Paula Dietz – Kids, Family & Facts About Dennis Rader’s Ex-Wife

What if you wake up one morning to find out that the person to whom you have been with for more than three decades is actually a dreaded serial killer? What would you do? How would you feel? Wouldn’t you wish that it was all a dream from which you will wake up and everything will be alright again? We bet you will. Sadly though, this scenario described above wasn’t a dream for Paula Dietz, it was a reality; a reality that brought her entire world crumbling down.

Paula Dietz is an American woman who shot into the limelight after it was found out that her loving, devoted husband, Dennis Rader was actually the serial killer who had terrorized his neighborhood for more than 10 years with the name BTK or BTK Strangler. BTK was an acronym for “Bind, Torture, Kill”. It was the method he used to murder his many victims. Dennis killed as many as 10 people around the Wichita area in Kansas between 1974 and 1991.

The revelation of her husband’s evil ways caught Paula Dietz unguarded and threatened to destroy her family and their future, but she stood strong to weather the storm. Find out below how she came to marry such a man anyway.

Early Life and Career

Paula Dietz was born on the 5th day of the month of May in 1948 in Park City, a city in Sedgwick County, Kansas. Very little is known about her early days and how she spent them as a child growing up in Park City.

Paula Dietz is a very quiet person who accidentally became a public figure because of her husband’s involvement in criminal activities. Being a quiet person, she has rarely spoken out about herself or about her childhood memories. It is not surprising that very little is known about that aspect of her life.

As expected, it is not certain if she had some kind of formal education while growing up. It is believed, however, that she did. But the names of the institutions of learning where she had her education have remained elusive.

Paula Dietz’s Family

The dearth of information on the life of Paula Dietz extends to her family. The identities of her parents and her siblings have remained in the dark. All that is publicly known about her family is that they stood by her when she was going through the hard times brought on by the revelation that her husband of many years was a ‘monster’. However, the identities of the ‘they’ who stood by her, has not been made known to the general public.

Who Are Paula Dietz Kids?

Paula Dietz and Dennis Rader got married on May 22, 1971, when Paula was 23 years old and Dennis was 26 years old. Following their marriage, the couple had two children together; a boy and a girl. Their daughter is called Kerri Rawson and their son is Brian Rader. Both kids lived great lives as children. Their father was very loving towards them and none of them knew of his brutal, killing habits.

Kerri Rawson and Brian Rader initially found it very hard to cope with all the attention that came their way after their father was found out to be a serial killer. They, however, managed to scale through those early days of horror and are now trying to live their best lives. Kerri has even written a book titled “A Serial Killer’s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love, and Overcoming” in which she talked about her journey of healing after finding out her father’s true identity.

Paula Dietz
Dennis Rader and all the 10 people he brutally murdered.

Other Details About Dennis Rader’s Ex-Wife

1. She was a Bookkeeper

Paula Dietz worked as a bookkeeper in Park City, Kansas. She was a quiet woman who loved her family and just wanted to make a quiet living. However, when the revelation that her husband was a killer was made known and he was eventually arrested, Paula immediately left Kansas and moved to another state. The revelation dealt her a big blow and she needed some time to hide away from the media with her children.

In fact, neither Paula Dietz nor her children attended any of Dennis Rader’s court hearing and they did not visit home in jail either. However, the woman is reported to have later returned to Kansas to continue working as a bookkeeper after some time when the heat had died down.

2. She and Dennis Rader Professed Deep Christian Values

The irony of Dennis Rader’s life is that he was a strong Christian who loved the church and was an active worker in it. According to reliable sources, Dennis was the congregation president of his local church in Kansas and he professed very strong Christian values. He was respected in his community and not many thought he was capable of the crimes he was charged with.

Paula Dietz was also deeply involved with church activities. She sang in the choir and was said to be one of the very reliable singers the church had. However, when Dennis was arrested, she stopped going to the church and even left town to stay away from all the horrors that were unfolding before her.

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3. She was Granted an Emergency Divorce

Dennis Rader was apprehended by the police on February 25, 2005 and was whisked away to face the wrath of the law. Apparently, the shock of the incident had Paula Dietz file for a divorce after some months. While citing emotional stress, she requested for an emergency divorce in court and her request was granted.

Eric Yost, the Sedgwick County District Judge signed the divorce papers the same day they were filed and waived the 60-day waiting period required for most divorces. Paula Dietz and Dennis Rader were married for 34 years. Sadly, it all ended that day.

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