A Walk Through The Maze Of Kamala Harris’ Political Career, Net Worth and Family Balance

The strength and stability of American democracy have been the subject of intense debate in recent times. However, few women have made giants strides and have been recognized for their unparalleled contributions in the sphere of American politics; Kamala Harris happens to be one of them. The top-notch American political icon has held strategic positions since the inception of her career in 1990. Notably, she is the first woman of South Asian background and second Afro-American to serve in the United States Senate.

Interestingly, Kamala is a staunch Democrat and has been one of the most proactive women in American politics. Currently, serving as a Senator representing California in the US Senate, Kamala has also unveiled plans of vying for Presidency in the forthcoming 2020 US election. Additionally, she has served as California’s Attorney General for six years, as well as San Francisco’s District Attorney before her current stint as a Senator. Learn more about Kamala Harris below.

Kamala Harris’ Educational Background

The prominent politician Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964, and her birth took place in Oakland City of California, United States. Her parents are both Jamaican and Indian immigrants to the United States, making her have a mixed ethnicity. Kamala was raised by her mother following her parent’s separation when she was very young.

The future senator schooled at the Westmount High School situated in Quebec, Canada, and upon graduation, she went on to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Howard University, Washington D. C. While in college, Kamala was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, as well as the liberal arts student council. Soon after graduation, she went back to California, where she attended Hastings College of Law for her Juris Doctor, which she got in 1989.

Details of Her Career & Rise to Fame 

You’ll surely agree that once the name Kamala Harris is mentioned, all one can think of is politics and its intriguing dynamics. Once the Californian got a chance to exhibit her political skills in the early ’90s, she did not hesitate to grab the opportunity. Kamala was installed as a member of the State Bar of California in 1990, and in the same year, she was made a deputy district attorney. She served in that position in Alameda County for eight years ending in 1998.

After her stint as a deputy attorney, Kamala earned several appointments to different state boards until 2000. She was recruited by San Francisco’s City Attorney, Louise Renne in 2000, and while she was there, she handled several civil code enforcement cases. Three years later, she triumphed over a two-term incumbent Terence Hallinan to win the District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco in 2003. Serving under the governance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the attorney made a huge impact on the judicial system of San Francisco. She was re-elected for the same position in 2007.

Following her great work ethic and top-notch record, Kamala quickly rose through the ranks and was installed as California’s Attorney General in 2010. She served in that capacity for six years, and in 2016, following the retirement of California’s Senator Barbara Boxer, she declared her intention to run for California’s senatorial seat. After winning the primary nominations, she was endorsed by Former President Obama and Joe Biden. She went on to defeat Loretta Sanchez to win the senatorial election. Since then, she has been representing California in the United States Senate under Trump’s administration.

In January 2019, Kamala announced her interest in contesting for Presidency in the 2020 US elections. Following her standing records and excellent achievements, Americans saw it coming. But then, she contested for Democratic candidacy for a little while before she stopped campaigning in December 2019.

Controversies In Her Political Career

Kamala Harris has had a fair share of controversies in various capacities she has served in government. There is no need for guessing what position gave her the hardest problems in her career. Of course, you’ll agree with us that Harris’ time as Attorney General was the peak of all controversies.

For the benefit of those who do not know the details. Harris had served as district attorney general for San Francisco from 2005 to 2011 and as Attorney General for California from 2011 to 2017. During these times she made significant attempts to unwrite or modify policies she considered unbeneficial to the masses. But then, it was not going to be an easy thing; we will be talking about a few of her remarkable episodes.

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As District Attorney General for San Francisco

It was her first year as the district AG, and Harris saw a lot of things she could change in the system. Seeing as recidivism was the order of the day among drug offenders and a challenge to authorities, she decided to employ a measure to alleviate the recurrence of the offense. Instead of a jail term, Kamala Harris introduced a program called Back on Track. It was a 12 to 18 months program where the offenders (first-time drug offenders) are issued a Personal Responsibility Plan. This required them to get an education, a job, and get involved in intense community service that would last up to 220 hours.

This result-driven measure indeed yielded good results as the recidivism rate decreased rapidly. It saw to the enactment of Back on Track Bill, which was later signed into law by the then-governor Arnold Swarchzenegger. However, Kamala Harris faced criticisms for including illegal immigrants in the program. Many maintained that the clause where illegal immigrants were allowed should be scrapped. This was particularly buttressed with the case of an illegal immigrant, Alexander Izaguirre who later had an assault charge.

As Attorney General of California

One of the things we would not leave unmentioned is Kamala’s attempt to put an end to racism and discrimination in the Justice Department. In 2015, she employed the body camera program, which required special agents in the department to wear body cameras for better transparency in their dealings.

The program came on the back of reports that blacks were discriminated against by court officials and the police as well. Harris adopted this program for the agents that worked with her, and it was not ascertained if it applied to all officers, making it subject to debate on various platforms.

What is Her Net Worth?

The American Senator Kamala Harris has recorded tremendous successes since the inception of her career. She has been an active figure in the US political domain for over two decades and counting. She has accumulated an impressive wealth for herself and is currently living a decent lifestyle.

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Kamala Harris paired with her husband nets around $6 million, according to Forbes. Although this is not verified, some other sources have estimated Harris’s net worth to be around $2 million. She made her wealth from salaries and other business endeavors.

Amazing Facts About Kamala Harris’ Family 

The American senator is the daughter of Donald Harris and his wife, Shyamala Harris. Her dad, originally from Jamaica, works as an economics professor at Stanford University, while her mother is a breast cancer scientist from India. Her parents both met each other while studying at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sadly, her parents separated when she was still very young. Kamala Harris has just one sibling, a sister named Maya Harris. Along with her sister, Kamala was raised by a single mother; they lived in Canada, India, and California. Her sister, Maya currently works as a political analyst at the MSNBC network. Kamala and Maya grew up in a very traditional and culture prone setting. The two sisters attended Baptist Church, where they sang with the church choir. They also went to Hindu temples along with her mother.

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Meet Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ Husband

kamala harris
Kamala Harris with her husband

While she has become successful in life, the U.S. Senator fell in love with a man named Douglas Emhoff. Just like Harris, Douglas is equally an attorney in California and has previously worked for a Los Angeles-based law firm called Venable LLP. The lovely couple met each other back in 2014 and started their relationship shortly after.

After a few months, they tied the knot in August 2014, and their wedding took place in a Courthouse at Santa Barbara County. Before their marriage, Emhoff previously had two kids from his past relationship, and through their marriage, Harris their stepmom.

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