Who is Robyn Hilton From Blazing Saddles and Where Is She Now?

Arguably, one of the secrets of success of Playboy Magazine is that it uses the photo of scantily dressed women as its cover. Since the magazine is targeted at a male audience, the cover photo first pulls their masculine attention and get them to have anything to do with the content. But, what could have made Robyn Hilton cover the Playboy Magazine fully clothed on two occasions in 1974? Was she so beautiful that she needed not to expose her body to attract attention?

There can hardly be any doubt that the model and actress Robyn Hilton is one of the most beautiful women that ever graced our beloved planet. In this post, you are going to find all you need to know about this quintessence of beauty. You have the opportunity to learn what opportunities her beauty led her to exploit. It is said that ‘beauty is a bait’ to both the owner of it and to others. So, you will also be acquainted with any possible pain that Robyn’s beauty may have caused her and others.

Beyond just dwelling on only her beauty and its appendages as if she had nothing else to offer our world, we are going to explore other areas of her life including her biography, family life, and body measurements. Then, we shall consider other facts about her as time and space would allow.

What is more? As an actress and model, Robyn Hilton was last seen on any screen project as far back as 1985 and on a magazine page around 1990. A major part of our aim in this post would be to try answering one question many people have been asking which is, where is Robyn Hilton now?

Who Exactly is Robyn Hilton?

Robyn Hilton was a well-known model and actress in the adult entertainment genre in the 1970s and ’80s. She is most famous for acting as Mel Brook’s sexy secretary in Blazing Saddles. Born Robyn Jo Molyneux on July 34, 1944, her birthplace is Twin Falls, Idaho,  United States. She is the daughter of James Elias Molyneux who was a U.S. soldier during World War II and his wife, Erma Jeanne Up.

We do not know where Robyn went for her elementary school, but her high school was at Jerome High School in Idaho. After graduating from Jerome High School, Robyn went to Boise Junior College (now, Boise State University) in Boise Idaho before proceeding to Utah State University.

Although we do not know exactly what Robyn studied at Boise or Utah State University, it must have been something related to weather forecasting because she is reported to have worked as a weather forecaster for a local TV in Idaho shortly after graduation.

robyn hilton blazing saddles
Robyn Hilton with Mel Brooks on the set of Blazing Saddles: Image source.

Details Of Her Family

Robyn Hilton was born into the Molyneux family that lived on a farm near Twin Falls Idaho. The family was Mormon and descended from Cherokee Indian and Scandinavian roots. There is this story of how Robyn wanted to become an actress from when she was under five but her family tried to discourage her in keeping to their Mormon background. Apart from Robyn’s dad named James (a World War II veteran), and her mother named Erma Jeanne Up, we have no information about any other member of her family.

Coming to her own generated family, records have it that Robyn has been married twice in her lifetime and the two marriages produced three children. Her first marriage was with William Hilton on September 24, 1961. After the wedding, she changed her last name to Hilton which Robyn is still called. Unfortunately, that marriage ended in divorce in 1968.

After her divorce with William Hilton, Robyn spent over twenty years without marriage. But she dated two men that we know about; they are Peter Knecht and Mitch Orenstein, the CEO of an adult media publication outfit called M.O.R.E. Publication. This M.O.R.E. Publication helped to expose Robyn’s beauty and make her famous by publishing her photos.

In 1990, Robyn tied the knot once more with Alan Mihoces. This her second marriage lasted for about 19 years until 2009 when the couple filed for divorce and actually divorced in 2011 according to sources.

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Where Is Robyn Hilton Now?

Let’s remember that Robyn was born in 1944. That was well over 70 years ago. She got married at 17 in 1961 and divorced at 24 in 1968. Then, by means of her strong sexual presence, she ruled much of the American adult entertainment world for much of the 1970s and part of the 1980s.

Her last credited screen role was as Maid Marian in the action/adventure film Malibu Express released in March 1985. But she kept appearing on some M.O.R.E. publications until 1990. After that, Robyn went totally off the radar.

The next that would be heard of her was when she and her husband of 19 years Alan Mihoces, filed for divorce in 2009. With the divorce finally taking place in 2011 (when she was 67), no one has ever heard of Robyn Hilton again. She has maintained no social media presence and doesn’t show up in any social event. So there’s no way to trace her whereabouts.

However, we have not traced any record of her death or funeral. So, we strongly assume that she is alive. Some wiki sources suggest that she lives in Sonoma County in California, but you know, Robyn must be heading towards becoming an octogenarian by now. So, it is not surprising she has gone incommunicado because age must have taken a toll on her.

Her Body Measurements and Other Facts

Robyn Hilton’s listed body measurement (bust-waist-hips) are 37-25-37 inches. That is widely considered the perfect figure for a lady.  So, it’s no wonder she was the toast of many men while she was young.

While she held sway, she had a slim physique wearing a dress of size 8 (U.S.). Her listed weight is 60 kg. As for her eye color, it is light brown while her hair color is blonde.

Robyn is of the white Caucasian race and of the American nationality. Her birth sign is Cancer.

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