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In this age of social and digital media, there are a lot of people who have leveraged the reach, popularity, and opportunities that are available on these platforms to build impressive careers and achieve fame. One of such sharp-minded people is Morgan Adams, an American YouTube personality, vlogger, and social media influencer. She is widely known for her vlogs which cover all kinds of topics, ranging from her daily activities to life hacks, travel and tour experiences in a funny and insightful way.

Morgan believes in using humour to pass her message across, so, she constantly jokes about everything in her life. She is also loved by viewers and fans for her challenges, comedic skits, and other entertaining content. She has also collaborated with other notable YouTube stars such as Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson – to bring diverse content to her vlogs and grow her reach. Although she has been criticized for being exploitative by using their influence to covertly get more visitors on her channel, Morgan has proved the doubters and slanderers wrong by continuously garnering millions of views on the vlogs where she appears alone. Some of the most viewed vlogs on her channel include Becoming My Brother’s Assistant, My Honest Thoughts On Tanacon, and DIY Slime Challenge. Her popularity has also spread to other digital platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Early Life and Career

Morgan was born on August 22, 1997, in Denver, Colorado. She is the youngest of the three children born to her parents Vicki and Bruce Adams. Her mother works as a photographer and regularly features in her daughter’s videos while her father is a professional baker. She has an older brother named Ryland Adams, who is also a famous YouTube star. Her other brother is Austin Adams, and he works at SAIC. After graduating from high school, she went on to pursue a college education at the University of Colorado. Unfortunately, she dropped out before she could earn her degree.

Speaking of Morgan Adams’ career as a YouTuber, her rise to fame was not smooth or without difficulty. In fact, she tried her hands at it several times before she finally succeeded. When she was 12 years old, Morgan started her first YouTube channel but she failed to get a decent number of views. As a result, her confidence took a nosedive and she quit the channel. She tried again in high school, this time with her best friend but the channel flopped as well. Morgan then moved to Hawaii where she decided to give vlogging another shot but her attempts proved unsuccessful and she abandoned the idea of ever becoming a YouTuber.

After unforeseen circumstances forced Morgan to remain in Colorado instead of going to Europe to study, she found a job at Aurora and started going to university there. She grew even more listless when she dropped out of school in 2017 as she was unable to figure out what to do next, but her brother and his boyfriend Shane Dawson convinced her to give vlogging another shot.

They helped give her channel a boost by giving her shoutouts on their own vlogs and featuring in her videos. Thanks to their popularity, viewers began to flock to her channel. In January 2018, Morgan Adams shared a video titled The Ghost In My House, detailing her experiences with a supernatural creature named Angie who lived in her house. The video garnered nearly three million views in a short time and marked the turning point in Morgan’s career.

Her subscriber and viewer counts continued to grow by the day, and she collaborated with other influential social media personalities to create exciting content that kept the views pouring in. Many of her vlogs have been viewed millions of times including Extreme Spicy Noodle Challenge with Josh Peck, Turning My Brother Into Me, Recreating My Friends Instagram Photos, and Ghost Hunting In Hollywood. Her eponymously titled YouTube channel currently has 2.8 million subscribers.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Any decent YouTuber with a lot of followers rakes in a lot of money daily from the content they put out and Morgan Adams is not exempted. She earns over $1,000 daily from her vlogs and in just a short time, she has managed to gather a huge chunk of money. Her net value is currently estimated to be around $700,000 and is expected to rise as her popularity grows.

Morgan Adams’ Height

The famous social media influencer and YouTube star is of average height. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a curvy frame. Morgan Adams is definitely a catch in the looks department and she knows how to flaunt it.

Morgan Adams, Ryland Adams and Garrett Watts
Morgan Adams, Ryland Adams, and Garrett Watts: Image Source

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Facts About The YouTube Star

1. Morgan Adams is not an outdoor kind of girl. She has only ever been out camping once and she didn’t last a day around nature.

2. She enjoys being a lazy person and regularly shares tips to her subscribers on how they can be lazy successfully, without going through too much stress to get things done.

3. The YouTube personality has a tattoo that says “Chipotle” on the inside of her lower lip.

4. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her brother Ryland Adams and his boyfriend Shane Dawson.

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