Beautiful Details of Leslie Lopez’ Marriage to Boos Cruise and All The Ways She Makes Bank

Over the years, the field of meteorology has raised competent reporters who can hold their own in weather reporting, and we can conveniently say that that Californian born journalist Leslie Lopez is among this select few. Leslie Lopez is a reputable journalist and meteorologist, who uses her profound understanding and knowledge in the field of meteorology in giving a well detailed, yet simplistic report of the weather conditions around the globe to audiences far and wide.

Since the inception of her career, Leslie has worked with well-known networks, including KUSI News in San Diego, as well as KCAL Channel. She currently plies her trade at ABC7 Eyewitness News. Besides her career as a weather reporter, not much is known by the general public as regards her personal life, which is something we intend to correct through this piece.

Leslie Lopez Was Quite The Brilliant Kid During Her Early Years

Leslie Lopez was born in Chino Hills, California, United States of America. She is known to celebrate her birthday on the 7th of November every year. However, her birth year hasn’t been made privy to the media at the time of this article. She is an American National, who belongs to the white ethnic group. Being the private person she is, not much is known as regards her parents, siblings, and childhood, except the fact that she was quite the clever kid during her early years.

Upon completion of her high school education, she attended the University Of California, Riverside, and eventually earned her bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the university. Her foray into broadcasting began right after graduation from the university, through the form of an internship with CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles, California.

During her internship, she was assigned the position of a news writer and was known to execute her duties with outright diligence, zeal, and wholeheartedness. As a result of her brilliant performances, she was retained by the network at the end of her internship, and subsequently, promoted to the position of a producer – a position she held for several years before she quit.

She Worked With Several Media Outfits In Her Quest For Career Advancement

Moving on, Leslie Lopez was opportune to make the switch from working behind the camera to taking her rightful place in the limelight. She started by working as a weekday morning weather anchor/host for SanDiego based channel KUSI News. After working for KUSI News for several years, she moved to ABC 7 (KABC TV), where she is tasked with the role of anchoring the weather segment of the news alongside John Coleman, who was the Weather Channel founder.

From what is perceivable, Leslie Lopez aimed to make meteorology and climate learning her lifelong process, so the versatile reporter armed herself with a broadcast meteorology certificate, which she earned from Mississippi State University. In the chase for career advancement, she also took up the position of a reporter and anchor of the weekend weather news segment at KGET (an affiliation of NBC), where she worked briefly. At the time, she also combined the job with her stint at KUSI News.

It was after she left those positions that she eventually moved to KABC TV, where she currently works as a weather anchor. Today, the KABC TV weather anchor is glad she decided to work in front of the camera as she has confessed to enjoying her fast-paced broadcasting career. According to her, when she is not at work, she fills her leisure time with activities involving indoor soccer, scuba diving, and surfing. Leslie equally enjoys writing, reading, and dining.

Her Husband Is a High Ranking US Air Force Official

Leslie Lopez and Boos Cruise
Leslie Lopez and Boos Cruise: Image Source

Standing at an elegant height of 5 feet 11 inches, with a slim figure, and body that weighs 50 kg, large dark brown pair of eyes, thick long brown hair, and a successful career to top it off, Leslie Lopez can be said to be the dream wife of every eligible bachelor. Well, they all might have to look elsewhere for their bride as the famous KABC TV meteorologist is already taken. Now, the obvious question is, who is the lucky dude?

Leslie Lopez doesn’t seem to have a thing with the celebrity circle, her interest in men runs in the opposite direction. She is happily married to no other person than Boos Cruise, who happens to be a high ranking government official in the United States Air Force. According to the celebrity journalist, they got married in 2017 in a private wedding ceremony, which was attended only by a few friends and family members.

However, in her usual manner, she refused to reveal neither the exact date they got married nor how they got to meet each other but was quick to say that they dated for a very long time before getting married.

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There Seems To Be No Record Of Any Past Relationship For Leslie Lopez

As regards her past relationships, there isn’t any information relating to that as Leslie Lopez has never been linked or rumored to have dated anyone in the past (before her husband). She also seems to be highly in love with Boos Cruise and is keen on keeping her marriage intact. As a result of that, she hasn’t had an affair with anyone (or at least none that we know of).

The couple lives together happily in their home in Los Angeles, and earlier in 2020, the news anchor’s absence from Eyewitness News alerted the general public to the fact that she is already in the family way and expecting the birth of her baby boy anytime soon. Her absence was mainly due to hyperemesis gravidarum or what you would call a very bad case of morning sickness.

Nevertheless, the couple owns a dog called Rufus, who they see as a vital member of their family. Though the details of his birth are not known, their son Nolan, eventually arrived and Leslie has been full of gratitude to fans who shared their parenting experiences with her on Instagram. According to her, she enjoys reading all the comments from her fans.

The Weather Reporter Has Made A Lot of Money in Her Career

Owing to her robust desire for privacy and secrecy, Leslie Lopez’s net worth has been a subject of constant speculation. However, we are aware of the fact that the famed journalist started earning from her internship with the LA-based media outfit CBS2/KCAL9. Though her earnings at the time may have been negligible given the fact that she was only an intern, it is not in doubt that her pay increased when she was retained, and subsequently promoted to the rank of the producer.

We all know that it is a higher pay package and better employee incentives that usually take people from one company to another, and Leslie Lopez is not different from the rest. Her career journey from CBS2/KCAL9 to KUSI News, to ABC 7, and the rest were all motivated by better incentives. So, it would be safe to surmise that she is presently earning handsomely, though her annual remuneration has never been disclosed. Several sources peg her worth at an estimated $500,000, and although it might not be at those exact figures, it doesn’t sound farfetched given the fact that an average meteorologist in the USA earns $76,000 annually.

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