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An incredibly talented and truly handsome man, Matt Roth is an American movie star who is renowned for his adaptability as an actor. He has been hailed as a versatile actor in Hollywood having successfully portrayed different characters with almost equal dexterity in his career so far. He has starred in many feature movies and TV series, winning lots of accolades for his great talent.

The actor is now best known for his portrayal of Fisher on Roseanne, a TV sitcom. He is also known for his work on Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama series in which he portrayed Michael Beglight, and Desperate Housewives, a mystery comedy-drama series in which he played Art Shepherd.

Who is Matt Roth?

Matt Roth was born on the 15th day of September 1964. The exact place where the actor was born is not certain, however, we know that he was born in the United States of America and grew up there.

Very little is known about Matt Roth’s childhood and how he grew up. It is believed that he had some form of education growing up in America, however, the names of the institutions were he studied have remained quite elusive.

According to some reports, Matt grew up wanting to become an actor but he only got his chance to star in movies when he turned 25 years old.

Yeah, Matt Roth kick-started his acting career in 1990 when he was about 25 years old after he got cast in Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston, a TV Movie to play the role of Michael Stuart. The next year, he appeared as Clark Munsinger in The Antagonists, a TV Series. These early roles helped him get the experience he needed to grow in the acting business.

Matt Roth
Matt Roth stars in Desperate Housewives (2004)

Matt got his big break in 1992 when he scored the role of Fisher in Roseanne, an American sitcom. The series was very popular at the time and helped to launch him to a wider audience. The same year, he starred in Melrose Place, a TV Series.

Matt portrayed Officer Crowe in Blink, a thriller film in 1993 then scored the role of Russell Evans in Blue Skies, another TV Series for which he is now highly acclaimed. In 1997, Matt was cast to play Dr. Rick Buckley in Crisis Center. The same year, he starred in two feature movies; he played Todd in ‘Til There Was You and an ad exec in Chicago Cab.

Over the years, Matt has also starred in other movies and series for which he is acclaimed, including Frasier in 1999, View from the Top in 2003, Desperate Housewives in 2006, Ghost Whisperer in 2008, Private Practice in 2011, and Castle in 2014 among so many others.

His Net Worth

Matt Roth has apparently been able to make quite a lot of money from his career so far as an actor. He has starred in numerous TV series and feature movies over the years and is expected to have raked in lots of money in the process.

However, his exact net worth is still under review at the moment. Some reports have claimed that he is worth about $2 million but this has not been confirmed.

Matt Roth’s Wife and Children

The dearth of information about Matt Roth’s life, especially his childhood, extends to his family. The identity of his parents remain unknown at the moment; we can only call them Mr. and Mrs. Roth for now. Also, it is not certain if he has any siblings with whom he spent his early days in America. This dearth of information about his early life is mainly because he has not spoken about himself too many times.

Matt Roth is a happily married man. He is married to a woman called Stephanie Childers. The way they met and fell in love with each other is not quite certain however, we know that they tied the knot as husband and wife in 2015 and have been together ever since.

Before he married Stephanie Childers, the actor was married to another woman called Laurie Metcalf. Laurie is an American actress who is also known for her work on Roseanne. She and Matt met on the set of Roseanne and took an interest in each other. They soon started dating and eventually got married in 2005.

Matt and Laurie had a son called Will Theron Roth, on November 20, 1993, and a daughter called Mae Akins, in July 2005. They also adopted a son after fostering him at the age of six in 2006. However, even though it appeared that Matt and Laurie were neck-deep in love, their marriage crashed and they divorced in 2014.

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He has a surrogate baby

Matt Roth’s second child, his daughter Mae Akins was actually born by a surrogate. Matt and Laurie, who were trying for another baby after having their first son, realized that they had to use the help of a surrogate and consequently sought out someone to do it, and their daughter was born in 2005.

He isn’t the only popular Matt Roth

He shares his name with a former American footballer who played in the NFL for teams like Miami Dolphins, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Cleveland Browns.

His height and weight

While it is quite obvious that the man has a good height that is perfect for his weight, we are yet to authenticate his exact height and body weight.

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