Everything You Need To Know About Isabel May’s Family And How She Became An Actress

Isabel May has not spent a lot of time in Hollywood, but she is already on her way to becoming a major TV actress. She continues to make notable appearances on the show, Young Sheldon and is a lead on one of Netflix’s acclaimed shows, Alexa & Katie.

Her quick rise in the industry is one of the admirable traits of the creative industry which rewards talented individuals and allows them to shine regardless of their age. As for May, the only limit to her inevitable superstar status is herself and every evidence suggests she is well ready to make the needed sacrifice to gain that position.

Isabel May’s Fairy Tale Hollywood Beginnings 

As a young child, Isabel May always knew she wanted a career in the entertainment world and she started by modeling. She was born on the 21st of November, 2000 in Santa Monica, California and was also raised there, where she presumably developed her interest in the entertainment industry.

Isabel did not graduate high school until she was 17 years old but by that time, she had begun her career as a model, appearing in several adverts for notable brands in the fashion industry. Whilst modeling, May was also auditioning for various roles. The young Isabel was first motivated to go into acting because she had two friends, one of whom was a dancer and the other a singer. The young girl, therefore, decided to complete that trifecta by delving into acting. 

Another reason that spurred the starlet into dipping her feet into Hollywood was because of one of her teachers. In her 6th grade, May’s English teacher noticed that she was a voracious reader and an avid writer. She, therefore, suggested to her parents to help her find more creative outlets and they sought out an agent to help her break into Hollywood. Isabel May auditioned on and off for three years without any breakthrough.

She, however, maintained a positive attitude and with a stroke of luck was cast in the Alexa & Katie show on Netflix in 2018. Many Hollywood aspirants go for years without getting a breakthrough but Isabel May is quite a different story as her very first role was a leading one. It has catapulted her to the limelight and her career has remained on the up and up since then.  

Isabel May
May (R) and Berelc (L) on the set of Alexa & Katie: Image Source

A Look At How Landing The Lead Role In ‘Alexa And Katie’ Influenced Her Career 

The Santa Monica-born actress has appeared in some movies and TV shows with the first being Alexa & Katie, a hit Netflix show that revolves around two teen girls who are all prepped for freshman year of high school. Their joy is however soured when one of them, Alexa, is diagnosed with cancer. Alexa refuses to let this steal her thunder and Katie is with her every step of the way and shaves off her hair in solidarity with her friend.

Alexa & Katie debuted in 2018 and Isabel May portrayed the quirky and supportive Katie. Her co-star is the half-Filipino Paris Berelc who plays Alexa. Their show has received critical acclaim including a nomination for outstanding children’s series at the Emmys. It has also been renewed multiple times by Netflix. May has meanwhile disclosed that the show’s cast and crew have become her second family and that she loves the series because it handles social issues responsibly. 

Outside of her work on Alexa & Katie, Isabel May has also been a recurring character on The Big Bang Theory prequel series, Young Sheldon. She joined the cast in the first season of 2018 and has appeared in about nine episodes, portraying the recurring role of Veronica Duncan. Her character comes from a dysfunctional family and tends to act out as a result of this. She later mellows down and becomes a love interest for Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie. 

Cutting Her Teeth in Thriller Movies 

Away from the small screens, Isabel May is also spreading her tentacles to feature films and has featured in about two thrillers namely Let’s Scare Julie To Death and Run Hide Fight. Let’s Scare Julie To Death is an indie thriller about a group of five teen girls who whip up a plan to scare the reclusive girl next door during Halloween. The prank however turns to terror as the girls begin to disappear one by one. Let’s Scare Julie To Death was shot in a continuous, uncut, 90-minute take. 

May portrayed one of the pranksters, named Taylor, and has revealed that the whole experience was quite exhilarating and freeing. It has also unleashed in her a taste for featuring in darker materials hence her next film, Run Hide Fight where May plays the lead role of Zoe Hull, a compassionate teen girl who uses her wits and survival skills to help her classmates against a group of live-streaming school shooters. 

Isabel May
Isabel May With Some Of Her Fellow Cast Members From ‘Alexa And Katie’: Image Source

Her Parents Have Proven To Be Her Biggest Cheerleaders 

You don’t become the star of a popular show on a streaming network like Netflix before you hit your 20s without the support of your parents and that is exactly what Isabel May has had in her parents so far. Although their identities are unknown, they have remained a pillar of support for Isabel as she navigates the complicated waters of Hollywood. 

May’s parents encouraged her acting aspirations from the get-go and arranged an agent for her at an early age. They also helped her to work out a plan to ensure that her education would not suffer. This plan entailed her completing her high school studies via the online route and May was able to finish her diploma early. She has also enrolled in college classes and plans to go all the way and obtain her degree. 

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Isabel May Is Taller Than Your Average Actress

One of the things that have given Isabel May a rapid rise in the industry, other than her talent as an actress, is her physical looks. The actress is an attractive young woman who has gotten a chance to strut her superior looks on the screen while delivering the dramatic characterization of her characters.

Her good looks are condensed into a body profile of 5 feet 9 inches in height and 56 kg in weight. Her height and weight have given her a lean figure that is reflective of her modeling background. Her height is also particularly impressive when you consider the fact that the average height for actresses in Hollywood is 5 feet 5 inches.

Isabel May also has a body measurement of 34, 28, and 33 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively, and those curves are further complemented by brown colored eyes and blonde hair.

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