Who Is Imogen China, Wheeler Dealers Ed China’s Wife?

Imogen China is a public relations manager and an authority in the business world. She came to the limelight as a result of her marriage to Edward John China, an English TV presenter, most notable for his participation both as presenter and mechanic on the television show Wheeler Dealers which aired on Discovery Channel. Popularly known as Edd, Imogen’s husband is also a motor specialist and an inventor.

Though most recognized for her link to Edd China, Imogen has achieved success in her own career but none of her achievements are public enough to make her name ring a bell without her husband’s name coming to play. She has been working in the public relations managing industry since 2000 and currently serves as a Director at China’s Republic of People, Slough, Berkshire, England.

A Glimpse Into Imogen China’s Early Life

Imogen China
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An only child whose maiden name is not known, Imogen China was born in Norway, in the year 1971. Although she is married to a man who is famous, most personal information about Imogen has not been put out for public consumption. However, due to the fact that she has successfully established herself as a businesswoman, the media has managed to dig up a few things about her, especially her education and career.

In 1990, Imogen China enrolled in BI Norwegian Business School, which happens to be the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in the European continent. She graduated in 1995 with a Master’s degree in Business and Economics. Meanwhile, during her time as a student of the business school, she was a member of various societies, including Universal Flash Storage Association and International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences.

Her Exploits In The Corporate World

Five years after her graduation, precisely in March 2000, Imogen joined the British Airways London Eye, having been employed as a VIP relations manager. She eventually left the job one year and seven months later to join Tussauds Group in October 2001, where she worked as the Head of External Relations. While holding on to that, she also stepped into the position of the Head of External Relations at Madame Tussauds, a London-based wax museum known to be the world’s second-best tourist attraction, the first being Disneyland.

After leaving Tussauds Group in April 2006, the public relations expert started working as the Director of Cummfy Banana Limited, a company established by her husband, Edd China, in March 1999. Imogen China has remained with the company ever since, and from January 2011 to date, she has been the Director of Grease Junkie, an expert car garage that also belongs to her husband. Additionally, the business guru assumed the position of director of her husband’s China’s Republic of People in Bracknell, England, in July 2011, and remains in the position to date.

Her Salary And Net Worth Details

For now, the annual remuneration for Imogen China has not been made public; however, different sources have published different amounts as her net worth. A source even estimated her total wealth to be approximately $800,000, but the truth of the matter is that her worth is still under review, and we await the outcome to update out figures. The story is different for her husband, Edd, whose wealth is well-publicized. The most recent review of the Wheeler Dealers presenter’s wealth pegged it at $3 million.

Though we are yet to ascertain the state of her finances, the smart lady made her money from the various positions in the companies she has worked for, and with the continuous growth of Imogen’s career, she is sure to record a steady increase in her net worth. However, it goes without saying that the wife of Edd China has no financial worries as she is comfortably buoyed by her spouse’s substantial wealth.

Does She Have Kids With Edd China

Imogen China
Imogen China and her husband Image Source

Unlike most celebrities who do not mind letting the world in on every small detail of their lives and family, Imogen and Edd China have successfully kept all information about their marriage under lock and key. Consequently, nothing is known about when they met, when they began dating, when and where they tied the knot. This information would probably have been known if Edd joined the reality TV series, Wheeler Dealers, that made him popular before he got married to Imogen China. However, available information hinted that their wedding was a private affair with just family and close friends in attendance.

The couple’s marriage appears to be a match made in heaven; in fact, Imogen China is basking in the glory of her husband’s love and affection as she enjoys his full attention. According to inside information, Edd is constantly seen in the company of his wife during his leisure time. They have been spotted hanging out, attending functions, shopping in supermarkets, and visiting friends and family members.

Fans and the general public have been asking several questions about the couple’s family life, especially about the possibility of having some kids tucked away at home. As it stands, there is absolutely nothing to prove that the couple has kids as they have never been seen with any. Even Edd’s posts on his social media accounts do not give any hint about kids. Thus, it would make sense to draw on the conclusion that the two are yet to become parents. Nevertheless, that doesn’t rule out the fact that the couple might be planning to have children in the future, but for now, they appear happy with their relationship and look like they are going to make it to the list of the ‘happily ever afters’.

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Facts About Imogen China’s Body Statistics

The business expert has an average physique; to start with, she is not on the tall side as her height is measured at 5 feet 6 inches, which is rather average. Compared to her husband, Imogen China is one foot one inch shorter than his 6 feet 7 inches height.

Further information on her other body measurements is not known, but Imogen China is obviously gorgeous with her long bright blonde hair, which is complemented by a pair of light blue eyes and a beautiful smile.

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