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Julie Michaels is one of the many women who believe that their gender cannot be a limiting factor when it comes to achieving their goals. The American star actress and Prime-Time Emmy Award winner has been able to create a niche for herself using her refined and remarkable theatre experience. You obviously cannot talk about films like Desperate Housewives, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Scorpion King without giving a mention to the unique roles portrayed by the classic actress, Julie Michaels.

Although her name might not ring a bell like many of her co-stars, her creative roles in the entertainment industry as an actress, casting agent, producer, and stunt performer, can never go unnoticed. Obviously, her childhood motto, “never think you can’t do something because you’re a girl,” seems to have played a major role in her rise to fame.

Julie Michaels Biography

The White American was born on July 20, 1970, into an air force family. She grew up with her family in the Northwest of the United States of America and went to the University of Washington as an NCAA gymnast.

While growing up, Julie was known for being very athletic. She even studied martial arts under the famous American kickboxer, martial artist and self-bestowed Sensei, Benny Urquidez, after which she travelled to Asia to perfect her skills in martial arts. When she was 16 years old, she participated on Huskies’ NCAA Division-I Gymnastics Team to build her foundation for stunts. Julie is also a two-title winner in the Miss America Pageant before she was discovered for a role in the film industry.

Julie’s acting career began in 1989 after she was discovered by Joel Silver who offered her a role as a seductress in the action film Road House that starred Patrick Swayze as a bouncer. Her second appearance was in the 1991 buddy cop action thriller film Point Break which also had great actors like Anthony Kiedis and Keanu Reeves. Other marks she has made on television include in Desperate Housewives (2004), The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005), In Justice (2006) – where she earned a lofty income. Julie Michaels is known for her strength and power in every acting role she takes.

The actress has been a professional stunt performer since 1993 and she has performed in a notable number of TV shows. The graphics fight scene she shared with Keanu Reeves in some of the action movies inspired the New York Times to nickname her “The babe who nuked Keanu”. What interests Julie the most about being a stunt performer is the way the performers work as a team to make something extraordinary and yet safe. Julie has always maintained a balance between her career as an actress and as a stunt performer. Despite sustaining some injuries while performing stunts, she never turned her back on her beloved profession. She performed a stunt as a stand-in for Pamela Anderson in the 1996 movie Barb Wire and in the 1998-1999 TV series VIP. Others include Rush Hour 3, The Newsroom, Numb3rs, How to Get Away with Murder, and Jane the Virgin.

What is Her Net Worth?

With her long list of roles in television series and movies as an actress, producer, casting agent, as well as her stunt performance, the beautiful actress is bound to earn a whole lot as salary. Despite not disclosing her earnings and net worth to the public, Julie Michaels is believed to have millions stacked up in her account. The Primetime awards she got for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy/Variety Show, as well as her nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award, is a clear indication of her excellence in the entertainment industry.

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Meet Peewee Piemonte’s Husband or Spouse

Julie Michels husband, family
Julie and husband Peewee – image source

The 5 ft 5 in tall actress is a married woman. She is happily married to Peewee Piemonte her fellow stuntman and stunt coordinator since 1993. The two met for the first time on the set of the 1993 American slasher film, Jason Goes to Hell and they have since been working together. Peewee also trains her to do high falls. He is also known for his role in Southland and Jane The Virgin.

The couple still lives together happily and has not been involved in any rumour. There are also no reports about Julie Michaels being involved with any other man as her boyfriend.

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