The Untold Truth Of Jessy Taylor And Her Deleted Instagram Account

Like the Quantum Realm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, social media is a microscopic world inoculated from the real world. However, sometimes, the other realm that is social media spills out onto the real world and leaves an impact. One of those times involved Jessy Taylor, an Instagram influencer who became a subject of national news when a video of her crying about the deletion of her account went viral. In this article, we tell the untold story of why her Instagram account was deleted, the reaction to the viral video, and how the saga ended.

Who is Jessy Taylor?

Jessy Taylor is an Instagram influencer who rose to fame after she posted a video in April 2019 that went viral. She was born on the 7th of December, 1997, in Clearwater, Florida. She is half Italian and half Arabian, having been born to an Italian father, Michael Andolino, and mother, Saha Samir Andolino, who is of Arabic origin.

Before she became an Instagram influencer, Jessy Taylor worked as a stripper for three and a half years. As an Instagram influencer, she has more than 130,000 followers, along with a presence on other social media platforms like Twitter (@fuccjessytaylor), YouTube (Jessy Taylor), Snapchat, and Facebook.

Aside from being an Instagram influencer, Jessy Taylor is also an aspiring singer, and she has an EP, Way, which she released in 2019 as well as other singles like Family Pains, Money Way Shit, Scammer. Although she is no longer a stripper, Jessy operates an OnlyFans account, where she sells nude photos of herself.

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What Happened To Her?

To those who are not among the more the 100,000 Instagram users who follow Jessy Taylor on Instagram, the name would have meant nothing to you until it became the subject of news articles across various major media outlets in April 2019.

Jessy Taylor became a subject of national news after she uploaded a video of herself, crying, distraught over the deletion of her Instagram account, @jessytaylorduh. The video, which has watched more than two million times with more than 14,000 comments, showed Jessy (Jessica Andolino) asking people to stop reporting her account, and begging the platform to restore her account to her because she was ‘nothing’ without her followers and she depends on the account for her income, having made more than $500,000 through the platform.

The video quickly became the subject of internet controversy, due to the bewildering reaction to a deleted Instagram account, and comments like ‘the people who work 9-5, that is not me, I am in LA to not be like that’. The comments drew ire of the internet crowd and sparked coverage by major media platforms like Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Independent, and more.

Why Was Her Account Deleted?

Jessy Taylor Instagram
Jessy Taylor had a very dramatic reaction to the deletion of her account

According to Jessy Taylor, her Instagram account was deleted because she kept getting reported as ‘spam’ by other users, prompting the video urging them to stop. As to why her account became the target of the mass report, she claims she was getting reported because she had haters.

Others, however, suggested it was a result of a resurface of a racist video she posted some time, something the Instagram influencer did not deny. According to her, she is not racist and was simply mimicking the behavior of other controversial influencers who rode the racism train to fame.

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According to Instagram, however, the deletion of Jessy Taylor’s account was an error and wasn’t a response to the reported mass request.

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How the Saga Ended

After she made the video, one of her fans gave her a new account, @duhitsjessy, which has just over 10,000 followers. However, a week after she uploaded the video, and the media blitz that followed, her Instagram account was restored to her.

Jessy Taylor claimed that one of Instagram founders contacted her and informed her that the platform was restoring her account.

Since she got the account, her comment sections have remained flooded by the supposed haters she talked about her in viral video, with some of them asking to report her account again.

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The incident has prompted a strategy change from Jessy Taylor, who has decided to take her content to YouTube, where she has just over 9,700 subscribers. She has also suggested a desire to relocate to the UK.

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