Who Is Patrice Failor ‘James Comey’s Wife’ and How Tall Is She?

James Comey has become one of the trending names in the American political system. The former FBI director garnered international recognition in 2017 following his abrupt dismissal as the 7th director of the FBI by the POTUS Donald Trump. Interestingly, Comey was appointed by the former President of the United States Barack Obama in September 2013. His dismissal by Trump has been linked to his conduct during the Russian Investigation going on at the time. While Comey has continued to be in the limelight, there has been little or no information with regards to his wife Patrice Failor. Despite her husband’s position and fame, Patrice has her own life and career. Learn more about her below.

Who is Patrice Failor – James Comey’s Wife?

Patrice Failor is an American counsellor who serves as a special advocate in Juvenile court in the United States. She is famously known as the wife of the former FBI boss James Comey. Patrice is an American, born and raised in Northern Virginia. Her exact age and birth date are not known but she celebrates her birthday on the 10th of November every year. Patrice is well-educated, she completed her higher education at the College of William and Mary situated in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1982. In addition to her bachelor’s degree, Patrice equally has a master’s degree in counselling.

During her college days, Patrice worked at the student affairs department of her school and after her graduation; she began her career as a counsellor. Patrice has worked with various firms before she landed her latest job as a special advocate in the Juvenile court. The talented counsellor has been so diligent in her work, even her unparallel work ethics is something to be grasped. In addition to her work as a special advocate, Patrice Failor is also among the volunteers for the Bridgeport Superior Court. She became more popular in 2017 following the media razzmatazz over her husband’s dismissal from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by President Trump.

Details Of Her Husband and Family

patrice failor
Failor with her husband Comey

As we already know that Patrice is the wife of the former FBI director, James Comey. The pair has been married for over three decades. Meanwhile, her husband Comey has held several political offices since the inception of his law career. He served as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York as well as the 31st US Deputy Attorney General during George W. Bush’s administration. Before that, Comey served as an assistant US attorney from 1996 to 2001 during President Clinton’s administration.

Born and raised in Yonker City of New York in the United States; Comey obtained his bachelor’s degree with a chemistry major from the College of William and Mary in 1982. James also acquired his Juris Doctor certificate from the University of Chicago’s School of Law in 1985. While he was at William and Mary’s College, he met his future wife Patrice Failor in 1978. The pair were introduced by a mutual friend during a cocktail party. Seeing the connection between them, James and Patrice eventually kicked off their relationship.

After about eight years of a successful relationship, the amazing couple walked down the aisle. Their wedding was held in 1987 and the ceremony was graced by their close pals and family members. Together they have six children, two boys named Collin and Brien as well as four girls named Abby, Maurene, Kate, and Claire. Sadly, they lost their second son Collin through bacterial infection just a few days after his birth. With Collin’s demise, the Comeys’ is now left with five children.

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Height and Other Details

  • Patrice Failor’s height is currently unavailable but that of her husband is 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m)
  • Failor has been a huge fan and supporter of Hillary Clinton.
  • Both Comey and Failor has served as foster parents in the past
  • The Comeys’ has a combined whopping net worth of $11 million
  • Her husband James Comey was dismissed as FBI director in may 2017 amid the Russian Investigations
  • Patrice is an active supporter of the LGBTQ community
  • She and her family currently reside in Virginia, United States
  • Patrice and husband have accumulated over $5 million in shares and investments.
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