Everything We Know About Hilde Osland and Her Successful Career

For years, becoming a model required aspirants to compete in various competitions, or hope that they get discovered by a random modeling scout while they go about their daily life. However, since the advent of photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, the world is at the feet of aspiring models and through it, a number of names have achieved or solidified their place in the industry. One of them is Hilde Osland, a model, dancer, and singer all molded into one.

Hilde Osland’s career goes beyond Instagram as she has appeared on the show, As the Bell Rings, and has competed on Idol Norway. She is also an entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree to her name. This goes to say she is not all about beauty but also has a good head on her shoulders. Simply put, there is plenty to learn about her and you will learn all about her here.

Hilde Osland’s Early Life And How Her Showbiz Career Took Off

She was born in Telemark, Norway on the 8th of September, 1987 to parents who raised her in Bergen, Norway and later in Melbourne, Australia. Not much is known about Hilde’s childhood years but the much we found out has it that she grew up with a passion for singing and dancing. While she sought ways to achieve her desire as a singer, she continued her education and eventually earned a degree from RMIT University in Accountancy. Apparently, her interest in the showbiz industry didn’t distract her from pursuing her academic dreams.

One would have expected Hilde Osland to give up on her interest in show business after completing her bachelor’s degree but she instead took a major step by signing up to audition for the sixth season of Idol Norway. Although she never went on to win the competition, she left a solid impression on viewers and judges alike, enough for her to see a surge in the number of followers on her YouTube channel, an eponymously named Hilde Osland channel which she created before she went on the show. On the channel, Hilde sings covers of different popular songs like Say Something, These Boots Are Made For Walking, etc.

Modeling And Social Media Fame

Soon afterward, Hilde Osland pivoted to modeling and through Instagram, she began to attract a number of brands who sought to use her growing popularity in the modeling industry to advertise their products. Considering her richly endowed body features, it is no surprise that some of the products she advertises on her page range from bikinis to lingerie.

Through the constant engagement of the voracious online community, she has been able to cultivate a following of over 3.2 million fans. To further prove her intelligence, Hilde has further leveraged her booming brand to create her own shopping platform, buymyclothers.com. Some of her partnering brands include OneByOne, Zanic Boutique, White Fox, Mura Boutique and ASOS. These brand queue up to have her wear their brands and none of them are traditional high-end luxury brands which is why she attracts a lot of people. She uses her mid-range product range to reach a vast number of potential customers and the icing on the cake is the fact that the brands remain classy and trendy, despite not being expensive.

Apart from singing and modelling, Hilde Osland is also a dancer who is a part of Patrick Studios Australia and she is well-versed in dance styles like ballet, jazz and tap dancing.

Her other works in show business also include appearing on the Disney show, As the Bell Rings. Truly, there almost nothing Hilde Osland is not good at.

How Much Is She Worth?

Hilde Osland is an entrepreneur who has her own online store, a guaranteed way to make a lot of money in the digital world today. Along with a social media popularity that has seen her garner millions of faithful fans, she is a viable destination for fashion brands who wish to advertise their products. When combined with her work as a model for brands like ASOS and White Fox, there is no doubt she has been able to accrue an estimated net worth believed to be in six figures.

However, a reliable figure has not been confirmed yet but she is believed to be making about $32, 000 to $48,000 annually, or even more.

Hilde Osland’s Family Details

When it comes to Hilde Osland’s parents, there is very little information available about the Norwegian model. She was raised by parents who have supported her quest to make a name for herself in show business. Not much is known about them but we know for certain that they raised her in Norway and Melbourne, Australia. Her mother was seen in the audience supporting her during the audition for Idol Norway.

If she has any sibling, the Instagram star is yet to share the details with her fans.

Who Is Hilde Osland Dating?

Hilde Osland, being a beautiful woman, is not in shortage of men or women who would love a chance to be her romantic partner. On that note, while there is a host of people who have signified their interest in her comment sections on Instagram, her romantic interest is focused on one man, James Lewis Foster.

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They have reportedly been together for quite some time. James Lewis Foster is known to be a photographer and works with Hilde in that capacity as well. The adorable duo often share pictures of themselves on each of their social media accounts.

The Titillating Body Measurements Of Hilde Osland

Her beauty has been one of the driving factors of her success and physically, it all exists in a striking body profile with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a body that weighs about 68 kg. Her body shape is defined by a body measurement of 31, 23 and 31 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. With curves like that, it is no wonder she reigns supreme on Instagram and attracts followers like it’s a piece of cake. Other than her curves and height, Hilde Osland has blond hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

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