Who Is Kyle Chrisley, How Did He Become An Addict and Where Is He Now?

The biggest claim to fame for Kyle Chrisley is the famous reality television series titled Chrisley Knows Best; he was one of the prominent characters of the show when it was launched. Even though the remarkable show was a big opportunity for Kyle to be big in the limelight, he disappeared and embraced a lifestyle of addiction. At some point, he was estranged from his father and it left people wondering if his childhood has something to do with his troubled life. Well, this and more have been answered in this piece.

Family Background and How Kyle Chrisley Became Famous

Kyle Chrisley is the oldest child of the famous business baron and real estate guru named Todd Chrisley and his ex-wife Teresa Terry Chrisley. He was born in South Carolina, in the United States on August 29, 1991. His parents were high school sweethearts, they tied the knot in 1988. However, after being together for seven years, his parents went their separate ways in 1995.

Following their divorce, Todd’s father went on to marry Julie Hughes Chrisley while there is no news of Teresa’s subsequent relationships. Kyle credits Todd and his step-mom for raising him and his sister Lindsie. Growing up with his sister, Kyle spent his early years in South Carolina before moving to Samoa where he worked for the Red Cross Society.

He came into the limelight following his appearance in his family’s TV show. The fascinating television show titled Chrisley Knows Best has been one of the top-grossing series in the USA Network. It is being produced by Stephanie Chambers, Jim Sayer, and Adam Greener. The show started in April 2014 and was originally aired on USA Network.

It revolves around the lifestyle of a wealthy Georgian real estate guru, Todd Chrisley, and his family’s activities. The show has been running and currently, in the 8th season, has produced a spin-off titled Growing Up Chrisley. Kyle Chrisley only appeared in the first season of the original series and was mentioned once in the second since the show launched.

Facts Surrounding His Life as an Addict

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Chrisley Family

Kyle seems to be the only one missing out on the TV show as it stars other members of his family including his father, stepmother Julie Chrisley, his sister Lindsie Chrisley, as well as his three half-siblings, Savannah, Grayson, Chase Chrisley, and his daughter Chloe Chrisley. This is due to his constant run-in with the law, drug abuse, mental health challenges, and his not-so-cordial relationship with his father.

Kyle Chrisley didn’t have much of a career in acting before appearing in the family’s reality show. Even though he only appeared in the first season of the show before he became estranged from his father and had to quit the show, his popularity soared just for that appearance. But he threw this away to embrace drugs. He also exhibited other unstable behaviors that left people concerned until his father revealed he is bipolar and suffers from mental illness in a 2014 tweet.

It is uncertain if Kyle’s mental illness led to his reliance on drugs but he remained estranged from his family for a long time and publicly fought his father and ex-girlfriend (Angela victoria) over custody of his daughter, Chloe.

Kyle went under the radar for a while and delved into music. People assumed all was right with him until he was arrested in May 2019 for possession of methamphetamine after a random police search in his car. The charges against him were later dropped.

In September of the same year, Kyle landed in the hospital after an adverse reaction to his medication made him attempt suicide.

The State of His Relationship with Todd

While much of news coverage about Kyle Chrisley has been about his disappearance from his family show, his rift with his dad has also generated a lot of attention. There were many years of fighting and making up between the two.

Kyle Chrisley never had a good rapport with Todd and was regarded as the stubborn child in the family. He even became more popular as he took to various media outlets to fight and accuse his father of several ‘unprintable sins’. The rift between father and son dominated the media for a very long time and is one of the most talked-about issues as far as their family show is concerned.

But then, even the most cracked of relationships can be mended when the timing is right. Regardless of the ugly rift between Kyle and his dad, the two have finally dumped their unfriendly past and found a way to make things work between them in recent years. A proof of their reconciliation was Kyle’s support when Todd and his wife were dealing with their tax indictment issues in 2019.

As much as their rift has made headlines, their reconciliation has also been discussed. As Kyle got help and became stable, he revealed that he has apologized to his father for all he has put him through both publicly and privately. The older Chrisley forgave his son and welcomed him back into his life with open arms.

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What Has Kyle Chrisley Been Up To Lately?

Kyle has had a long problem with substance abuse and has been in and out of rehab several times. After going through several arrests for drug use, domestic violence allegations, and the rest, it appears that Kyle has found the silver lining. Following his reconciliation with his father and suicide attempt, he has revealed that his new medication and family support has him on the right track.

He has also revealed that he is working on fixing his life and hopes to right all the wrongs he has done to people he loves.

In the year 2019, he has stood by his father and stepmom during their indictment for tax evasion and fraud, openly refuting some of his earlier claims of his father bragging about never paying tax. Not much has been heard from Kyle Chrisley since 2020 but his father recently shared that he is recovering from COVID -19 having tested positive to the virus in April 2020.

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