Who Is Jacqueline Ray – Tom Selleck’s First Wife?

Meet Jacqueline Ray, the first wife of the veteran American actor and producer named Tom Selleck. The movie star is popular for his role in blockbuster movies such as Three Men and a Baby, The Rockford Files, and Blue Bloods, among others. The actor has made giant strides in the American movie industry and has received lots of accolades for his contributions. In this article, we are going to unveil all the details there is to know about Tom’s first wife Jacqueline Ray, read on as we explore further

Who is Jacqueline Ray?

The gorgeous-looking Jacqueline Ray is a proficient American actress cum model who became famous during the ‘80s. As an actress, Jacqueline has appeared on several movies including Beyond the Universe and the American crime drama Magnum P.I, among others. She rose to the spotlight following her marriage to the famous movie star Tom Selleck. The interesting couple was enjoying a blissful union before their marriage abruptly came to an end. Learn more about Ray in these facts below.

Facts To Know About Tom Selleck’s First Wife

She was born and raised in Burbank, California, USA

Jacqueline Ray was born in Burbank City of California in the United States of America. She is a very private person and has successfully kept all her personal details away from the media. That is why her date of birth and year cannot be found anywhere on the internet. Also, she has never shared any information with regards to her family, her parents, and if she has other siblings. The much we could gather is that Ray is of Caucasian ethnic descent and her nationality is American. She spent her early years in California where she completed her basic and higher education.

She First Worked as a Model Before Delving into Acting

Jacqueline Ray began her career as far back as the early ‘60s. She first started working as a model and appeared at the cover of several top fashion magazines before dabbling into acting. Her earliest roles are seen in the 1967 movie In Like Flint where she portrayed the character of Denise. She equally made appearances in other movies such as Frasier the Sensuous Lion in 1973, The Killings of Outpost Zeta in 1980, and Beyond the Universe in 1981. She got her breakthrough when she starred in the American crime drama titled Magnum P.I. Ray played the role of Lisa in the series from 1981 to 1983. Her other movies include Dallas, Matt Houston, The New Mike Hammer, and Unfabulous, etc.

Her Relationship with Tom Selleck

jacqueline ray

As we earlier mentioned, Jacqueline Ray is the first love of the renowned actor Tom Selleck. The pair began their amazing love story a long time ago while Tom was still finding his way in the American movie industry. After a few years of successful relationship, they exchanged marital vows in 1971. Her husband, Tom was born and raised in Michigan in the United States. He began his acting career in 2005 and rose to prominence while appearing in the 1980 TV series Magnum P.I. Since then, the actor has featured in over fifty movies to date and his career has been running for over five decades.

The couple walked down the aisle on May 15th, 1971 and the ceremony was graced by their close friends and family members. Prior to their marriage, Ray was previously in a relationship with a man named Shephard. The pair had a son named Kevin S. Selleck who was born in 1966, just a few years before marrying Tom. After her marriage, Tom adopted her son Kevin and trained him as his own son. Today, Kevin is a successful actor in the American movie industry. He is currently married to a lady named Annabelle Selleck.

Divorce from Tom Selleck and Second Marriage

Ray and her husband had a blissful married life until after eleven years when their relationship turned sour, thus leading to a divorce. Their divorce process was finalized in August 1982 and the duo went their separate ways. They didn’t have any kids from their marriage.

While Ray was still recovering from the effect of her broken marriage, it didn’t stop her from falling in love. She further started another relationship with a man named Clarence Barry Witmer and the pair tied the knot in March 1992. Despite not having any kids of their own, the perfect couple has been enjoying a blissful married life. They have been together for over two and half decades with no sign of marital issues between them.

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Why Jacqueline Ray is in Jail?

In 2014, it was confirmed that Ray had another daughter named Umeko but has never disclosed her to the media. The news saw the light of the day in 2014 when Jacqueline faced the rot of the law. The actress was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for killing her son-in-law. It was alleged that the actress had paid a man named Luis Barker to assassinate her daughter’s husband Leon Buchman.

Ray was said to have made the move following the incessant domestic abuse Leon unleashed on her daughter Umeko. After Luis had tortured and killed Leon, investigations began and the after math of the investigation pointed to Ray who was later tried and was found guilty. While in court, she revealed that she had paid the sum of $12 thousand to Luis for carrying out the assignment. She was sent to 18 years imprisonment, while Luis was also sentenced to spend 29 years behind bars.

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