Sunny Malouf Biography – 5 Interesting Facts you Need To Know

The Planet has yet another child prodigy in the person of Sunny Malouf. Since releasing her debut single entitled Lightning In A Bottle on iTunes in September 2015, the pop singer’s fame has skyrocketed beyond anything you can think of. She was only 11 then but her talent belied her age completely. The best part is that she keeps going stronger with age. Read on to get all the key facts you need to know about the rising star.

Sunny Malouf’s Bio

Sunny Malouf is a teenage pop singer, dancer, model, and social media personality from Dallas Texas, the United States of America. Born to the famous dentist Richard Malouf and his wife Lillian, the young talent grew up alongside two brothers named Richie and Gavin. She was born in 2004 and she lights the birthday candle every year on March 2.

The love for showbiz started budding in Sunny from her early years. Indeed, there is this story that she started to mumble definite sounds from when she was 6 months old. Eventually, as the young lass grew older, she was fond of organizing dance troupes among her friends at school and on the street. To sharpen her obvious inborn skills in the arts, Sunny was sent to unidentified choreographers and models, thanks to her parents who saw her talents early enough and tried to channel them effectively.

As per conventional formal education, Sunny Malouf attended the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas where she was noted for her stage performances and theatrics. However, much of her education takes place via homeschooling to enable her to pursue her career alongside – considering that her career took off too early in her life.

An American national with a multiracial ethnic background, Sunny Malouf’s constellation sign is Pisces. Her father is a Lebanese American while her mother is Hispanic. Below are five interesting facts you need to know about Sunny.

5 Interesting Facts you Need To Know

Online Presence

The internet Culture that is upon the world has thrown up many celebrities and Sunny Malouf is certainly one of them. As already said, she first became famous after releasing her debut single on iTunes.

Happily she did not stop there because she went ahead to take advantage of social media to market herself further. In this regard, the young talent is most popular on Instagram where she enjoys a 1.1 million strong followership. She has over 19,000 followers on Twitter as well. Her presence on Facebook however is not encouraging as she has less than 5000 likes on a Facebook page but we have not confirmed if the Facebook page actually belongs to her.

Sony is also popular on YouTube where she currently has over 101,000 subscribers. She uses both her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to do basically the same thing: post dance videos. But she also uses her Instagram to share her selfies and other variables.

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Net Worth

As of late 2018, Sunny Malouf’s yearly earning was estimated at $40,000. Sources from early 2019 estimate her net worth at $300,000.

Signed to TMT Music Group and managed by Kevin Jonas, CEO of Jonas Group, Sunny has gathered a significant part of her net worth from her music and endorsements. She also earns ad revenues from her social media pages including YouTube.

Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Sunny Malouf is a stunningly beautiful girl who stands at the height of 5 feet, 4 inches, and has a listed weight of 40kg. She has a slim build and both her eye and hair color is dark brown.

Sunny Malouf Is A Member Of Jake Paul’s Team 10

Sunny Malouf team 10
Sunny Malouf and Team 10: Image source.

Jake Paul is a former super-successful Vine star. But, once Vine closed shops, he turned to Youtube in order to continue his video blogging career. In 2015, he floated an online incubator for young video bloggers. Then, the membership of the group was rather exclusive – inviting and accepting only young bloggers that held real promise. Sunny Malouf joined the group in 2018. Coincidentally, Team 10 began to experience an implosion as many members left the group in the same year.

Who Is Sunny Malouf’s Boyfriend?

Sunny Malouf and Jake Paul are known to be very close friends but, obviously, they are not in any romance. During Team 10’s period of crisis, Sunny was one of the few who stuck with Jake. Indeed, Sunny actually joined around that time.

So, who then is Sunny’s boyfriend? It appears she is not dating anyone yet. After all, she is more or less still a minor.

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