What is Hannah New’s Net Worth & Does She Have A Boyfriend or Husband?

A popular Game of Thrones quote says ‘every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin and the world holds its breath to see how it will land’, suggesting the unpredictability of a Targaryen fate. The same can be said when a new actor joins Hollywood, as the world waits with baited breaths to see how their career will pan out. So far, it has been going quite well for Hannah New.

Hannah joined the industry in 2010 when she debuted on the TV show, La Riera as Julie. She has, since then, gone on to star in shows like The Time in Between, Black Sails and alongside Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.

Let’s explore her career and her life so far below. Read on to learn more about the actress.

Hannah New’s Biography

Hannah New was born in Balham, London, on the 13th of May, 1984 to parents who enrolled her in a ballet school at the age of four. Through her time as a ballet dancer, Hannah New came to fall in love with performance arts and expanded her interest into acting, which led her to join the National Youth Theatre, a decision which is consistent with actors and actresses from the United Kingdom, which places a high premium on theatre performances.

As she continued her expansion into the world of acting, she enrolled herself into the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, where she studied acting. In order to financially sustain the monetary demand into her acting education, she became a model and was signed onto View Management, making modeling her first source of income as a creative performer.

Having committed years into her journey as an aspiring actress, her first breakthrough came in 2009 when a talent manager discovered her while she lived in Spain. The original search that brought her talent into focus was aimed at a character in the show, The Borgias but she got a role in the TV show, La Riera instead, appearing in an episode as Julie.

In the following year, she put her fluent knowledge of Spanish into use and appeared in Fuga de cerebros 2, along with other appearances in the short films, Super Mario and ReVersion. In 2012, Hannah New was cast in The Boat, and in the TV movie, Shelter as Kathryn Gilchrist before she got her first major role as Rosalinda Fox in The Time in Between.

In 2014, the upward journey in Hannah New’s career continued with an appearance in the critically acclaimed movie, Maleficent as Princess Leila, where she starred alongside Angelina Jolie, who played the titular character.

In the same year, Hannah New was cast in another major role as Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails. She also starred in The Strain, Under the Bed and in the show, Trust, where she played the character, Victoria.

When she is not filming, Hannah New enjoys traveling and has traveled to over 20 countries over the course of her lifetime, including Bolivia where she lived in a children’s home for three months.

Hannah New’s Net Worth

Hannah New
Hannah New(middle) during a press event for Black Sails

Having made her debut in 2010, Hannah New hasn’t spent a long enough time in the industry nor has she starred in a leading role in a commercially successful big screen project to command hefty amounts in salary.

However, Hollywood, being one of the world’s most lucrative industries and the consistencies of her appearances since she made her debut has enabled amass a net worth up north of $500 thousand.

Who is Hannah New’s Boyfriend or Husband?

Between her character as Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails, who is a gay character, and the lack of a known boyfriend or husband, Hannah New has been the subject of gay rumors by curious fans who want an insight into her personal life.

Despite the avalanche of curiosity directed at her love life, Hannah New, so far, hasn’t shared any personal details about her love life to confirm her sexual orientation or her relationship status.

At the moment, as far as the world is concerned, Hannah New is a single woman.

Who Are Her Family Members?

As far as details go about the family of the Maleficent actress, very little information is presently available. At the moment, we only know she is the last daughter in a family with three daughters.

Although we do not have extensive information about her parents, her career has so far shown they are supportive parents who have supported her career in the performing arts.

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