Jason followed a few years later.

More than just lovers, Veronika and Michael had a good work relationship as she was the general manager at his practice. She played an important role in helping her former husband build a multi-million dollar plastic surgery practice, having convinced him to move from Ohio to Beverly Hills and subsequently managing the system for years.

However, their five years marriage packed up in 2016, as many things got unfolded when the camera was turned on what was assumed to be a happy union following the couple’s participation on E! Network reality TV series, Second Wives Club.

Participating In SWU Contributed To Their Marriage Woes

Veronika Obeng was catapulted to the spotlight as part of the cast of Second Wives Club, the E! Network reality show that chronicled the lives of six women who were married to older, successful, previously divorced men. The reality show was debuted on the TV network on May 4th in 2017 and aired its final episode on June 12th 2017. After one season, it was announced in October 2017 that the show won’t be renewed for a second run.

Second Wives Club
(Image Source)

Meanwhile, in 2015, Veronika Obeng and her former husband were contacted for possible participation on SWU. With the aim of the reality series bringing their plastic surgery practice to the national spotlight, as well as depicting their marital bliss, the pair agreed to participate, with Veronika being among the main cast. But contrary to expectations, the show became one of the reasons for the couple’s woes.

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While filming Second Wives Club, many unexpected things happened and Veronika Obeng discovered that Michael was having extramarital affair. She actually made the discovery through a secret Instagram account that belonged to Michael’s alleged mistress. Despite her discovery, E! Network continued with the production of Second Wives Club on which Veronika exposed her ex-husband’s infidelity to the public. She then filed for divorce in mid-2016 on the grounds of infidelity.

Thereafter, Michael Obeng filed a lawsuit against E! in order to prevent the cable network from airing or promoting episodes of Second Wives Club that featured him or his kids. According to the renowned plastic surgeon, those episodes which featured him behaving in a compromising manner had the potential to mar his professional practice. Despite the lawsuit, the reality TV series still went on to display the episodes that featured Michael Obeng and his children.

The Reality TV Star Has Moved On From Her Failed Marriage

After her divorce and Second Wives Club cancellation, Veronika Obeng had to restart her life. In between her hectic work schedule which includes raising her kids and walking the red carpet, the TV personality has managed to stay relevant to her fans. Obeng believes motherhood is the most amazing gift ever and adores each of her children. Though life as a single parent has been crazy, Veronika loves the joy her children bring and can’t imagine her life without all five of them. She tries to be the best mom ever without a single hair out of place.

Additionally, the TV personality runs a podcast and a blog. On her SAC podcast which she co-hosts with two friends, Melissa Ford and Laura Govan. The three women who come from different walks of life, share diverse perspectives on various pressing issues one can think of.

On the other hand, her blog, Modern Womanhood | Modern Motherhood, is an exploration into motherhood. A realist, Veronika tries to be as honest as possible about motherhood via the mix of her blog and podcast. More so, Obeng’s stint on the Second Wives Club may not be the last time she’ll grace our screens. The reality star has hinted that she has a few projects in the works, including a potential show about her life and family.

Additionally, Veronika Obeng is said to be working at Dr. Grewak’s Rock Star Beauty situated in Beverly Hills. She currently serves as the owner of The Southern Temple Hair – a hair emporium which is also located in Beverly Hills. The businesswoman is very active on social media. In addition to her blog and podcast, she has amassed a strong fanbase on other popular social networking sites. Fans can connect with Veronika on her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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She Has Amassed Huge Wealth From Her Plethora Of Careers

Veronika Obeng’s showbiz efforts have undoubtedly yielded financial rewards. The reality star, blogger, podcast host and businesswoman have amassed a sizeable financial portfolio through her efforts in various walks of life and can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

She is said to be worth about $2 million. Having helped her ex-husband build a multi-million dollar plastic surgery practice, Veronika Obeng will definitely use the same grit and wit to build her own empire in the coming years.


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