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When it comes to relationship issues people tend to think women talk too much and men talk too little. While women may seem to talk too much about their relationships with one another, men talk about it with one another as well. Which is to say they are both culprits.

You know the scene: Young men hitting the nearest bar, or are all on the Xbox, or gather round in a friend’s crib. The audience gets the message loud and clear: They will talk about everything including business, career, lifestyle and more importantly women. Only in those moments would you discover that even an average man who hardly has a link to fashion notices and knows much about women’s outfit, perfume, or makeup and knows when they are really attractive too. Below are 10 things men opened up that they find unattractive.

#Unreasonably Long Nails

Well painted, well-cared for nails are very attractive, and show self-confidence, creativity, and artistic talent. Well-painted slightly long nails can get a man highly seduced especially. But once they get past about a centimeter, they seem to be advertisements for uselessness. Most men find really long nails clumsy and useless as they love natural things, so if you must have nails it should not be overly long. It looks to them as if you are going to hurt them when they are making out with you.

#Public Primping 

Believe it or not, men admire beautifully groomed hair, make-up and in fact good-looking women but they don’t want to see how much strength you put in making yourself appear good. They really don’t find it appealing watching you while you try to make yourself more attractive by making changes to your hair, make-ups, and all whatnot. This kills their impressions and fantasies. Let them think you don’t strain yourself so much to look stunning and that your good look isn’t earned through immense struggle. Which is; all major makeup procedures should be carried out at home, not in public.

#Complicated Hairstyles

You may be a fan of detail and intricate hairstyles but don’t make it apparent in your hair. Oh yea, you can gaze longingly (and a little jealously) at the intricately beautiful styles everyone’s wearing but don’t wear it yourself. Men love natural-looking hair and it is cool in all situations but an intricate hairstyle is essentially for a carnival or an extravagant photo session in a studio. It’s far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays, and other hair products.

#Too Much Fragrance


Weird as it seems, probably the weirdest, but for most men, using too much perfume is not sexier than the mild body scent of a woman. Perfume is made to add to your ability to express your individuality and never to use too much of it at one time. A drop of your most preferred aroma is enough to make a man get attracted to you. Make your aroma your little secret. That’s the best way to keep a man fantasizing a lot of stunning things about your personality.

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# Heavy Foundation


Foundation is made to conceal fine lines, blemishes and little flaws and even full coverage foundation covers extremely flawlessly. But ensure the foundation you wear is not extremely heavy and is less noticeable. Foundation is not supposed to be easily seen to others and even you. So blend it painstakingly into your skin – that’s the only way to avoid the masking effect. Also, if you must wear a full coverage foundation, it is recommended to wear to someone’s wedding or for a night out with the girls — to any special event and not for regular use.

#Foul Breath and Yellowish Teeth


Here is another turn-off. It’s not just the opposite sex, yellowish teeth and nasty breath will never attract anybody. Figure out why you have such a turn-off. Are you a smoker? Or is it just your poor hygiene? Perhaps you drink too much coffee, black tea, or red wine? Whatever is the case, work hard to sort this out once and for all. You can go for whitening toothpaste or strips to make your smile brighter and tuck in-breath dragees in your handbag to refresh your breath even while you are moving about.

#Wearing Shiny and Sparkling Eye Shadows


Glitter and shimmer eye shadow may attract all the focus and attention you would want on your eyelids, but that’s for those who can wear it rightly. It could shimmer and glimmer brightly on your eyes, and does the opposite in the eyes of men especially when it is badly worn. So except you a professional makeup artist, it’ll be pretty amazing if you shun using glittery and shimmery eye shadow. Secondly, adding a little shimmer to your day-to-day makeup routine might be appealing not covering up your entire eyelids with a pot of glitter.  Matte shadow is always preferable since it hardly clings to the eye crease.

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#Gummed up Lashes


Wearing too much mascara chokes up your lashes. Of course, nothing is stunning about too much mascara or clumpy and poorly trimmed eyelashes. Rather than making it attractive, it ends up making you uninviting. Use mascara of good quality and apply it rightly. Try different brands of mascara and pick the most excellent one for you – the one that does not become messy and smeared under your eyes or rub off after a couple of hours. Also, use a special brush to comb your lashes and remove the clumps.

#Wrong Lip Liner


Harshly lined lips will not only age you, but it is also a make-up mistake that men hate. Okay, imagine you going on a date, probably to a cafe or an eatery. It might look good when it is done but in the end, just picture how unattractive your lips will look after you have eaten your dinner. If you use lipstick and lip liner, then after eating food out of the two only lip liner will stay on your lips and this won’t look appealing. It’s even worse if your lip liner is much darker than your lipstick or your natural lip color. Such a difference is completely awful. You should ensure your lip products are as close to your natural lip shade as possible.

#. Badly Shaved Body

Men love smooth and glowing skin and are really stressed out by women with unshaven armpit hair so take care of it. Your skin can look at its best by shaving perfectly your legs and armpits to be extremely clean and as hairless as a baby’s butt. These things are even more attractive than makeup. It spews a lot about your hygiene and there is no point in wearing makeup if the rest of your body is completely unkempt.

#Dry Skin

Dry skin conditions can be kept at bay by using moisturizing and nourishing shower gels, creams and body lotions after a shower. Men really don’t like touching dry skin or elbows or heels brimming with flakes. It is not appealing to have a feel of such skin, so darling, do what you can to nurture your skin into good condition.

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