A Look At Simon Halls Net Worth and His Secret Love Story With Matt Bomer

Simon Halls is a popular American publicist who has achieved success in the world of publicity and has even received special mentions in top movies in the past. He is credited to have worked behind the scenes on many occasions, over the years, to help many movie stars to boost their careers and become super successful in the industry. A tall man, Simon is also widely admired by his many fans for his handsome features.

Apart from being famous as a publicist, Simon is also an openly gay man who is very well known for his marriage to Matt Bomer, a popular American actor who he has been with for many years.

Who is Simon Halls and How Old is He?

Simon Halls was born on the 12th of January, 1964 in the city of Toronto, Canada. The identity of his parents and siblings have not been made public. He grew up in Canada before he moved to the United States. Although he is now an openly gay man, it is believed that Simon has dated a few girls in the past.

After spending his early years in Canada, Simon moved to the United States of America in order to further his studies at the University of Southern California, where he ended up meeting other people from different races and getting more enlightened about life. By this time, he had developed an interest in becoming a publicist and was working towards achieving the dream.

When he graduated, Simon remained in the United States and tried to pursue his dream of becoming a publicist. He soon got a job with Warner Bros, a very popular motion pictures/entertainment company, in the Public Relations department. This was a big boost for Simon and he capitalized on his job description to gain enormous experience which will later help him in life. As a young man who was very hungry to learn the tricks of the game, he didn’t just remain completely with Warner Bros but also served as an assistant in many other PR firms.

Following his work at Warner Bros and other firms in the US, Simon moved to Russia and took up a job as the Public Relations Manager at the very first McDonald restaurant in the country. He continued gaining even more experience on the job he was doing at McDonald’s before finally returning to the US after two years.

Back in the US, Simon Halls began to work with BWR Public relations, a respected PR company. While with BWR, he successfully managed some campaigns for movie stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jude Law and some others. After a while, Simon decided to form his own company and so, in 1995, he teamed up with some partners and formed a PR agency which they called Huvane Baum Halls. Under their leadership, Huvane Baum Halls rose to become a very popular establishment that catered for the PR needs of popular movie stars like Jennifer Aniston, Russell Crowe, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In 2001, Simon and his partners sold the Huvane Baum Halls PR outfit to PMK, another PR powerhouse in the US, and formed a merger. He stayed on at the PMK/HBH merger until 2009 when he finally quit the company and founded another company called Slate PR with his partners. Today, Slate PR has grown to have over 450 clients around the country and abroad. These clients reportedly include top names like Ridley Scott, Ryan Murphy and many more.

He and Matt Bomer are worth over $10 million

Simon has apparently amassed quite a considerable amount of wealth for himself over the years through his exploits in the field of PR. Having established himself as a PR giant in America and has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Simon hit the jackpot in the 90s and the early 2000s. He has consolidated on his success and continues to make more money today.

Though he is not as rich as his husband, Matt however, the PR consultant is said to be worth $2.5 million at the moment. Matt’s net worth is put at $9 million.

His family members include three kids and Matt Bomer

Simon Halls
Simon Halls and Matt Bomer

Simon Halls is a married man. An openly gay man, Simon is married to Matt Bomer, a popular American actor who has made a name for himself in the industry. The pair got married in 2011 although at the time no one knew they were married. In fact, they kept their marriage very secret until about 3 years later in 2014 when they finally opened up, telling fans they were a married couple. The information took many people by surprise as no one saw it coming.

Sources say Simon met with Matt when the actor approached him as a PR client. They started dating and got married in 2011. It was a year later that Matt opened up about being gay but did not make mention of his marriage to Simon. Because they were notoriously silent on their relationship, it came as a shock when finally announced the nuptial union in 2014.

The couple now has three cute cons namely; Walker, Kit, and Henry.

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How Tall is Simon Halls?

Simon is quite a tall man who towers domineeringly over his peers. Confident and sure of himself, he stands at the mesmerizing height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Matt, on the other hand, stands at 6′ 0″ in height.

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