Pointers To How Leanna Decker Became Famous, Her Biography & Body Measurements

A popular glamour model and fitness enthusiast, Leanna Decker caught everyone’s attention with her beauty in 2011 when she was named the Playboy Cybergirl of the year. Since then, she has just gotten bigger and has earned a name in the modeling scene that may not be easily forgotten. Not just for nabbing enviable modeling gigs but also for breaking standards of what beauty is as a redhead model.

Her popularity and financial successes which she built off the expression of her body on social media and notable magazines continue to grow. And with her incredible body, she is bent on conquering more hearts and column pages for years to come.

But how did she start her journey into the limelight and how well has she navigated through her career?

A Timeline Of The Life Of Leanna Decker 

Leanna Decker began her life in Ashland, Kentucky, and was born on the 31st of August, 1991 into a family with a Caucasian root. However, she was raised alongside her brother by her mother in Texas where she eventually set out to achieve her dream of becoming a model.

The model is believed to have harbored the interest of becoming a model since she was a child. However, unlike many famous models who took chance with pageant beauty or beauty agencies, Leanna started out humbly on her own without much help from any agency.

She probably felt waiting for a modeling scout to discover her would take much time so she took matters into her own hands by getting the services of a photographer for a photoshoot and uploaded her pictures on the website, Model Mayhem. This became the start of a thriving modeling career for Leanna Decker who quickly rose in popularity after posting the pictures.

As she evolved and improved on the qualities that made her popular on Model Mayhem, she expanded her reach and turned to social media, particularly Instagram.

From there, the Kentucky native began to rack up gigs with top magazines. One remarkable deal was with Playboy, which paved the way for more opportunities in a series of front covers.

Among her career accomplishments so far include working for various beauty magazines across the United States and the United Kingdom. Her modeling career also placed her as the subject of shoots by popular fashion photographers for clothing lines such as RSVLTS.

Her other notable achievements include featuring in the Playboy Cyber Girl for the month of November in 2011 and becoming the Playboy Covergirl of the Year in 2012.

Apart from being a glamour model and one of the hottest Playboy models, the model also serves major fitspo with her strictly regimented fitness routine and disciplined diet plan. Through this, she has achieved a banging body profile and measurements that easily captivate the eye.

Leanna Decker
Leanna Decker (front) with Rebecca Carter for a shoot

Height And Body Measurements Of The Model

Leanna’s stature has made her physical profile a subject of admiration from both men and women, which have sparked curiosity as to the specifics of her body profile.

The redhead beauty has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a bodyweight of 54kg. Clearly, she is not too tall but has a suitable height for her body. Her body measurements have been listed at 39, 25, and 37 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. This makes her body type classified as slim. She wears a bra size of 34D. With the above measurement, there’s no doubt that she has an incredible body that easily captivates the eye.

Leanna Decker’s Diet And Fitness Routine 

Since Leanna has over the years maintained her physique, her fans wonder what her fitness routine could be.

So what does her workout routine look like? Attaining and maintaining such physique doesn’t come so easy and as earlier stated can be credited to a thorough diet and exercise routine.

Going by what she posts on her Instagram page, Leanna has shown that there’s more to getting fit than hitting the gym. She is not about strenuous workouts but believes fitness is all about a general lifestyle.

The Playboy model seems to prefer a calm sweat session as she usually works on her body daily basically through yoga, concentrating more on overall fitness and physical wellbeing.

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Due to her love for healthy living, she is referred to as a fitness model and she has managed to maintain her curves and physique so effectively.

For her diet, she is a vegetarian who hardly strays from her diet plan due to her love for animals. She also drinks a lot of water. Just in case you want to follow this routine, experts reveal that one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight is the perfect amount to drink daily to stay hydrated.

Why Does Leanna Hardly Talk About Her Love Life?

With an Instagram page that sizzles thanks to her fun personality, effortless beauty, and of course her banging body, many people with possible romantic interests in Leanna have wondered who she is dating.

More so, a look through Leanna Decker’s comment section after posting a picture shows there isn’t a man or woman who is in a romantic relationship with the model.

But so far, she has not been known to be in any relationship, especially in public. For all we know, she is generally considered to be a single woman since she isn’t married to anyone. She also doesn’t have a child yet. The model has, however, expressed the qualities she is looking for in a partner, such as a partner who is good looking, emotionally secure, smells nice, and with a nice sense of humor. She hates arrogance, bad hygiene, and bad boys who always get in trouble.

Maybe she is dating someone but prefers to keep her love life off the media’s attention.

However, for women who might desire to have a relationship with her, well, Leanna Decker, identifies as a straight woman and has not hinted on the possibility of being otherwise.

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