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Celebrities are often among the highest victims of rumors. Why? Well, it is simply because they are celebs and people would love to hear a thing or two about them. The likes of Natalie Krill is no exception. The rumor about her relationship with a co-actress, Erika Linder, has increased people’s interest in her personal life, especially, her sexual orientation. While we give you the details of that, there are more facts we believe you would love to know about the actress.

Who is Natalie Krill?

Natalie Krill is a famous Canadian actress and dancer, best known for her role in the Canadian teen drama series, The Next Step and in the 2016 Canadian erotic romantic drama, Below Her Mouth. As of 2018, she was featured in a post-apocalyptic road movie titled SuperGrid. We’ve also seen her in TV movies like Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town where she acted as Myra Thorpe and Wynonna Earp where she took a recurring role as Eve / Willa Earp in four episodes of the first season.

Born on  4, 1983, Krill was raised in Saskatchewan but she belongs to Swedish, Estonian and Ukrainian descent. Information about her father and sibling(s) is not yet given but we are able to know about her mother whose name is Rose. Natalie Krill, of course, hold’s a Canadian nationality.

Talking about her educational background, the Canadian actress was a student of North Battleford Comprehensive High School which is in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. However, her love for the arts began quite early. Encouraged by her mother, Kril joined a dance class when she was six years of age and gracefully, she became skilled in ballet, Jazz and tap. At the age of 18, Kril moved to Toronto where she further pursued a career in the performing arts.

As per her acting career, it all started with her minor role in the 2005 Disney’s original movie, Twitches. The TV movie marked a stepping stone to her famous rise in the entertainment industry but films like The Next Step where she took a recurring role in seasons 2 and 3, and The Listener, where she appeared in 11 episodes of the film’s fifth season, brought her to the limelight. The films also paved the way for her to earn more roles in a good number of films and movies. Today, Natalie Krill has grown so well in the industry and has earned her place as among the star divas we currently have. To crown the success is her mouth-watering net worth estimated at $4 million.

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Is Natalie Krill Married or Dating Anyone?

Like most celebrity actors and actresses who are victims of criticisms based on their character role in films, Natalie Krill was put on the spot to address questions about her sexuality after her role in the 2016 Canadian romantic film, Below Her Mouth. The controversial film had Krill portraying the role of Jasmine, who is romantically linked with Erika Linder who acted as Dallas. Outside the acting scene, Natalie had to deal with growing news comparing her sexuality with Jasmine. To end the widely-spread rumour, Natalie had to openly clear the air on the matter via a media chat. She verified herself as being straight.

Natalie Krill married, boyfriend or husband?
Natalie Krill with boyfriend Daniel Kannimae on May 28, 2017 – image source

A few months after the rumor about her relationship with Erika passed, Natalie Krill was seen with a young man named Daniel Kannimae and there is a general belief that he is her boyfriend. The Canadian beauty posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend on her Instagram page and it appeared as if they went on a picnic at the Sunnyside Beach.

Even though Natalie Krill is yet to comment on the future of her relationship with Kannimae, her growing fans are hopeful that they end up together. Currently, the star actress is not married and she has not been married in the past. She has over 10.1k followers on Facebook, over 9.2k followers on Twitter and more than 61.2k followers on Instagram.

Her beautiful and fit body is 5 feet 7 inches tall but her weight and body measurements are not yet known. Her hair colour is light brown and the color of her eyes is Hazel brown.

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