Polina Sitnova – Everything About The Russian Instagram Model 

Polina Sitnova’s outrageous beauty and style are perhaps the qualities that distinguish her from other Instagram models. Despite her introverted and shy nature, she has managed to effortlessly pull off stunning photoshoots and garner lots of attention, as well as huge following on social media. Not much is known about Sitnova’s father but the beautiful model’s sole inspiration and strength over the years has been her mother.

The woman who had the model when she was 20, despite pressure from family and friends to get an abortion, single-handedly raised Polina. The Instagram star admires the older woman’s great sense of adventure which eventually helped them get to America where they are now living out their dreams. The following are the facts that are worth knowing about the gorgeous, fit and spectacular model.

Did She Grow Up In Russia?

While the Instagram model’s cultural heritage may have been of advantage in her career, Polina Sitnova doesn’t exactly have ideal memories of her Russian roots. The model who was born on 31, 1994, only lived in her home country during her toddler years and didn’t enjoy the experience. Though she loved the snow, Russia’s very cold weather was limiting for Polina to have as much fun as she would have desired as a child. Her family eventually moved to Norway at age six, and then to Houston, Texas, a year later. Sitnova currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, the city which has been her home since middle school.

Her Modeling Career Was An Afterthought

Polina Sitnova has always had a liking for the arts right from her high school days. But given that her acting and singing skills were below par, the Russian star decided to venture into modeling. Sitnova later tried her hands on a blue-collar job but soon ditched it to fully pursue modeling. She took advantage of the social media space to network and market herself to the world and hasn’t looked back since then.

Vicious Models Vacations
Polina Sitnova at Vicious Models Vacations: Image Source

In addition to the exposure she got online, Sitnova has worked with some bigshots in the industry. Notably, in March 2016, the glamour model made it to the cover of Focus Factory Magazine. Though grateful for all the connections her career has brought so far, the Instagram model continues to work hard to get the attention of other top publications such as Maxim and FHM. Sitnova also has plans to expand her portfolio and creativity by exploring the fashion industry.

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Her Childhood Helped Shape Her Career

Despite the initial family and geographical setbacks, Sitnova values the experiences of her early life. According to the Russian model, her childhood experience did not only teach her important life lessons but also prepared her for the demands that come with her career. Sitnova is considered fearless and unphased by the constant travels across the country for modeling jobs. However, the model admits that she is sometimes scared and uncomfortable with alone time and movements.

What Are Her Hobbies?

Polina Sitnova doesn’t deny the fact that she is shy and introverted. Perhaps, it is her personality that helps fuel the model’s creativity and artistic desire. When she is not modeling, Sitnova relaxes by exploring her other creative sides through painting and playing the guitar.

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Polina Sitnova’s Height

The dazzling Russian model has a sensational figure which has undeniably been of advantage to her as a model. Sitnova is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 54 kg. Her accentuated curves are explained by the body measurements – 34 inches (bust), 24 inches (waist), and 34 inches (hips).

How Popular Is She On Social Media?

Polina Sitnova doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her banging body to fans. She boasts of a massive fanbase on her Instagram account and is known for entertaining her over 450K followers with bold photos of herself in swimwear and other steamy outfits.

The photo-sharing platform has been very instrumental in projecting the Russian model to the spotlight ever since she shared her first picture in October 2014. Though better known as an Instagram star, Sitnova has also amassed an impressive following on other popular social networking sites. Disregarding Instagram, her fans also keep up with her on Twitter.


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