The Latest Ranking Of Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers: See Where Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho falls

We do know football managers are being compensated well enough for their professional impact at training and developing footballers. Yes, they typically hold a more public profile and are paid more than sufficient amount. So when I came across the list of top ten paid football managers, it didn’t strike me that much, but what struck me most is figuring out who tops the list and also who falls at the bottom of the list. It might surprise you to know Pep Guardiolas is conveniently taking the highest spot on the list as far as salaries are concerned. Anyway, you are to decide whether or not he is worth taking the topmost spot on the list…I mean for leading other world’s best coaches ever in the history of football the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and  José Mourinho of Real Madrid and Chelsea respectively. Well, we say a big congratulations to the Spanish tactician, for being the highest paid football manager in the world. Read on to see the full list.


1. Pep Guardiola:


He is a Spanish former footballer who is the current manager of Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Thus the soccer manager of Bayern Munich. He is undoubtedly the most rival of Jose Mourinho. Needless to mention how he managed to fill the Barcelona trophy case during his time as manager and also how he took Barca to multiple La Liga titles and Copa del Rey titles. In fact he reached the great height of winning Champions League with them. As you already know he became the hottest managerial free agent in the world of soccer. Wondering what his salary is? He pockets a cool $24 million, making him the world’s most paid soccer coach.

 2. José Mourinho (Chelsea):

He is a Portuguese football manager and former football player who is the current manager of English club Chelsea. Guess, what? Even commentators and fellow coaches refer to him as the world’s best manager of all time. In fact he is no longer fighting for a spot because he has earned the most fantastic spot already. Yes, he has done it all in several football clubs including ones in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain.Wondering what he earns? He pockets $ 17 million from Chelsea each year making him the highest paid coach. So for enthusiastic Chelsea fans, you all can still make all the fuss as always because your Chelsea coach knows just how to make you feel great right?

3. Marcello Lippi:


Marcello is the third of highest paid soccer coaches in the world. He is an Italian World Cup-winning football former manager and player and who is refered to as one of the greatest and most successful managers in football history. He is the manager of the soccer club called “Guangzhou Evergrande”. Of course, this club may not be one of the most famous clubs in the world but they are in the Chinese League. Since he was signed in 2012, he has been a great hit for the club. He is also popular for his amazing work in Serie A of which he was a three-time coach of the year for Serial A. Well, he receives $14 million annually.

4. Fabio Capello:

The current head coach of the Russia national football team, Fabio Capello earns $13 million. Surprised that he made the list? Anyway, it is most certainly, that no national team manager earns more money annually than Fabio Capello in this most current ranking of highest paid football managers. Okay, you may think that he is yet to prove himself to equal his massive paycheck in the Russian National football team, but just wait a minute, Russia will probably host 2018 world cup, so he might be planning a big surprise in 2018. So even though Capello was asked to come before the Parliament to make known why Russia were such a big disappointment at 2014 world cup, he might prove himself next world cup. Well, we wait for the big surprise coming forth.

5. Louis van Gaal:


Louis, a Dutch football manager who is the current manager of Manchester United is the fifth highest paid coach in soccer world. He saved Manchester during its years of floundering following the retirement of Alex Ferguson and Manchester United under Moyes leading to the sack of Moyes. The Dutch legend with an awesome resume earns $11.75 million.

6. Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid):


Carlo is an Italian football manager and former player who now manages Spanish La Liga side, Real Madrid. He is known as one of the best managers of his generation. He makes €15. M, just  €3. M behind  Mourinho. That might seem like a huge difference between the two salaries, but he is also recognised as a great coach too.

7. Arsène Wenger:


Wenger is the current manager of Arsenal and also the club’s longest-serving manager. He has really proven  himself through out the time. The  64-year-old coach  has always put big smile on the faces of his club’s fans. Anyway, for his professional impact at training the footballers of the club, he earns $10 million.

8. Jurgen Klopp:


The current manager of Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, Jurgen is hugely known among Dortmund supporters and also for his pitch-side fashion decisions. He has achieved so much in football world in the past years. Now, speaking of his salary, he earns $6 million for his unique facial expression and benevolent gestures while coaching the club.

9. Manuel Pellegrini:


The current Manchester City manager, who has managed teams mostly in Spain, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador took the 9th spot on the latest list ranking the highest paid football managers. it might shock you to know he earns $5.75 million contrary to what is believed as fans think he is earning much more considering the amount of Money City have at their disposal and in summer transfer windows. Although, we know Manchester City can afford to pay its coach the highest salary to make him highest paid soccer manager in the world, but he earns $5.75 million instead.

10. Jorge Jesus:

Jorge is the current manager of S.L. Benfica which is clearly not a big club when compared to other giant clubs  whose coaches made this list. Although, the Portuguese soccer club cannot afford to sign and pay high talents or even the top paid footballers in the world, their manager made the list. He earns $5 million from the club as salary and has won the league twice while at the very club. He has gained a spot in the football world too.

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