Scott Norby – Bio, Family & Facts About Heather Nauert’s Husband

One of the easiest ways of becoming a public figure is to get associated with another public figure especially when it is a romantic association. Girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses of popular artists, government officials, athletes, and others, have often ended up becoming popular themselves mainly because the more their partner gets talked about, the more they also get talked about. Scott Norby is a man who falls under this category of people who became famous for being associated with a famous spouse.

Scott Norby is an American investment banker who laid a grip on fame by becoming the husband of Heather Nauert. The latter is a popular American broadcast journalist and government official who served as Spokesperson for the United States Department of State. She is now the Acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs of the United States. Over the years, Heather Nauert’s involvement with the media and government has made her very popular and, as expected, fans have become curious about who her husband is and what he does for a living. This is where we come in as we feed you with all there is to know about Scott Norby, Heather Nauert’s spouse.

Scott Norby Bio

Scott Norby’s real date of birth has controversially remained a mystery since he shot into limelight as Heather Nauert’s husband. Some reports have claimed that he was born in the year 1966 but this claim has not been confirmed yet. This is understandable because since he shot into public space, Scott has not publicly talked much about himself or his background. Hopefully, with time, his birthday will be revealed.

What is clear is that he was born in Minnesota and he also grew up there. Information about where he had his elementary education has remained elusive. However, we know that he attended the Minnetonka Senior High School. When he finished from there, he proceeded to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison from where he graduated with a bachelors degree in economics. Following his graduation, he proceeded to bag an MBA degree with honors from the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business.

Who Are His Family Members?

The dearth of information about Scott Norby’s life extends to his family. The identity of his parents’ have not been revealed and it is not certain if he has any siblings. He has, however, once been pictured with his cousins on a ski trip with his wife.

Scott Norby is not active on Instagram and this makes it even more difficult to get to know about his past and the people in his life. He only makes a few cameo appearances on his wife’s Instagram page along with his kids. What is best known about Scott Norby is his relationship with his wife, Heather Nauert and his work history.

Facts About Heather Nauert’s Husband

1. Married Life

Scott Norby is in a happy relationship with Heather Nauert. The exact date that the couple met, fell in love and started dating is unclear, however, some reports have revealed that Scott and Heather dated for quite a while before they got engaged. The couple finally tied the knot in 2000 and have remained together ever since. The husband and wife are very fond of each other and Heather speaks glowingly of her man.

Scott Norby
Scott Norby and his wife, Heather Nauert.

2. Children

Scott Norby and his wife, Heather Nauert have two sons together. Their first son identified as Peter Raymond was born in 2009 while their second son, Gage William, was born in 2010. The couple is very fond of their kids and is apparently doing their best to give them the best lives.

Scott and Heather often take the kids on vacations and also go out on outings frequently. Photos of these vacations and outings are posted on Heather’s page. Scott is sometimes seen in the images, but Heather makes sure not to reveal their entire faces. It is safe to say that the family is a happy one doing its best to stay together as one loving unit.

3. Scott Norby’s Career

Scott Norby has had an extensive career as an investment banker. The businessman launched his career in investment banking after his graduation from the university. Over the years, he has succeeded in making some very brilliant strides in the industry while working for different top-ranked companies.

According to sources, he has worked with UBS, a Swiss multinational investment bank. He also worked for some time with North Sea Partners LLC, a capital market company, and Goldman Sachs, an American multinational investment bank. Scott Norby has also worked with Cargill, an American privately held global corporation as well as the National Veterinary Associates.

At the moment, Scott works for Morgan Stanley, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company as the executive director of private credit and equity.

4. Family Residence

Scott Norby and his family live in Glen Cove a two-story building in Glen Cove, a city in Nassau County, New York. The couple used to live in Manhattan but decided to move to Glen Cove after having their kids so as to have some more space. The couple also owns as many as three German shepherd dogs. Heather is known to be fond of posting photos of the dogs online quite often.

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