Who Is Kate Stoltz From Breaking Amish and Does She Have A Boyfriend? 

Judging by the family, religion, and environment she was born into, Kate Stoltz is not supposed to be a popular figure but because everything she was told she wasn’t supposed to do opposed her dreams and aspirations, she decided to take a bold step by leaving everything she knew in pursuit of her dreams and by so doing, she broke free from her traditional lifestyle.

Today, the beautiful lady who was kicked out of her strict Amish community has grown to become a model, designer, and television personality. Based in New York City, she is most notable for starring in the reality television show, Breaking Amish.

Who Is Kate Stoltz?

Born Kate Stoltzfus on September 21, 1991, on a 100-acre farm in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, the reality TV star is known in the professional scene as Kate Stoltz. The fourth child of her parents’ seven children, she was raised in Pennsylvania in a strict Amish traditionalist Christian religious sect that avoids the modern world. With her father as bishop in the local church, Kate and her family concentrated on their family life and God.

Growing up on her family’s farm without electricity, telephones, cars, televisions, microwaves or computers, she spent a lot of her time working on the farm and learning how to sew dresses, bonnets, and smocks. However, unhappy with her life at home, Kate Stoltz decided to leave for New York City in a bid to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion model and designer.

Having left home against her parent’s will in 2012, Kate Stoltz joined the cast of the TLC’s reality television show, Breaking Amish. She appeared in the first two seasons of the show and also took part in the first season of the follow-up show, Return to Amish. Following her appearance on the small screen, Kate’s life changed as she drew the attention of a top modelling agency in New York known as Major Model Management, thanks to her good looks and perfect modelling physique. She was subsequently signed to the agency and bagged her first photoshoot for the Spiegel catalogue. This marked the beginning of a highly successful modelling career for the former Amish girl.

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Not long after the Spiegel catalogue photoshoot, Kate, who is the first-ever Amish fashion model, landed her first hosiery job for the men’s magazine, Maxim, precisely in the July 2013 issue. She later modelled several women’s hosiery pieces in addition to modelling clothes and items for commercials. Apart from Spiegal the model also worked for Union Bay, Gypsy Sisters, and Bella. She equally walked in runway shows held in New York City, such as Mercedes Benz shows and worked in showrooms.

In the Amish communities, children usually do not go to school beyond eighth grade but Kate Stoltz was lucky to continue her education after eight grade. She, however, knew that she would never be opportune to pursue a tertiary education but all that changed after she left her family. Following her success in the modelling industry, she decided to pursue tertiary education and was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from where she later graduated with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design, becoming the first person in her family to acquire tertiary education.

Meanwhile, in a bid to discover all there is to know about fashion design, Kate worked as a fashion intern in the New York City studio of Cynthia Rowley during semester breaks and this gave her the opportunity to work together with the international fashion designer. She eventually launched her self-named fashion line in 2015, which focuses on producing detailed and quality made to measure luxury wears for women. For her amazing work as an up-coming designer in New York City, Kate Stoltz won the 2014 Demiurge Award.

As a way of giving back to society, the model is involved with the charity organization known as Developing Faces, a mission that travels to different developing countries around the world to provides surgical care to babies and children with facial abnormalities. She is also a volunteer worker at Food Bank and MCC.

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Is Kate Stoltz Dating Anyone?

Though a reality TV star, Kate Stoltz prefers to keep her love life under the radar. Nevertheless, there are rumors that she is dating Dr. Robert Morin, the plastic surgeon who carried out her nose reconstructive surgery to repair her septum. Dr. Robert is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Developing Faces, and has been seen working with the model. In 2018, Kate became the CEO of the organization.

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