Olu Evans – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About Misty Copeland’s Husband

Lawyers are not particularly known to be famous people, especially to the general public but sometimes, some of them break that barrier and become public personalities through their work. However, whilst Olu Evans, who is a known lawyer, is most definitely a public personality, it is not his profession that has made him so, but rather his relationship as the husband of the famed dancer, Misty Copeland.

His wife is one of the most famous ballerinas in the world and the high status has transformed him to a public personality, gaining media attention of his own, which has elevated his work as a corporate lawyer and an entrepreneur running a dancewear company.

In this article, we further explore his life, career, and relationship with Misty Copeland. Read on to learn more about the American lawyer.

Olu Evans’ Biography

But for a fateful eye lock with Misty Copeland in 2006, Olu Evans may have lived his entire life away from media attention and scrutiny, living and enjoying the benefits of a successful professional career without the responsibilities of being married to one of the biggest ballerinas on the planet.

Despite his marriage to Misty Copeland, when it comes to his background, very little is known about him. The few familial information available about him reveals that he was born to his parents, Jon and Linda Twitchell in 1979. Although his name suggests a Nigerian origin, there is no confirmation of his ancestral origins.

Following graduation from high school, Olu Evans attended Emory University where he earned his J.D after completing the university’s law school program. He officially became a licensed lawyer in 2007 after he was admitted into the New York Bar.

Since he joined the bar, there has been limited information about the timeline of Olu Evans’ professional journey but he is known to have worked at Quinn Emanuel and is at the moment simply referred to as a corporate lawyer, working for an unknown law firm.

Aside from his professional career as a lawyer, Olu Evans is also an entrepreneur, having established a dancewear business, Muse Dancewear.

The business, which is known to focus on the sale of products like foot gloves, ballet shoes, and tights, was established in 2010. At the time, Olu Evans, who manages the company despite his wife being the dancer in the family, ran the company out of the couple’s apartment.

Other than his career as a lawyer and the company, Olu Evans often only gains media attention by attending public events alongside his beautiful wife. He generally keeps a normal and private life otherwise.

Net Worth

Excellent corporate lawyers are known to be high earners and Olu Evans can be said to belong in that category. Along with his dancewear company, he is believed to making a significant sum in yearly income.

Unfortunately, the exact figures are unknown but he is estimated to be worth up north of $500,000.

Relationship With Misty Copeland

An introduction by his cousin, famed actor – Taye Diggs, in a nightclub in 2006 brought both Misty Copeland and Olu Evans together for the first time.

Soon afterwards, the couple began dating and have been together ever since, getting engaged in August 2015. Their wedding was held in a lavish and luxurious ceremony in Laguna Beach at Montage Hotel on the 31st of July, 2016.

Since they got married, the couple has lived together without any scandal and although they are yet to have children of their own, they very much plan on having a couple in the near future.

Olu Evans has been repeatedly described as a great husband by Misty Copeland, for his unwavering support of her dance career and his contributions to her growth as a person.

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Other Interesting Facts About Olu Evans

• Due to their incredibly busy schedule of both Olu Evans and Misty Copeland, the couple often have to schedule spending time together, months in advance.

• Although Misty Copeland has been in a couple of flings and casually dated a couple of guys, Olu Evans is her first boyfriend.

• On their wedding day, Misty Copeland wore an Inbal Dror gown with Christian Louboutin shoes.

•  Olu Evans is four years older than his ballerina wife.

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