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When it comes to Hollywood relationships, one story that is not often heard amidst the endless stories of couples breaking up is the story of couples who find their way back to each other. It is rare, but it does exist and one of them is the story of Steve Craig and Marie Osmond, who were married once, got divorced and then got married again.

It is a triumphant story that reinforces the belief in love and is a complementary addition to the life story of Steve Craig who is a known production designer and motivational speaker, whose wife is an iconic country musician, with decades of chart-topping music in her résumé.

His life has been quite an interesting one and we take a proper look at his journey from birth to being the subject of one Hollywood’s rarest occurrences.

Steve Craig’s Biography

Steve Craig was born sometime in 1957 in America to unknown parents in Provo, Utah. He was raised a Mormon and he has remained one ever since.

Steve Craig developed an affinity for basketball while he was a child and it remained a part of his life all through high school, eventually earning him a basketball scholarship to Brigham Young University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree and also played basketball at the college level.

For his college, he played for three seasons between 1978 and 1981, playing a total of 86 games as a point guard over the course of his career, averaging 6.7 points per game. After he completed his college career, Steve Craig was drafted to join the NBA by the Philadelphia Sixers as the 22nd pick of the team but for reasons known to him, he never followed up on his basketball career as a professional player.

While he walked away from sports, Steve Craig walked towards a career as a motivational speaker and as a record producer, two professions through which he earned a modest degree of success.

While the information on Steve Craig’s professional life is limited, his wife, Marie Osmond has had a long and successful career as an entertainer. She is a member of the Osmond music family and she has been able to craft a successful solo career for herself, which includes music, acting, and writing.

She has produced over 10 albums, one of which is her iconic album, Paper Roses. Her books include Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends.

She is also a doll maker; her other ventures include a doll line which she sells primarily through the shopping network, QVC, and on shopping websites and retail stores.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, the lack of concrete trajectory of his career as a basketballer, a motivational speaker and a production designer has made it challenging to ascertain the exact net worth of Steve Craig. Considering his successful status, however, his net worth is believed to be in six figures at the very least.

His wife, on the other, has a well-documented career and as a result, as a known net worth of $20 million, earned from music sales, TV shows and her entrepreneurial venture as a doll maker.

Steve Craig’s Relationship with Marie Osmond

Steve Craig
Steve Craig and his wife, Marie Osmond, during their second wedding

If Steve Craig and Marie Osmond’s relationship was a game of soccer, then you can call their marriage on the 26th of June, 1982 as the first half of their love story.

When she met, Steve Craig was still living life as a basketball player, playing for Brigham Young University. The first half of their marriage did not last long, ending within three short years in 1985 but it left lasting evidence, a child, Stephen James Craig Jr. who was born on 20th of April, 1983.

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The end of the relationship in April 1983 seemed like the end of their love story, particularly when his wife, Marie Osmond went on to marry Brian Blosil for 21 years.

But love always finds a way, and the couple began dating again in 2009. Then in 2011,  Steve Craig and Marie Osmond tied the knot again, with Marie getting married in the same dress as their first marriage.

They have remained together ever since, and although their relationship only produced one child, his wife has seven more children from her other relationships, two biological children and five adopted children.

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