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For the African American community, it is not mincing words to say that a greater percentage of its celebrated personalities exists in the sports and entertainment world. However, there are a number of its members who are making a name for themselves in other industries, one of whom is Janai Norman, a journalist who has worked with the ABC News network for years.

In the case of Janai Norman, her story is a tribute to hard work and patience. This makes her success relatable and within the reach of regular people rather than that of those with otherworldly talent that has allowed them to achieve success.

Here is a deeper look at her journey from being an intern to becoming one of the hosts of ABC’s top-rated shows.

Janai Norman Biography

As far as background information about Janai Norman goes, she has been able to do a good job of keeping details about her childhood away from the press. So far, we only know that the ABC journalist was born in Durban, South Africa, with little information available in the way of birth parents or birth date.

Regardless, we know that following the completion of her basic education, she headed over to the University of Missouri-Columbia where she studied both Mass Communication and Psychology, graduating from the institution in 2011.

Her academic qualification and knowledge gave her the option to pursue a career in two different professions, Journalism and Psychology. Janai Norman opted to go with the former and took her first steps at ABC TV Network, working as an intern at News One.

After a couple of months of working as an intern, she got a chance to advance her career and gain some experience as a reporter for Fox23, making the switch in 2012. She remained with the local TV station for two years before she left the station for another.

In 2014, she joined WFTV, a TV station based in Orlando, where she continued her accumulation of experience as both a reporter and a news anchor. She spent two years working for WFTV before she returned to ABC News.

Since returning to ABC News in 2016, Janai Norman has remained a part of the news organization till date. Her work as a news correspondent, anchor and host cuts across a couple of news shows on the news network, including World News Now and America This Morning which she co-hosts with her fellow journalist, Kendis Gibson.

With an established career and years of more success to come, Janai Norman is an inspiration to aspiring journalists and other members of the minority community who wish to make something of themselves in their respective professions.

Janai Norman
Janai Norman on the set of her ABC show with Kendis Gibson

Net Worth

From intern to a leading name in a national news network, Janai Norman has seen continuous growth in her career since she joined the Journalism industry, both in terms of her position and her finances. For the latter, she has been able to amass a net worth in the region of $1 million, the bulk of which is believed to have been earned from her time as a co-host and anchor for World News Now and ABC America This Morning.

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Personal Life

As for Janai Norman, her professional success is just one of the few ways she has been able to build a well-rounded successful life. The other half of it is her personal life, where she has been married for a few years and has gone ahead to welcome a son

For reasons best known to her, Janai has kept the identity of her husband pretty close to her chest. While she shares pictures of him on her Instagram page, his name is unknown.

According to reports, the couple got engaged on the 5th of April, 2017, during a holiday trip to Barcelona. Shortly after, they welcomed their son, whose name has also been kept away from the media, in December 2017. In celebration of the birth of her child, Janai Norman and her husband went on a maternity leave trip to Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa where maternity pictures of the new child were taken.

They finally turned their engagement into a marriage in May 2018, in a wedding that was held in Bougainville, Barbados. Janai and her mystery husband both continue to live together as a couple, residing in New York.

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