solo female travel

Travelling around the world is now more common than it’s ever been before. This is because the number of people curious to explore the world just to chill out is increasing.

And of course, there is nothing better than holidaying in an exotic land. However, there’s nothing worse than being abused sexually by some broad and strongly built men while you are on that holiday.

Unfortunately, till date, news of innocent tourists being robbed, beaten or worst still make headlines. This problem is statistically exacerbated when it has to do with women.

The reason is basically for the fact that women are more vulnerable to crime in foreign lands.

This write-up aims at providing a fuller picture of what women stand to face when they travel alone to a strange land alone for holidays and some handy safety tips to serve you on your travels.

So, for Solo female travellers, before you pack up your backpack or hiking bag or your luggage to hop flights all over the world, take a look at these risks.

How Dangerous Is It To Travel Alone As A Woman?

It may sound discriminatory to radical feminists but in reality, It’s a dangerous world out there. Plus in a perfect world, women receive equal treatment no matter where they find themselves. But sadly, we are not there yet and in some countries or societies, women are treated without respect.

This won’t change simply because you are holidaying so don’t expect the same treatment you get in your country while in a foreign land. Women around the world have spoken out about their experiences during solo vacation and these don’t just begin to take into account the rapes, assaults, attacks, and various other violent crimes but also deaths. Yes, some of such women were not spared to live and tell their experiences. Thus, when packing your bag for a holiday trip, take this into account.

The Dangers of Social Media While on Vacation

Yeah, it is amazing to stay connected while you are out on vacation. And in today’s world of Instagramming, everybody wants to share enviable photos of their lifestyle.

But be careful before you release vital information to potential serial killers, thieves, rapists and people with uncomfortable plans.

It is not really necessary to give all the details of your vacation while still holidaying. In fact, it is downright foolish to give too many details especially when you are alone in a foreign country as a woman. One who struts around loudly declaring her room number on social platforms could get attacked even in their homes not to mention when they do things like this in unfamiliar locations.

So dear ladies, when you are far from your country, by all means, take all the shots you want, but refrain from sharing them on social media platform until you return safely.

Picking A Hotel

Choosing to stay in a cheap hotel may sound like spending right and of course, smart. And not to mention, that you will get to meet new friends which will be fun. Nonetheless, it may not be the best of ideas. This is why your chances of getting robbed in such hotels are wider than they would be when you stay in a five-star hotel.

Having said that, it is also advisable to carry out deep background check when picking a hotel whether they are five-star or less. You can pay a little more but don’t leave your security to chance by ensuring that you stay in a central hotel or guesthouse in a well-lit area of town, with a 24-hour front desk.

Opening Up To Strangers Or Partying With Them In A Foreign Land

Drunkenly parading in parties and mingling with total strangers in a club is another no-no for solo female tourists. Like we said earlier, it’s to joyful to meet and party wth new people only that you don’t need to relax your vigilance so you don’t become vulnerable to attack. Don’t accept drinks from strangers or let them drive you to your hotel or anywhere else. Endeavour to be in control of what you take and where. Above all, don’t get drunk.

Guard Your Stuff


No matter where you travel to, your belongings stand somewhat at the risk of being stolen. For instance, you might be out at the beach or club having a good time while someone is at the hotel searching and robbing your things. As a solo traveller, you can reduce this risk by deep background check of the hotel you choose to stay through reviews. And while adventuring, ensure you have a scanned copy of your personal document and you avoid moving around with expensive gadgets. Also, avoid flashing cash or expensive pieces of jewellery. Always have in mind that a potential petty thief might be somewhere watching you.

Avoid Looking At People In A Suspicious Manner

Know that eye contact in some countries can cause aggression. By knowing this, you make a safe escape from the threats of being attacked. Don’t forget that people think in different ways. Sometimes eye contact could lead to being noticed by unwanted people and make you susceptible. It’s wise to stay on alert but vague so you don’t appear too scared or too new to the town.

Everybody Needs To Take Safety Precautions When In Foreign Land

It is naturally a bold venture to take a trip to other people’s country knowing that they have different cultural and moral values. It has historically been, and to an extent still is a bold thing to do.

All travellers of all age and gender need to take safety precautions. Nobody is trying to say that only women should make sensible preparations while their male peers don’t. Once you are leaving your hometown to a strange land, read about the risks you could enter in the anticipated destination and how not to enter into trouble. In fact, do some necessary researches and don’t just hop into flights to a place you don’t know jack about.

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