Who is Kelly Rebecca Nichols and What Really Happened Between Her and Alex Jones?

The lesser-known Kelly Rebecca Nichols has garnered a lot of attention and has kept the media abuzz for a while following her children’s custody battle with ex-husband Alex Jones. Unlike Nichols who is new to the spotlight, Alex Jones has been a popular media personality, known for his controversial comments, as well as his undiluted support for US President Donald Trump.

Kelly and Alex were together for over eight years before their relationship went up in flames. Meanwhile, there were speculations that their blooming marriage ended as a result of Alex’s alleged affair with the Infowars co-star named Lee Ann McAdoo. Apparently, that’s not true. There are some revealing facts about Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her relationship with Jones.

What We Know About The Early Life And Family Background of Nichols

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born in Travis County of Texas in the United States on the 2nd of July in 1968. She was born to Edmund Lowe Nichols and his wife Sandra Kay Nichols. Her parents are both Jewish, making Kelly someone with mixed ethnicity and American nationality.

Her father is a former US diplomat who was convicted in 1993 following his involvement in the violation of Federal Financial Conflicts Law of interest. While she was growing, Kelly spent her childhood days in Travis County along with her two siblings – a brother named James and sister named Elizabeth Nichols.

She is highly educated, Kelly completed her high school education and also obtained her bachelor’s degree in Texas before the inception of her career. There is no plausible information about the course she studied in college but her choice of career is driven by her love for animals.

Her Illustrious Career As An Animal Rights Activist

Just like her husband, Kelly Rebecca Nichols is not a newbie when it comes to the media industry, though not in the way Alex is known. Since the ‘90s, Kelly has been working as an animal activist, advocating for animal rights. She has appeared many times on the cover of popular American newspapers such as USA Today and many others.

Also, she has been working as the head of media operations and public relations for the famous Animal Rights Organization known as PETA; she moved to Norfolk, Virginia, to assume the role at the organisation, a decision that seems to be paying off since then. Her unparalleled work ethic and diligence have earned her lots of accolades and promotions. Notably, she is currently a part of the inner caucus of PETA.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was pushed further into the limelight with her involvement in some publicity stunts aimed at emphasising how important it is to protect animals. One of the stunts saw her drop a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate at the Four Seasons Restaurant where the renowned editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine was having dinner.

Nichols was also captured, splattering tofu cream pie on fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The act was portrayed as part of an anti-fur campaign which she led. The American-Dominican fashion designer was taken by surprise but Nichols made her point on behalf of the cause she has chosen to support.

Sequel to her successful stunts which have been heralded as very innovative, the animal rights activist has gained major popularity. This also led to the attention she now enjoys from many American publications that have featured her.

Relationship with Alex Jones

Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Kelly’s ex-husband – Alex Jones

It’s already known that Kelly was previously married to the famous media personality named Alex Jones. Alex is a radio show presenter, as well as a conspiracy theorist; best known for his appearance on The Alex Jones Show. He is also the owner of Infowars.com, a website dedicated to conspiracy theories and dealing with fake news. He is equally associated with other websites such as PrisonPlanet and NewsWars, etc. Alex became famous through sharing his theories on national issues, including Oklahoma City Bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, and lots more.

The pair met each other several years ago and after being in a relationship for a few years; they walked down the aisle in the year 2007. Their wedding was held in Texas and was attended by close pals and family members. After their wedding, the couple started working together on InfoWars, even their son Rex has equally appeared on his father’s show. Meanwhile, Kelly and Alex were blessed with three children, including Rex Jones. The names of her other children are currently not known to the media.

How Kelly Rebecca Nichols Influenced Alex Jones’ Fame

Using her experience in public relations and media operations, Nichols promoted Alex Jones’ radio shows. Her influence took InfoWars to a whole new level where audiences couldn’t help but take notice, making the brand popular as a conspiracy theory website.

Thus, though Alex’s career seems to be more in the spotlight than Nichols’, she actually helped to build his brand to attain the status he is enjoying today.

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Divorce and Custody Battle of their Children

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and her husband Alex had a wonderful union; however, when their relationship turned sour, the pair went their separate ways. After eight years of marriage, things began to fall apart between the adorable couple. Although they tried their best to work things out, all their efforts didn’t yield great results.

They finally explored the last option which was getting a divorce. Their divorce process was finalized in March 2015, after which, the court asked Alex to pay Kelly the sum of $3.1 million in settlements.

The media space went abuzz again as Kelly began a fresh fight for the custody of their children two years after their divorce was finalised. The news of the custody battle saw the light of the day in 2017 when Alex was having a faceoff with the US congressman named Adam Schiff. According to Kelly’s petition, Alex’s attitude is felonious and doesn’t qualify him to be a good parent. In the wake of the event, the court granted Kelly the right to decide where their children would live, and if Alex would be allowed visits. Amazingly, she finally got the full custody of their children. Kelly has been living happily with her kids, she has not yet remarried.

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