Get To Know Ryan Upchurch’s Biography, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

Ryan Upchurch is an American music artist best known for his comic styles and rap skills. He is one of the many young talents today who have been able to use social media to gain a voice as an artist. Often describing himself as “crazier than a soup sandwich,” and “funnier than a chili dog fart in a spacesuit,” Ryan is quite famous for his creative performance on his YouTube channel, Upchurch the Redneck. The Tennessee native has released a number of bodies of work, including Cheatham County and Heart of America which have featured on the Billboard US Country Music Chart.

Ryan got into music through his most unfavorable moments. He was jilted by his lover and to ease himself from the pains, he found solace in music. Read on to find more details about the young singer’s personal life as well as his musical career.

Ryan Upchurch’s Life Before Music

Born on May 24, 1991, in Cheatham County, Tennessee, Ryan Edward Upchurch was raised in a middle-class family with his brother Austen. Unfortunately, not much else is known to the public about the artist’s family, his formative years, as well as his educational qualifications.

Ryan was said to have had a huge interest in automobiles, as can be seen through the various types of cars he displays on his social media accounts. As time went by, however, he created a YouTube channel called Upchurch the Redneck with his friend Shade Glover. Here, the duo were able to entertain viewers with different comedic videos they created.


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2014 was the year Ryan Upchurch decided to pursue a career in music. Like many other upcoming stars, he first gained popularity on the various social media platforms he began uploading his music to alongside his homemade videos. In 2015, he expanded his content to also include a series of recordings like rap, rock, and comedy.

Later in the same year, Ryan released his first extended play titled Cheatham County. The following year, he released his first full-length album, Heart of America, which surprisingly made the Billboard Top 30 Country Albums chart, receiving a huge number of views and selling over a thousand copies in the first week of its release.

In 2016, Ryan Upchurch released his second music album titled Chicken Willie. Like his first full-length album, it made Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart as well as the Rap Albums chart, selling over two thousand copies in its first week.

Other bodies of work he has since released include Summer Love, King of Dixie, Raise Hell & Eat Cornbread (RHEC), Supernatural, and Son of the South.

What We Know About His Love Life and The Ex-Girlfriend That Broke His Heart

Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch with ex-fiance Brianna Vanvleet

Ryan Upchurch previously had a lady in his life named Brianna Vanvleet. Although it is not known when and how the two first met, she was his longtime girlfriend who he made plans with to start a family of their own.

Sometime in 2015, the couple’s relationship began to receive lots of publicity. Around this time, Ryan often took to his Twitter page to express how much he loved his girlfriend and how he dreams of raising his kids with her as his wife. Things, however, did not pan out as he had hoped as in 2016, it was reported that the couple had broken up.

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Ryan is yet to come public on what actually caused the break up between him and the love of his life. He has further chosen to not speak about any other relationship he has been a part of. On his relationship status, the country singer/YouTuber says he is single and in love with music.

Ryan Upchurch’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

YouTube is one of the fastest and easiest means of generating popularity and wealth and Ryan Upchurch used it to his advantage, merging his comic skills and music career. Through his YouTube channel, which has millions of subscribers, the comedian, rapper, and singer is believed to be earning above $1 million each year. Add this to his other endeavors and you can see why his actual net worth which was said to be under review some years back has been released to reveal a handsome $4 million.

Most of the singer’s earnings emanated from the sales of his numerous albums recorded under various genres like Country rap, rapcore, country, hip hop, rock, and Southern rock. His first studio album Heart of America made the US Heatseekers chart at number 5. His next album, Chicken Willie, did even better hitting the US Heatseekers chart, US Indie charts, and the US Rap chart at #1, #11, and #11 respectively.

Ryan Upchurch’s 2019 album, Bad Mutha Fucka, also made the US Heatseekers chart at #2, and so did his Son of the South album, which came to light the next year. King of Dixie peaked at #10 on the United States Country chart and #3 on the United States Indie chart.

Ryan Upchurch’s success story does not end there as the country music crooner also recorded remarkable success with his 2018 album Creeker which made both the US Indie chart and the US Country chart at #3 and #5 respectively. His most recent albums The Oven, Supernatural, River Rat, Creeker II, and Parachute are further all doing beautifully well.

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Other Interesting Facts about the Musician

1. Upchurch has been able to fuse country and rap music. On the 12th of February, 2018, he released his first rock album titled Creeker which had a few raps in it. Later in the year, he released a full rap album titled Supernatural, which also had some element of country music in it.

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2. Many females have been quick to tell the musician how handsome he is in the comment section of his Instagram page. It is no doubt that his height of about 6 feet and his nice athletic body which clearly shows he often hits the gym have largely contributed to this. Other notable features on him are his tattoos. The music artist loves body art and has quite a number of them on his body, including his hands and arms.

3. Ryan Upchurch grew up in Pegram, Tennessee but has since made his home in Ashland City, Tennessee which is also located within Cheatham County.

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