Who Is Thomas Beaudoin, How Much Is He Worth And Is He Married?

There are two groups of people who make a movie happen. First, those who are behind the camera and then those in front of the camera. Thomas Beaudoin is one rare personality in the industry who belongs to both groups, being both an actor and a photographer/cinematographer. He is also a talented pianist and many other things.

Even though Beaudoin has been a versatile talent, it seems he has thrived more in playing behind-the-scene roles. While that is possibly true, it is imperative to point out that he is a very private fellow who enjoys his own company. Because of this, a lot of questions asked about him by those who have been keeping up with his career have been left unanswered, but that ends here! Come with us as we dig into the life, career, and other things that are worth knowing about the multi-talented entertainer.

An Overview Of Thomas Beaudoin’s Background

Thomas Beaudoin has been described as an American actor in some quarters but this is not true. Even though it was in the United States that his career kicked off, the actor is of French and Canadian heritage. This explains why he is fluent in both English and French. Thomas Beaudoin was born in Canada on the 21st of August 1982 and his place of birth was in Thetford Mines of South-central Quebec, which is also the seat of Appalaches Regional County Municipality.

However, much of Thomas’ early years were spent in Drummondville in central Quebec, located on the bank of Saint-Francois River. The city is uniquely metropolitan and it seems its socially stimulating influence has helped Thomas in his chosen endeavors.

We have not been able to access considerable details about Thomas Beaudoin’s family or its members. However, it is reported that he was born alongside two sisters. This means he is the only male child of his parents.

Details about Thomas Beaudoin’s early education are hard to come by. However, copious reports have it that he attended Concordia University in Montreal from where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and Exercise Science. He is also reported to have undergone a special course of study in acting after college.

Exploring His Career Beginning And Rise To Fame

For someone who obtained a degree in Psychology and Exercise Science, it is not clear what made Thomas settle for a career in the competitive industry of entertainment. Let’s just say he has always been artistically inclined.

After his post-college special acting course of study which took place in New York, Thomas kicked off his career. He began humbly by participating in off-Broadway plays. Gradually, he made it to Broadway and according to records, some of his earliest works include plays such as Cuisine et Dependances (1993) and Orpheus Descending; the latter is an adaptation of the original 1957 play released in 1990.

In a couple of years that followed, Beaudoin began to star in hit projects. His biggest so far is arguably the 2015 film The Spirit Of Christmas. In the mystery and romance drama written by Tracy Andreen and directed by David Jackson, Thomas Beaudoin played the lead role of a spirit that haunted a house during the Yuletide season.

Thomas Beaudoin and Jane Lilly on the set of The Spirit Of Christmas
Thomas Beaudoin and Jen Lilley in The Spirit Of Christmas: Image source

He also starred as Hunter in the 2017 film Love’s Last Resort. His ability to speak French as well as English has enabled him to also play the lead role of Hubert in the Canadian series, Hubert et Fanny. The series which was created by Richard Blaimert has Mylene St-Sauveur, Marc Messier, and Anne-Marie Cadieux as some of the cast members of the show that has been running since January 2018.

Thomas Beaudoin’s Career Earnings And Net Worth

The actor’s net worth and earning power are among the things that people have shown interest in knowing about him. While it is obvious that his efforts have been financially rewarding, it is difficult to tell what he has earned for the various roles he has played. Nonetheless, his earning ability can only get better as his career progresses.

As already said, Thomas Beaudoin also works as a photographer/cinematographer. What you are yet to be told here is that he also works as a model. For his modeling career, he is managed by Heffner Management which has Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Gap, and Levi among its clientele. They also scout for Christian Dior, YSL and Hermes among other top designers.

As a result, it is from all these sources that Thomas has garnered his growing net worth of $5 million. Seeing how well things are going for him, it is certain that this figure will go up as his career progresses.

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What We Know About The Actor’s Love Life

In The Spirit Of Christmas, Thomas Beaudoin’s character fell in love with Kate, the lawyer, who was played by Jen Lilley. The love chemistry that existed between them was so intense that many viewers forgot it was all done for a movie. So, it was widely speculated that the two were dating or, at least, had fallen for each other. The rumors were so serious that Thomas and Jen had to deny and dismiss the claims.

To confirm their denial, you need to know that Jen Lilley was already married when the movie was made. She got married to Jason Wayne, an American engineer, on the 26th of May, 2007, and they are still going strong today. In fact, a year after The Spirit Of Christmas was filmed, Jen and her husband were on the news for becoming foster parents via the organization, Childhelp. Then, in March 2019, Jen was once more on the news when she announced she was expecting a baby in August.

Apart from that movie romance, Thomas Beaudoin has not been romantically connected to anyone, either male or female. Because of this, it has been vastly concluded that the actor is single. This may be the case but it is also possible that he’s dating someone and keeping it a secret.

If he’s truly single, we may as well point out that he wouldn’t find it hard to land someone who is willing to go out with him. Thomas Beaudoin is certainly a good-looking fellow. According to his details on the Heffner Management website, his height is 6 feet 1 inch (185cm). His waistline measures 32 inches (81 cm) while his suit size is 40 inches (101 cm). As for his collar, it is 16 inches (41 cm). Also, his shoe size is 11.5 (US) and 46 (EU). His hair color is brown while his eye color is blue.

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