Who Is John M. Cusimano, Rachael Ray’s Husband And What Does He Do?

As an American television personality, Rachel Ray, who is known to be a celebrity chef, an author, and a businesswoman has been in the spotlight for a few years, during which several million Americans have come to fall in love with her. With this love came an interest in her life, particularly her personal life where she is married to John M Cusimano.

While much is known about Rachel Ray, very little is known about her husband who only tends to make the news when he shows up in support of his wife during public events. We have been able to gather a few information about him and we discuss all of them below. Read on.

Who is John M. Cusimano?

John M. Cusimano is the lucky man who has been the husband of celebrity chef, Rachel Ray since 2005. He was born on the 19th of August, 1967 in New York City to parents who were of Italian ancestry. His grandfather hailed from Palermo while his grandmother was from Naples.

He grew up under his parents in Long Island where he took up a passionate interest in music, learning the piano while he pursued excellence in academic education.

John M Cusimano attended the State University in New York, graduating with a degree in 1989 before enrolling to study law at Cardozo School of Law and graduating from law school in 1994.

What Does He Do?

John M Cusimano practices law in New Jersey and New York but never let go of his love for music and show business as a whole. He continued his relationship with music and he is one of the founders of the band, The Cringe, where he is the lead singer. The band, which is an independent rock band is based in New York City and comprises of other members like Jonny Blaze, Shawn Pelton, and James Rotondi.

Under the leadership of John M. Cusimano as lead singer, the band has released three albums, Scratch the Surface, Tipping Point, and Play Thing.

When he is not setting the stage on fire, he has appeared along with his wife on several episodes of her show, Rachel Ray. He has also appeared on other shows like Rachael’s Vacation, Cake Boss, Big Morning Buzz Live, Entertainment Tonight and Racheal Ray’s Tasty Travels.

He is also a producer who has produced a TV series, Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai. John has also done a bit of acting, with his first acting credit coming in 1982 in the film, World War Mud. His most recent acting appearance came in 2017 when he appeared as himself on the show, Crashing.

Ultimately, John M Cusimano, when he is not tackling a legal case, enjoys working with his wife and that is why he has appeared in over 70 episodes of Rachel Ray since he made his first appearance in 2006. Both of them have also published a book together, the cookbook, My Year in Meals which was released in 2013.

Family Life

John M. Cusimano
John Cusimano with his celebrity wife, Rachael Ray

John M Cusimano met for the first time at a friend’s party during which Rachel Ray presumed he was gay because of his knowledge of food and cooking. After they both established that John was, a straight man, they continued their friendship that eventually led to a wedding on the 25th of September 2005, which was held in a castle in Italy.

Although they have had their share of marital troubles, particularly rumors of infidelity, they have remained together and continued to put up a happy front as shown on social media and her shows. Since getting married, the couple haven’t shared any children

Other Facts About John M Cusimano

He has a reported net worth of $3 million. His wife, Rachel Ray, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth well over $80 million.

John Cusimano has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and a weight of 55 kg. He is known to regularly sport a salt and pepper beard along with his dark brown hair and black colored eyes.

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Unlike most spouses of celebrities do not work primarily in show business, John has a social media profile on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram profile is @johnnymotoboy while his Twitter is @johnmcusimano.

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