Rob McElhenney’s Height And Facts About His Age And Weight

Rob McElhenney is perhaps best known as the creator of the sitcom, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. A Philadelphia native himself, Rob has been developing the comedy program with Glenn Howerton. Along with Howerton and Charlie Day, Rob is also the executive producer and the main screenwriter for the show. Also, he is the one who stars as ‘Ronald McDonald’ (popularly known as ‘Mac’) thereof. Viewers of the show are familiar with Mac’s insanely ripped figure and athletic build. Thus, they all want to know what’s Rob McElhenney’s height in real life. If you are one of those, here’s the fact of the matter, in addition to other personal details about the man.

Rob McElhenney’s Height and Facts About His Weight

According to a number of authoritative sources, Rob McElhenney stands at a height of 1.77 meters (approximately 5.8 feet). By comparison, this figure is about 3.1 feet less than the height of Robert Pershing Wadlow (the Giant of Illinois) who is widely considered the tallest person in recorded history and who stood at a height of 2.72 meters (about 8.9 feet).

However, it is not Rob’s height that stands him out when you talk about the entertainer vis-a-vis his looks. Instead, it is the awesome way his height blends with his other physical attributes that seems to get to his admirers. For instance, his weight is currently listed as 73 kg (162 lb).

For you the reader, perhaps, the most beautiful part of this tale is that Rob McElhenney has not always had all of his awesome bodily attributes. That means if you are coveting his six-pack and bodily glory generally, you have every opportunity of getting them too. So, how did Rob McElhenney get here in the first place?

McElhenney workout and weight loss
McElhenney when he gained and when he lost weight: Image source

First off, his weight gain, work-out, and weight loss stories are very much in the public domain. Between seasons 6 and 7 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the comedian gained 50 lb (approximately 22 kg). That got his weight increasing from 162 to 212 lb. A general view expressed by industry analysts about Rob McElhenney’s weight gain is that he did it on purpose in order to portray a fatter version of his character for the season. According to him, he did that by a simple change of lifestyle at the time, especially as regards his eating habits and lack of exercise.

What may have more of your interest, however, is how the comedian pulled off his weight loss almost as soon as the 7th season of his signature show was over. By his own testimony, all he did was to apply the reverse gear: he reduced the calories, exercised more (lifting weights and running 3 miles six days a week). He also stopped consuming alcohol, stopped eating anything whatsoever once it was 7 pm, and refrained totally from the intake of carbs or sugar. He also began to have 9 straight hours of sleep every night.

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McElhenney’s Age and Other Background Details

The comedian was born as Robert Dale McElhenney on April 14, 1977, a son to an Irish Catholic couple. Apart from being Irish, Rob also has German, Scottish, and English roots. As already hinted, his birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If astrology holds true, Rob McElhenney ought to be an exceptionally generous and optimistic person, as well as a fun lover. This is because his sun sign is Aries.

Rob McElhenney shares birthday with the actress, producer, and businesswoman Sarah Michelle Prinze (nee Gellar). Almost coincidentally, Sarah herself was born that same day (April 14, 1977) in nearby New York State (precisely, Long Island). Interestingly, a comparison between the two entertainers shows that they are similar in a number of ways. First, both of them were the first issues of their parents although Sarah ended up being the only child while Rob eventually had two younger siblings. Also, both of them were raised by single parents after their parents divorced – Rob was raised by his father while Sarah was raised by her mother. Then, when it comes to their careers, while Rob McElhenney is known for creating the sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Sarah is known for originating and portraying the character ‘Kendall Hart’ in the ABC daytime drama, All My Children.

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