Reggie Youngblood – Bio & Facts About Tami Roman’s Boyfriend

Reggie Youngblood is an American entrepreneur who used to be a serious NFL prospect and played American football actively for some time. He is now more known around the United States for being the boyfriend of Tami Roman, a popular American television personality who is also an actress as well as a model and businesswoman. She is famous for her appearances in several TV series and movies, winning millions of fans who follow her every move on social media. Her popularity has rubbed off on Reggie who is now also a talked about personality in America.

Even though Reggie Youngblood is known for being Tami Roman’s boyfriend, it is noteworthy that he is also a business-minded persona who has done his bit to make his own money and become successful in his own right as an entrepreneur.

Early Life

Reggie Youngblood was born on the 20th of May, 1987 in Houston, a large city in Texas, where he also grew up with his family. Even though everyone now calls him Reggie Youngblood, his birth name is Reginald Youngblood.

Details about his parents remain vague as their identities have not been revealed. However, it is known that he is very fond of his father and has posted several photos of the older man on his Instagram page, explaining that his father is his hero. He is also very fond of his mother and has shared photos of her online, expressing his deep love for her. It is not quite certain if he has any siblings with whom he grew up.

Reggie loved football while growing up and actively played the sport in school. Details about where he had his elementary and high school education remain quite vague however, we know that he attended the University of Miami.

He Played Football In University

Reggie Youngblood loves football and has adored the sport since he was quite little. He also started to play the game at a tender age. His passion for football never left him even when he got admission to the University of Miami. While at the university, Reggie played football for four years and dazzled people with his skills.

Reggie was so good at the game that he was actually considered a great NFL prospect due to his amazing skills on the football field. He played several games for the school team and started in many of those games.

However, his dream of becoming one of the great American football players was never actualized because he started battling with serious injury problems towards the end of his education and he soon bowed out to do something else.

He Owns A Trucking Company

After he stopped playing football, Reggie Youngblood decided to go into the trucking business and eventually found some success in that field. In fact, he now owns his own trucking company and, according to reports, is very occupied with the business.

His Relationship With Tami Roman

Reggie Youngblood
Reggie Youngblood and Tami Roman

The story of Reggie Youngblood can never be completely told without the mention of Tami Roman in it. This is mainly because his romance with her is what launched him to fame and got his name on people’s lips

Reggie and Tami met in 2013 and fell in love with each other. They started dating and their romance caused quite a stir among fans. This was because Tami, who was born on the 17th of April 1970, is 17 years older than Reggie. Fans wondered how they could fall in love being so wide apart in age. But, apparently, age is just a number for the couple and it has not stopped them from loving each other.

It appears that the love between Reggie and Tami keeps increasing with time and they have often professed their deep affection for each other on their social media platforms. Tami calls Reggie her life, her lover and protector and Reggie calls her his everything.

He Appeared On A TV Show With Tami

In 2015, Reggie Youngblood and Tami Roman appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, a reality TV show meant to help couples fix their problematic relationships. At the time, Reggie and Tami were apparently having some issues with their romance because of the age difference. In fact, on the show, Tami admitted that she didn’t want to be called a cougar because of her age and Reggie explained that he just wanted the show to help them find their place together.

Fans of the show were fascinated by Reggie and Tami’s love story and followed their journey of self-discovery very keenly as the show progressed. Their appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars helped them become more confident in being together and experiencing more bliss as a couple.

Are They Married?

In 2019, rumors emerged that Reggie and Tami are married but no one could find evidence to verify this claim. The rumors made some waves around social media but neither Reggie nor Tami confirmed nor denied the information.

However, upon further digging by media sources, it was finally confirmed that the couple had tied the knot as husband and wife as far back as 2018 but decided to keep it secret.

According to reports, Reggie and Tami got married in Las Vegas. They are reported to have obtained a marriage license on August 17, 2018, and a marriage certificate was also issued the same day.

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Reggie Youngblood is quite a tall man. The businessman stands at 6 feet 5 inches in height. This height apparently helped him during his days playing football.

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