Kristina Basham – What To Know About Scott Adam’s Girlfriend

An ambitious and enterprising star, Kristina Basham is no stranger in the entertainment industry. She was introduced to showbiz as a child and has since gone on to achieve enviable feats as a model. Refusing to rest on her laurels, Basham has also taken advantage of the social media sphere to showcase her talents to a wider audience. Today, the stunning model cum baker and entrepreneur boasts of a huge fan base who keep up with her on Instagram a great deal. Find out why Scott Adam’s girlfriend appears increasingly endearing to fans.

Kristina Basham’s Bio

A California native, Kristina Basham’s birthdate is July 31, 1988. There is a dearth of information about Basham’s parents and family background. However, it is no secret that she has a brother with whom she was raised in Walnut Creek, California.

Basham is a college graduate who first studied at the University of California, Berkeley before proceeding to top up her profile with a graduate degree in financial economics.

Kristina Basham’s modeling career dates back to her childhood days. Naturally endowed with good looks, she was discovered by a model scout at age 11 in an eatery and today, the rest is history. The young pretty Kristina who was signed under Ford Models went on to record several successful modeling gigs as a teen model. However, after school, she decided to try her hands on white-collar jobs. It wasn’t long before Basham became bored and ditched the corporate world for her first love – modeling!

As a model, Kristina has recorded enviable feats and is quite accomplished in her own right. Notably, in the course of her showbiz career, Basham has worked with some top brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Emirates Airlines, Nissan, Top Shop, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Macy’s, Almay, and Disney, among others.

Like most of her peers in showbiz, social media also played a major role in catapulting Basham to the spotlight. She is recognized as an Instagram model and boasts of over 4 million ardent followers on the platform. Learn more facts about this Kristina who happens to be Scott Adam’s girlfriend below.

Things To Know About Scott Adam’s Girlfriend, Kristina Basham

1. She Is An Entrepreneur

In addition to her modeling career, Kristina is also a baker who owns LeVasseur Confectionary, a San Fransisco bakery. As a businesswoman, she has spread her tentacles in the fashion industry. The model who is known for her great fashion taste is a style influencer. She has an online fashion store that offers a variety of unique apparels ranging from underwears to jackets, shoes, and lots more.

2. She Was Previously Married

Despite having been in the limelight since her childhood, Kristina has been quite discreet with details of her personal life. There was little or nothing known about the model’s love life in her early career days. Nonetheless, it is no secret that she has a failed marriage behind her. Kristina was previously married to a man whose identity has not been disclosed. The model and her mystery ex-husband had two daughters together – Hazel and Marin Hilsabeck. Other than these, nothing else is known about the erstwhile couple’s romance and the circumstances that led to their eventual split.

3. Relationship With Scott Adam

Kristina Basham and Scott Adams
Kristina Basham and Scott Adams: image source

Kristina Basham has since moved on; she began a romantic relationship with popular author Scott Adams in 2016. Interestingly, Basham is about three decades younger than her beau but love has conquered for the couple. Judging by their public appearances together and how lovey-dovey they have been with each other on social media, it is safe to say Basham and Adams have found true love in each other’s arms.

4. Kristina Is Athletic

It is uncommon knowledge that the beautiful model has an impressive athletic side. She was a very active student during her elementary school days and participated in some track and field events including cross country. Notably, she was a 20-mile gold medalist back in elementary school.

5. Health Challenge

Kristina Basham has had her own fair share of health battles. In early 2018, fans were alarmed when the model disclosed via social media that she had a tumor on her right parotid gland. Thankfully, she successfully underwent surgery to get rid of the tumor and now only has scars to show for it.

6. Musical Inclinations

Kristina is musically inclined although she does not engage the art professionally. The multi-talented model plays several musical instruments including the violin, piano, clarinet, cello, and flute.

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7. Her Body Measurements

Kristina has enviable physical features. The stunning model stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches. However, her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed.

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