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There are quite a few reasons why Katherine Pine would be a notable name in the media. First, she had a brief acting career of her own, then she is often confused with another acting star, Katharine Heigl and lastly, she is the older sister of Chris Pine, who is also an acting sensation.

For all her connections to resident members of the American acting industry, Katherine Pine’s acting career was short-lived and today, her career exists far away from acting – in the medicine and counseling profession.

We have compiled everything you need to know about Katherine here, including five facts you need to know about her. Read on to learn more.

Who is Katherine Pine?

Considering Chris Pine only tends to make the news when he is in a movie or TV show, fans can be forgiven for knowing very little about his personal life, particularly the existence of an older sister who was briefly a member of the acting industry. Katherine Pine was born on the 24th of September 1972 in Los Angeles, California to parents Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford.

Not much is known about her background, particularly her education history but she grew up and tried her hands on acting. She has three credits to her name and they all came within one year, with her first coming via a voice appearance in the video game, Heavy Gear.

Her on-screen roles were in the show, Love Boat: The Next Wave as Rhonda and in the TV movie, CHiPs ’99 where she played the character, Tina.

Unlike her younger brother, Chris Pine, who went on to build a successful career as an actor, after making her appearance in the TV movie, she decided to leave the world of show business and join the medical profession, working as a psychotherapist in California.

As a therapist, Katherine Pine specializes as a marriage and family therapist, treating depression, relationship issues, and anxiety. She reportedly got her career in the field started in 2005 and has been working in the field ever since.

Five Facts To Know About Her

  1. She comes from a family of actors

The acting gene is not just something Katherine Pine shares with her brother, Chris only but also her entire family. Starting with her maternal grandparents, the Pine family has a deep history as actors and actresses in Hollywood. Her grandfather is Max M. Gilford who was an actor, a producer and was also the President of the Hollywood Bar Association. Her grandmother Anne Gwynne, with whom she shares her middle name, was also an actress and starred in roles like House of Frankenstein, Ride ‘Em Cowboy, Public Prosecutor.

Her connection to the acting industry also includes her parents, Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford who were both Hollywood actors. Her father appeared in projects like CHiPs while her mother spent a decade in the industry between the 70s and the 80s.

However, she also followed in the footsteps of her mother who left the acting industry and went on to become a psychotherapist.

  1. She has a significant net worth
Katherine Pine
Katherine Pine with her brother, Chris Pine

Everyone knows successful actors/actresses are very wealthy people and even though that is not something Katherine Pine shares, she has done quite well for herself through her career as a psychotherapist. She has reportedly grown and amassed a net worth of $500,000 through the career.

  1. She is often confused with Katharine Heigl

Although she is no longer a working actress, she still often gets confused with someone who is, Katharine Heigl because of their very similar facial and physical builds. While it does make for a fun trivia in a game night, both of them still have distinct features that set them apart.

Katherine Pine has deep golden-brown hair while her lookalike has blonde hair. And although it is difficult for the natural eye to notice, Pine is the taller woman, with a height of 5 feet 10 inches while Heigl has a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

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  1. She has a very private personal life

When it comes to information about her personal life, such as details about her marital life or relationship history, Katherine has a similar philosophy to sharing the information with her brother. it is unknown if she is married or single and only attends public events with her brother.

  1. Her brother has had a long career in Hollywood

While the acting line ended with Katherine, her brother, Chris Pine has carried the torch and has continued to carry it up high since he made his debut appearance onscreen in 2003 in the show, ER. Since then, he has appeared in major productions like Blind Dating, Star Trek, This Means War, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Z for Zachariah and several others.

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