6 Interesting Facts About American Actress Paige Hurd

Hollywood’s increasing commitment to diversity and the ever-growing number of shows and films has made it possible for people of color to showcase their talents and gain a footing in the industry. One of such brilliant minds is Paige Hurd. She was born Paige Audrey Marie Hurd on the 20th of July, 1992, to a mixed-race family of an African American father and Puerto Rican mother in Dallas, Texas. Her mother reportedly raised her and her siblings single-handedly.

Growing up, she fell in love with acting, and within the first 10 years of her life, specifically at the age of eight, she made her debut in an episode of Felicity in the year 2000, playing the character, Natasha. It has been a modestly successful career for Paige Hurd since she made her debut as she has subsequently appeared in various other films and TV shows to date, growing her filmography to an admirable extent, and in the process garnering more fans who are ever eager to know more about the actress beyond her acting gigs.

1. DMX Is Her Godfather

When it comes to her childhood, not much is known about Paige Hurd but we can categorically say that her godfather is the popular rapper, DMX. Since she began her career as an actress, she has appeared in a movie alongside her godfather playing his daughter. The movie is none other than the 2003 action film Cradle 2 the Grave where she played Vanessa. In the second part of the movie slated for release in 2021, it was reported that Paige would reprise her role. The first part of the movie also featured iconic martial artist and actor, Jet Li.

2. She Has Appeared In Some Music Videos

When it comes to music videos, vixens and models are commonplace stars but sometimes, real actors and actresses feature in the visual expression of the musician’s story. Paige has appeared in several of them, one of which is the Jasmine Villegas’s video for the song, I Own This. Others include Steph Jones’ Beautiful and Justin Bieber’s Never Let You Go, where she played his love interest, and Romeo Miller’s Mistletoe, along with a few more others to follow.

3. Paige Hurd Trained Professionally To Be An Actress

Paige Hurd
Paige Hurd with Everybody Hates Chris actor, Tyler James Williams

Child actors are not traditionally expected to go under any formal training before appearing onscreen and considering Paige Hurd began her career as a child, it would have been fair to think she didn’t. She, however, did. She began her career training under Linda Seto at the Dallas Young Actors Studio. With over 25 movies and TV shows under her belt, we would say she learned a lot.

Her work has cut across both film and TV with major appearances in shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Everybody Hates Chris (Playing Tasha Clarkson), A Girl Like Grace (as Andrea) and a few more others.

Some of her other significant works include playing a recurring role as Samantha Grover in Hawaii Five-O, as Gayle Franklin in Tyler Perry’s The Oval, The Cat in the Hat, Thriller, etc. In February 2020 she announced that she will be starring in her favorite show franchise PowerBook2 as Lauren.

4. Her Brother Battled Cancer

For a period in her family, cancer was a huge challenge. Her brother, Pierce, who also has Down Syndrom suffered from cancer but through the wonders of modern treatment, survived and is now free of the ailment. This has created a special love in Paige’s heart for special needs children and she has gone all out to show her love and support towards them.

When Paige turned sixteen in 2008, she used her birthday party for an awareness/fundraising campaign for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. That was really something so thoughtful of her to have done; it didn’t end there. Paige is constantly seeking opportunities to attend functions, events, and partner with organizations that work towards helping children suffering from cancer and special need kids at large.

5. She Has Been In A Few Relationships

Paige Hurd has been in a few relationships since she came onto the popularity scene and one of them was with her first known boyfriend, PJ Scott whom she began dating in 2007. They were together for two years before they broke up in 2009.

Other relationships were with Corde Broadus, Steph Jones, Percy Miller, Justin Combs, Lil Twist, and Cortez Bryant, all between 2010 and 2013.

Since 2013, she has been in a relationship with Maurice Harkless, a professional basketball player, who like her, also has an African American/Puerto Rican background. The two have remained together with no rumors of a breakup and we are hopeful that they remain that way for a very long time, and who knows, they may be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

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6. Paige Has A Sizeable Net Worth

Paige Hurd is yet to develop into a leading actress and even if she never achieves that, it would have very little impact on her ability to live a semi-luxurious life as long as she keeps getting her supporting and minor roles. So far, by playing those roles, she has amassed a personal net worth estimated to fall within the range of $1 million and $2 million already. While some believe her figures are a little less than a million, other quarters say it’s beyond that, whatever the case, Paige Hurd is not doing badly in the financial department.

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