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It is remarkable how a simple idea brainstormed in a random room unknown to millions of people can transform a person into a public personality known by several millions of people. This is the story of Sean Evans, the celebrity interviewer who is known for his web show, Hot Ones. Since the creation of the show in 2014, the web series has become one of the most popular web series in YouTube entertainment, with over 880 million views and over 149 episodes released.

As a result of the popularity of the show, where Sean Evans interviews celebrities while eating a platter of chicken wings with the hottest peppers in the world, Sean has become a public personality himself and you can read all about his journey from freelance reporting to becoming the star of a hit web show.

Sean Evans – Biography, Age

Sean Evans was born on the 26th of April, 1986 in Evanston, Illinois. His parents’ identities are unknown and he is known to have been raised along with a brother named Gavin but so far, that is the extent of childhood information available about the web show host. For a long time, Sean Evans went through the cycle of development of the average American child, studying academically all the way to college level at the University of Illinois. After graduation, he went through a couple of lowly jobs, including working as a copywriter for the Chicago Tourism Board before he found his path to fame.

While he worked for the Chicago Tourism Board, Sean Evans freelanced for Complex Magazine, doing interviews on behalf of the magazine and uploading it on to their YouTube channel. His performance as a freelancer, particularly when it involved interviewing celebrities like Stephen Curry and 2 Chainz encouraged the magazine to give him a permanent role in the company.

Joining Complex Magazine meant a relocation to New York City for the Chicago-born web star and it was the beginning of his fame. His permanent role at Complex led to the creation of Hot Ones by Christopher Schonberger. The show began running in March 2015 and has continued to run till date with Sean Evans at the helm of the show as celebrities from all sectors, ranging from sports to music to film, come and try out their ability to eat some of the hottest chicken wings in the world.

Hot Ones as hosted by Sean Evans has played host to celebrities like Kevin Hart, Charlize Theron, Shaquille O’Neal, and several others. The show has at least one award to its name – a Streamy Award for best Non-Fiction Series.

Wife or Girlfriend

It would be surprising if Sean Evans is a single man considering the extent of fame he has achieved and the number of female fans he has, but he is not.

The Hot Ones’ host has a girlfriend, Natasha Martinez who is an actress like several of the guests on Sean Evans’ show. The length of time he has been with her is not known, but social media evidence suggests everything is going well between the couple. If Natasha Martinez continues her upward trajectory as an actress, perhaps one day she will be interviewed by her boyfriend.

Net Worth

Sean Evans
Sean Evans with celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay on the set of Hot Ones

The channel, FirstWeFeast, which hosts the Hot Ones web series has over 6 million subscribers and over 880 million views, which places it as one of the most lucrative channels in terms of ad revenue estimated to be earning as much as $113.5 thousand monthly with an annual income of $1.4 million.

Although he is not the outright owner of the channel, he is the face of the series and one of its long-running producers and as such, Sean Evans earns a significant fraction in the channel’s revenue. This along with other sources of income has been able to build him a net worth estimated at $750,000.

Not bad for the guy who started out as a lowly copywriter.

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Sean Evans’ Height

Although he is not particularly known for his exceptional good looks, Sean Evans is a good-looking man who has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a fitting body weight of 72 kg.

Recognizable for his light brown beard and bald head, Sean Evans maintains a fit body that puts him at a body profile of 38, 30 and 35 inches for his chest, waist and hips measurement respectively. Additionally, he also has green colored eyes.

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