Taina Marie Meléndez – Biography & Facts About Ozuna’s Wife

Fans of Puerto Rican music, particularly of the Reggaeton genre, will most definitely be familiar with Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, who is most commonly known as Ozuna. He has been at the forefront of a number of hit songs, including releasing two albums. While his songs and his career have had a massive following, his personal life with wife Taina Marie Meléndez exists in a more mellowed state.

Taina Marie Meléndez is not just a woman married to a popular musician but one her own, she is a successful businesswoman and has been able to raise two loving children with the musician. Learn all about her and her relationship with her husband below.

Biography & Age

Before she met and got married to Ozuna, Taina Marie Meléndez lived outside of media consciousness, but since the change, there has been a trickle of background information getting revealed about the wife of the Reggaeton star. We know she was born in 1994 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and she was born into a multi-racial family of parents who are Puerto Rican and African American.

The journey of her life, right from her childhood to meeting Ozuna, remains hidden away from the press where she prefers to live, despite her relationship with the famous singer. So far, all we know about Taina outside of her relationship with Ozuna is that she is a businesswoman, and from the looks of it, a successful one.

While we have little in the way of information about Taina Marie Meléndez, we know her husband, Ozuna was raised by his grandmother, having lost his father to gun violence when he was three years old.

His interest in music began when he was a child and he began developing his passion well enough to write and sing his own songs at the age of twelve. Today, he is one of the leading artists in the Latin Urban genre and has released two albums, Odisea and Aura.

Taine Marie Meléndez’s husband is also the recipient of two Billboard Music Awards, three Latin American Music Awards and a host of other awards and accolades in appreciation of his talents and accomplishments.

Taina Marie Meléndez’s Family

Taina Marie Meléndez
Taina Marie Meléndez with her family

A look through the Instagram account of her husband reveals just how much family means to the singer. His page is plastered with pictures of Taina Marie and their two children, in what can only mean a happy relationship between the two. But how did this loving relationship begin? Unfortunately, unlike Instagram pictures of the couple, both Taina Marie Meléndez and Ozuna have kept a lid on their relationship.

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It is, however, believed that they dated each other for a long time, well before they decided to become husband and wife. Since they made that decision, not only has Ozuna continued to experience growth in his career, he and Taina Marie Meléndez have welcomed two additional members to their family, a son named Jacob and a daughter named Sofia Ozuna Meléndez.

So far, the family continues to live as a happy couple with their children as shown by their social media pages.

She is Multilingual

We mentioned earlier that Taina Marie Meléndez is the daughter of parents from two different ethnic backgrounds; Puerto Rican and African American, and she has incorporated the language of both cultural sides. The wife of the Si No Te Quiere hitmaker is both fluent in Spanish and English, allowing her to communicate with both sides of her family.

Body Measurements Depict Those of Models

Taina Marie Meléndez prefers to stay behind the scenes but when she makes her occasional appearances, she has been known to reveal how much of a beautiful woman she is. Taina has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and a bodyweight of 56 kg, all compressed into a lean and fit body profile that is defined by body curves measured at 35, 28 and 36 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively.

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Net Worth

We have mentioned earlier that Taina Marie Meléndez is a businesswoman, and whilst her social media appearances suggest she is a successful one, we do not have specifics of the extent of her success and overall net worth. However, knowing that her husband is worth a whopping $3 million, it is not farfetched to believe that Taina’s net worth is in seven figures.

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