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If you are well acquainted with the famous reality television series titled Chrisley Knows Best, then you’d certainly remember Kyle Chrisley who is one of the prominent characters of the show. The amazing show revolves around the lifestyle of a wealthy Georgian real estate guru Todd Chrisley and his whole family. Currently, in the sixth season, the show which airs on USA Network began in March 2014. Read on, as we bring you everything you need to know about Todd Chrisley’s son – Kyle Chrisley.

Who is Kyle Chrisley – Todd Chrisley’s Son?

Kyle Chrisley is an American reality television star, notable for being one of the stars of the family television series titled Chrisley Knows Best. He is equally the son of the famous business baron and real estate guru named Todd Chrisley. Kyle came into the limelight following his appearance in his family’s TV show. Meanwhile, he is not the only child of Todd; he has a sister named Lindsie Chrisley. Although the show revolves around Kyle’s family, the youngster doesn’t have a cordial relationship with his father Todd.

Born in South Carolina, in the United States, Kyle Chrisley first stepped into this world on August 29, 1991. He was born to Todd Chrisley and his wife Teresa Terry Chrisley. Growing up along with his older sister Lindsie, Kyle spent his early years in South Carolina before moving to Samoa where he worked for the Red Cross Society. Unfortunately, there is no much information with regards to Kyle’s educational background. A mere look at the young chap would tell you he had received a quality education.

He rose to the mainstream following his appearance on the family TV show titled Chrisley Knows Best. Although Kyle never had a good rapport with his father, he is regarded as the stubborn child in the family. He appeared in the first episode of his family’s sitcom which was started in 2014. Kyle also has a history of blasting his father on the social media. However, Todd had revealed that his son sometimes suffers from Bipolar Disorder, a condition which tends to make him unstable. The rift between father and son, however, has dominated the media for a very long time and is one of the most talked about issues as far as their family show is concerned.

Kyle Chrisley’s Family Show: Chrisley Knows Best

kyle chrisley
Chrisley Family

The fascinating television show titled Chrisley Knows Best has been one of the top grossing series in the USA Network. The show first started in April 2014 and was originally aired on USA Network. The family reality series revolves around Kyle’s family and their day to day activities. Although Kyle appeared only in the first episode of the series, the show has been running and currently in the 6th season. It stars other members of his family including his father; Todd Chrisley who is a well-known American businessman and real estate baron. Other cast members include Kyle’s stepmother Julie Chrisley, his sister Lindsie Chrisley; as well as his three stepsiblings Savannah, Grayson and Chase Chrisley. The show is being produced by Stephanie Chambers, Jim Sayer, and Adam Greener.

Where is He Now?

After the first episode of the show was concluded, Kyle disappeared from the television screens; thus raising several eyebrows on the part of their fans. It was later discovered that Kyle was dealing with drug addiction from which he was under rehabilitation. However, there were reports saying that his father had also sent Kyle to Asia in a bid to punish him for everything he had done.

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Details of Kyle Chrisley’s Personal Life

Kyle was born to American parents Todd and his wife Teresa Chrisley. His parents were high school sweethearts, they tied the knot in 1988. They have two children – Kyle and his elder sister Lindsie. It’s already known that Kyle was born in 1991; he is two years younger than his sister who was born in 1989. However, after being together for seven years, his parents went their separate ways in 1995.

Following their divorce, Todd’s father went on to marry Julie Hughes Chrisley while there is no news of Teresa’s subsequent relationships. In addition to Kyle’s bad relationship with his father; the youngster is also not so successful in his love life. He had a daughter with an African-American lady named Angela Victoria Johnson. Due to the series issues that erupted between them, the pair went their separate ways after the birth of their daughter, Chloe Chrisley.

After a long fight for the custody of their daughter, Angela and Kyle’s father got the custody of the child and Chloe; loved by everyone has been making appearances on their family television show to date. Kyle also went on to marry a lady named Alexus Whilby in 2014; the pair has been living together in Georgia. They don’t have any kids yet, albeit, they might have plans of doing that soon.

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