Top 25 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

The ninth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) has been released and it is no surprise to see countries which often stay away from armed conflicts sitting at the forefront of the list. This year’s ranking indicates that some regions changed for good in peace terms while some other regions turned more violent. Of course, some nations are basking in unprecedented levels of peace and prosperity while others spiral further into violence and conflict.

It is important to note the criteria used in ranking these countries. Global Peace Index uses 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources to rank 162 independent states, covering 99.6 per cent of the world’s population. Thus, the index measures global peace using three broad themes: The level of safety and security in society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and the degree of militarization.

According to the 2015 Global Peace Index, here’s where to reside on this bad wide globe if serenity is what you are looking for.

25. Mauritius

Score: 1.503


Mauritius, an Indian Ocean Island state is the most peaceful country in Africa and the 25th in the world in 2015 according to Global Peace Index published recently. The country in its entirety has different cultures and traditions flourishing in peace and prosperity, though Mauritian Creoles, descendants of African slaves who make up a third of the population, still live in poverty.

24. Singapore

Score: 1.490


Singapore is not only peaceful, it is also organized. The country has stunning verdant city landscapes that are beautiful and ornamental. The country has always ensured it is a good neighbor to fellow countries by creating social, peaceful, economic and friendly political relations with all countries. Singapore is leading the way on green initiatives as regards energy, water conservation and the environment. The country grants its friendly welcome, great food, and safe urban areas to visitors and citizens alike.

23. Slovakia: 

Score: 1.478

Slovakia, a country in Central Europe is the 23rd most peaceful country according to 2015 Global Peace Index. The country caters to the five million people living in it. It has an area of about 49,000 square kilometers (19,000 sq mi). Though the surface area of Slovakia might seem small, the country is great in its attractions. The country features some wonderful natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles and towns, folk architecture, spas, ski resorts and awesome food.

22. Hungary

Score: 1.463


If you are searching for a country that offers gastronomic delights, cultural treats and recreation opportunities, then Hungary is the best place to find them all. The country is not just peaceful, it is also attractive. When you think of a place that houses Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, fine architecture, art collections, cultural events, and historic sites, think Hungary. The country is well adorned with history and national pride. Amazingly, the inhabitants are not famous for their combative nature rather they are known for their friendly nature.

21. Spain

Score: 1.432


The 2015 Global Peace Index ranked Spain 22nd out of 162 states worldwide based on the country’s safety and security, domestic and international conflicts as well as the degree of militarization. The country is not just a peaceful zone but also a traveler’s paradise. Outside being stunning,  the country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful monuments and has more things and places that will get your jaw dropped right on the floor.

20. Netherlands:

Score: 1.432


Netherlands is filled with amicable and welcoming people, it is the 20th most peaceful country according to the 2015 Global Peace Index. It is a small, densely populated country located in Western Europe, with three island territories in the Caribbean. Netherlands has a population of about 16,785,403 on 30 April 2013, making it the 10th most populous country in Europe and the 63rd most populous country in the world.

19. Poland

Score: 1.430


Poland, a country located in Central Europe is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. With the level of peace existing in it, Poland is home to both tourist and residents. This might explain why tourism contributes greatly to Poland’s overall economy and makes up a relatively large proportion of the country’s service market.

18. Bhutan

Score: 1.422


Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas. It is boarded to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. The landlocked Himalayan kingdom has beautiful mountain scenery, isolated culture and a strong sense of national identity as reasons for the contentment of its citizens. It has a high state of peace. In fact, Bhutan is one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in Asia and also in the world. The highest legacy of the country’s former King’s was inventing the concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’ to be the measure of a nation’s well being as an alternative to the Gross National Product (GNNP). He coined the GNH concept holding strong unto the fact that  ‘happiness’ is an indicator to living well and certainly not the possession of material things.

17. Norway

Score: 1.393


Norway has a very high state of peace too. The country is actually safe and peaceful with very low prison population except for turbulent times dealing with mass killer Anders Behring Breivik. The government of the Norway continues to place peace at the top of the country’s priorities. Norway is also packed with happy and pleasing people. The people of Norway is which has a population estimated to be 5,109,059 (2014) are free to camp and trek anywhere they like (Freedom to roam in a stellar landscape) backed by Norwegian law known as ‘allemannsrett. The country has marvellous lakes and fiords with many reasons for tourism.

16. Germany:

Score: 1.379


Germany, a central European country takes the 16th spot of world’s most peaceful countries in 2015. The country is made of 16 constituent states spreading in an area of 357,021 square kilometres (137,847 sq mi). It has about 80.7 million people living it, making it the most populous member state in the European Union. The country is brimming with fascinating and peaceful individuals who are hospitable too It is simply a place where a fondness for the arts, history and music is not considered elitist. But a normal part of cultural life and tradition. With its state of peace, great beer, trekkers’ paradise (including trails for nudist), Christmas markets and beautiful fairy tale towns, Germany is just a wonderful place to live or explore.

15. Slovenia

Score: 1.378


Slovenia scores highly as a great place to live. Moving out from the most troubled area of Europe in recent times, the country has risen out of the turbulence of the division of Yugoslavia and the Balkan conflicts to take its spot in the list of the world’s most peaceful countries. The country is without doubts safe with only 1,000 people recorded to be in prison out of a total population of 2 million in 2014. Amazingly, it is not just highly peaceful, it also has some wonderful trekking countryside, marvelous food and fascinating  cities. Just as beautiful as the Alpine countries and with fabulous cities like Ljubljana and Maribor teeming with interesting culture, Slovenia is a stunning travel destination. It simply seems to have inherited the best from Italy and other neighboring countries.

14. Belgium

Score: 1.368


Belgium is one of the best places to live in Europe and on Earth, judging by the Global Peace Index in 2015. Though, they had a crisis within their government between 2008-2011, homicide and incarceration rates are low in this country. When it comes to tourism, there are beautiful old towns, castles and museums to explore as well. Paris and London are really close n case you want to get the best of different worlds. Of course it takes only 70 minutes using the high-speed train to get to Paris.

13. Sweden

Score: 1.360


Sweden is another safe and secure place you can live. The country ranks No. 13 in the Global Peace Index this year. There is high standards of living  in Sweden plus generous parenting leave for moms and dads (15 months) plus a great welfare system probably tells us why it sits on a high place in the rankings. Wonderfully, the country has not been to war or taken part in any combats for two centuries even though they one of the world’s biggest weapon exporters in Europe. The country is said to have only 9,000 reported robberies a year compared to the 350,000 that occur in the US.

12. Ireland

Score: 1.354


Certainly, Ireland deserves a spot on this list. The stunning green pastures is well enough to keep a place for the country. The country is filled with really friendly people with wicked sense of humor which is incredibly thrilling!. Chatting with an Irish person can become an exciting event. However, they do have some internal organized conflict between Protestants and Catholics. Apart from that, they are an overall lovable country with hospitable people.

11. Portugal

Score: 1.344


Portugal is a country that has the oldest borders in Europe, located in the extreme south-west of Europe. It has an outstanding landscape with mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kms of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is not just filled with  lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity mix in perfect harmony, but is also filled with friendly people who make it a paradise to live in. No wonder 2015 Global Peace Index, ranked it as 18th peaceful place to take a tour on.

10. Czech Republic

Score: 1.341


Czech Republic took the 10th spot in Global Peace Index this year. The landlocked country in Central Europe is a relatively new country, after only gaining its independence from the Soviet Bloc due to the Velvet Revolution of 1993 and its subsequent split with Slovakia. The country has been doing just well. The Human Development Index called it  a country with ‘Very High Human Development’ in 2009. The Czechs have traditional hearty food of soups and meat adding to the country’s charm. The Czechs also love and uphold their history, art, and music with awesome musical tradition making it a good hit with tourists. It is famous for its alluring capital Prague.

9. Australia:

Score: 1.329


Australia, an Oceanic country is the 9 the most peaceful country in the world this year. The country located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean has hospitable people who place armed conflicts as the least of their problem. With its beautiful cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the capital Canberra, and its beaches, Australia is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the globe. It is a place to stay healthy, young and gain fresh air because of its pleasant climate. No wonder life expectancy in this country is 82 according to a report in 2014. Let’s not forget incredible wildlife, beaches, mountains, forests, and its alluring scenery adding charm to the attractiveness of the country.

8. Japan

Sore: 1.322


Japan ranks 8th in this year’s ranking of most peaceful nations in the world by Global Peace Index. The country is not only one of the happiest countries in Asia but also one of the safest with low crime and no major conflicts with its neighbors. In fact since the Second World War the country has welcomed peace and prosperity. It has also incredibly polite people living in it. thinking of exploring the country? Then you are certain to dine with great food. As regard transport, they have one of the best transport systems the world is jealous of.

7. Canada

Sore: 1.287


Canada is another peaceful country judging by World Global Peace Index. The country is home to clean, and safe cities. Its scenery is nothing short of breathing with amazingly polite people, living in it. Have I mentioned that there is high standard of living in Canada? The average household income in Canada is $28,000 annually, one of the highest in the globe and surely higher than OECD averages.

6. Finland

Score: 1.277


Finland is another country with high state of peace existing within its territory. The country is not in any form famous for its fighting or combative nature. Despite being one of the countries that still embrace compulsory military and civil service for young people, its only participation in fighting has been as part of joint UN peacekeeping forces. The country is really safe with nice-behaving people living in it, probably because it places education at the forefront of everything. So who wouldn’t want to live in a country that has one of the most fabulous education system in the globe?

5. Switzerland

Score: 1.275


Switzerland, a country in Europe takes the 5th spot on this list for their significantly low crime rate. The country is greatly over packed with happy and healthy population thanks to the authorities have invested hugely in their people  by offering them high quality education, health services and employment benefits. The country might own a big military and export weapons to other countries no doubts, but Switzerland does have a law that stops weapon exports to countries which have constant battles within their own territory.

4. New Zealand

Score: 1.221


Nw Zealand is a country of awesome scenery. The country has a marvellous landscape as well as sports facilities. You will never worry about finding clean environment  as the country is one of the most unpolluted countries where cleanliness abound. Add that with great food and impeccably polite and happy people who offer nothing but friendly welcome to visitors, then you concur that the country is the place you should be heading to now. New Zealanders are peace-loving people with no connections to violence. 90% of visitors state that they wouldn’t recommend any other place to their families and friends except the land of the Kiwis.

3. Austria

Score: 1.198


It’s certainly no shock to find Austria, a landlocked country in Central Europe scoring high on this list. It is home to more than 8.5 million people. The country has been content to welcome peace and serenity ever since the First World War and the division of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Second#World War. The country is indeed performing well in terms of peace and prosperity with no austerity. And when it comes to tourism, it has a highly popular resorts in the stunning Alps, as well as cultural centers like Vienna. Austria is known for its incredibly clean environment where everything is spotless, with great transport system and very low crime rates. Definitely a right place to live.

2. Denmark

Score: 1.150


Denmark, a country in  Northern Europe again emerges the most peaceful country on the continental Europe. The inhabitants of Denmark estimated to be 5,668,743 in 2015 choose to focus more on economic issues, rather than involving themselves in violence. Of course armed conflicts is not just one of the Danes attributes. They are also known as happy and easy-going people who cheer up their visitors rather than making troubles. Denmark is often ranks as the best both in business and safety. Denmark’s transportation system is incredibly amazing  with significant investment been made to build road and rail links. Speaking of food, the country’s food consists mainly of meat and fish thanks to the country’s agricultural past, its geography, and its climate of long, cold winters.

1. Iceland

Score: 1.148


Looking for friendliest country? Then head to Iceland. The country once again sits at the top of the list this year. It already has a history of being a home of peace since after a blow out post-crisis. The country is always not involved in major world conflicts. The people of Iceland are tolerant, peaceful, polite, happy, and friendly and offer warmest welcome to visitors.

Crime and murder rate are so low in the country that they only know how to give a typical cherry reception to their visitors . In fact murders (1.8 per 100,000 population a year) are practically non-existent. Except for dramatic scenery, Iceland has a 100% literacy rate in the 300,000 population. Compare that with the US where you have a rate of 5.8 per 100,000.

Speaking of beauty and tourism, the country’s metropolitan atmosphere, sublime dining and plenty of charming only make its visitors experience nothing short of enjoyment and fun. Ever wondered a place with abundance of history where fire and ice exist at the same time?  Its raging volcanoes and giant glaciers, as well as its rare cultural attractions in the capital Reykjavik add to its beauty.

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